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Sakura quickly looked in the rearview mirror, as she pulled her keys out of the ignition for the third time.

She was outside her parent's house, 'meeting them for brunch' as her mother told her.

She was especially paranoid today. She kept thinking someone was following her; she was scared to get out of her car.

'Calm down! No one's following me! I'm just…extra jittery because I didn't have as much as I usually do…I need to get some more to calm myself down.'

"Yeah…yeah that's it," she murmured as she reached for her phone," I'll just call my mom and tell her that I have something to do at school, t-that it's important. Yeah…that's what I'll tell her.

She clumsily dialed the number and quickly put it to her ear, impatiently waiting for someone to pick up," come on…pick up…somebody…pick up the goddamn ph-"

"Hello? Hellooo?"

Sakura cleared her throat,"M-mom?"

She heard her mother sigh in relief,"Honey, I was so worried about you! Are you on your way here?"

Sakura took a deep breath 'Calm down.'" No actually, I have to run by the school today…it's really important, so I'm not going to be able to make it."

"Oh. Well, that's okay. Um, what do you have to do over there…school hasn't started yet right?"

"No. U-um," Sakura started, suddenly caught off guard," my schedule! I, uh, have to talk with them about that…you know, just stupid school stuff mom."

"Oh! Okay!" her mother said enthusiastically as she began to talk about something else.

"Yeah…I really have to go mom." She murmured impatiently. 'Can you just get off the damn phone?!'

"Oh sorry honey, I'll just let you go…I love you!" her mother said cheerfully.

"I love you too Mom. And tell Dad I'm really sorry I can't make it…bye."

She quickly closed the phone, before throwing it in the passenger's seat.

She stuck the keys in the ignition, before quickly reaching in her purse to grab a cigarette.

She shakily brought it to her lips, before lighting it.

'Calm down!'

She hurriedly pressed on the gas.

Sasuke slowly unlocked the door to his home, rubbing his neck as he walked inside.

He kicked off his shoes before turning on the light and walking straight to the kitchen, he headed directly toward the refrigerator to grab something to drink. He looked inside the refrigerator for a second before deciding on water. He opened the bottle and took a quick sip, before making his way toward the living room. Hopefully planning to sit down and get some studying in for his test tomorrow. As soon as he got to the living room he went straight to the couch, ready to grab his book off of the coffee table when a picture caught his eye.

It was a picture of his mother.

Ever since he could remember it had been him and his mother, together at the hip. He remembered his brother, Itachi, always calling him a momma's boy, but he never cared. His mother was the only one who could make him feel better when his brother stood him up, or his father insulted him. She was his rock.

So when she died, he felt as if he died as well.

After his parent's death, he was heartbroken, but figured maybe it wouldn't be so bad. He still had Itachi, or so he thought.

Two weeks after his parent's death, he came back from school to find a letter on his dresser that read:

Little brother,

By the time you read this letter I will already be on a plane to America. I've been offered a job there and I've decided to take it. I know you're wondering why I didn't take you with me, but you must understand, I always put my priorities before anyone else…including you. I've contacted Kakashi, he'll be there to check on you from time to time.



He still vividly remembered the day he got that letter; he remembered going around the whole house and tearing everything apart, screaming, feeling as if he were going insane.

He remembered sitting on the floor of his parent's bedroom staring at the ceiling, when his godfather, Kakashi, burst through the door asking what the hell did he do to the house.

After that day he told himself he would not become attached to anyone. It seemed like every time he became close to someone they always left him, everyone, but Naruto.

Naruto…he'd never forget the day he met that dumbass. He had just moved to Osaka from Tokyo, about two months after his parents died, to live with Kakashi.

Sasuke had walked in the class, introduced himself and was told to sit in front of Naruto. He felt someone tap him on his shoulder, so naturally he turned around to see big eyes with blue contacts and bleached blonde hair. He remembered thinking in that moment 'what a weirdo.'

"Hi! It's nice to meet you! My name's Uzumaki Naruto! So how-"

Naruto of course never got to finish this sentence because someone had pushed him right into Sasuke…and their lips clashed.

It most definitely was not the best way to first meet someone.

Naruto says all the time that Sasuke was the one who made him realize he also liked guys.

It slightly disturbs Sasuke to this day.

But for some weird reason, from that day on they were as close as two people could be.

Naruto was the only one he knew who understood what it was like to lose their parents.

Naruto was probably the only guy Sasuke didn't give a hard time to.

Sasuke was notoriously known in high school for having a serious anger problem. Constantly in fights and constantly in detention. The smart but bad boy. Sasuke didn't have a problem with that title.

He was also known as a heartthrob…but he definitely did not like that title. The girls who always liked him always ended up being…stalkers. And while he tried his best to be as nice as possible rejecting them (thanks to his mother he can never be, rude to women.) they just could never get the hint.

Naruto actually told him that during high school he thought Sasuke was gay because of the fact he never dated.

It wasn't that Sasuke didn't like girls; it was just that he had never found one he connected with in high school.

Once he graduated he did date a few girls, but it never lasted long.

Plus he didn't really have time for a relationship, he was constantly working or at school.

As soon as he graduated form high school, Kakashi offered him a job at his hospital. 'To give him a head start' is what Kakashi said, on the other kids who were going to med school.

Sasuke's everyday routine consisted of waking up at five thirty in the morning to workout. He then left for work at six fifty, didn't get back until three, which usually after that he would either study, sleep, or workout before going to school at six and getting back at around ten or eleven. He rarely went out with friends and when he did he didn't stay out very long.

He silently wondered if this was the kind of life a twenty year old should be living as he grabbed his book off of the coffee table to study.

A blonde and a redhead stumbled into the house. The blonde skillfully kicked the door closed without losing the others lips. The red head pushed the blonde onto the wall, capturing his lips once again.

"You're really eager tonight, aren't you Gaara?" Naruto panted as Gaara trailed butterfly kisses down his neck.

"And you aren't?" he asked as he trailed his hand from Naruto's chest down…down…down," I can tell."

Naruto gasped," You're really trying to drive me crazy tonight."

Gaara grabbed Naruto by the shirt, pulling him up the stairs,"Oh, I'm just getting started," he whispered in his ear as they finally reached the bedroom.



"You're not gonna let me get that are you?" Naruto asked as he was thrown on the bed.


Gaara closed the door.



"Hey this is Naruto! If you're listening to this, it just means I didn't feel like talking to you. So leave me a message and if I feel like talking to you, I might call you back."

"Naruto…t-this is Sakura. I know you told me not to call you anymore for money, but I really need it, it's not for what you think it is! Uh, someone stole my purse today, and uh, I don't wanna call my parents and worry them, so, uh, can you lend me some money? If you don't it could be really bad. So please help me…please."

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