I own only the Sam Sanders character. All the wrestlers I, sadly, do not own.

This story is written in a format that I've wanted to try for awhile. Basically the main character is reflecting on her life leading up to where she is at the begging of the story.

There are twelve chapters in the whole story. The "present" (which will also be her current thoughts) will be shown in normal font and the "past" will be italicized.

She woke up in the morning and came face to face with the beautiful man that had changed her life so many years ago. The beautiful man that she loves more than anything in the world. She hears the pounding of little feet running into the bedroom she shares with the man. She smiles as her twin sons' jump on the bed waking the beautiful man up. As he begins to tickle his sons, she can't help but think about the past. She can't help but think about what brought her here, into this happy marriage, and what brought her kids to her… it's a story of love, lies, abuse, and finally finding that person that truly loves you for you.


11 Years Ago

"Will you please just pick your favorite NWO member!" begged a boy with long black curly hair.
"Yeah, seriously Sam, pick!" his younger brother said.
"UGH! I don't even like the NWO! I'm not picking a favorite member! I'll just pick my favorite Nitro wrestler" she replies, hoping this will shut the guys up.
"Okay, who's you're favorite on Nitro then?" the long haired kid asked.
"I don't know yet Matt. So shut up and-and- I found him!" she answered.
The announcer had just introduced his opponent when she learned the name of the gorgeous wrestler.
"From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Weighing in at 220 pounds… LION HEART CHRIS JERICHO!"
"Chris Jericho huh?" she said. "He's gorgeous"
"Uh-oh Jeff, looks like you've got some competition" Matt said.
"Shut it!" Jeff snapped.

Matt and Jeff had always be so protective of her. Ever since her mother sent her to live with relatives in Cameron, NC. She had met Matt and Jeff Hardy within the first week she was there. You see she wanted to be a professional wrestler. Her cousin Adam warned her about the drags of being a pro wrestler, but she didn't listen to him. Adam was always trying to change her mind! Her mother sent her to North Carolina on a tip from her brother. Her mother wasn't pleased with her daughters' career choice but she supported her none the less. There she met the Hardy brothers and she instantly befriended them. She was especially close with the younger of the two, Jeff. He just seemed to understand her more than his older brother, Matt, did. She found herself falling for Jeff more and more every single day and knew that the feeling was mutual. She was in paradise.


3 months later

"So are we going out tonight?" Jeff asked her.
"Uh, yeah sure whatever" she answered.
"How dare he interrupt me when I'm watching Jericho!" she thought.
"Oh shit, I forgot Nitro was on, sorry!" Jeff said, reading her thoughts.
"It's fine. YES! HE WON! We can go now" she shrieked.

"Sam, this Chris Jericho thing is starting to freak me out! You do realize he's 10 years older than you…" Jeff asked his girlfriend.
"Age is nothing but a number baby... I'm totally kidding! It's just a dumb crush, it's not like I'll ever meet him or anything. Loosen up Jeffrey!" she laughed.
"I know, I know! Come on, Matt's waiting for us! We have to go celebrate us signing with the WWF!" he yelled.
"You don't have to tell me twice!" she said and followed him out the

While down in North Carolina, because the Hardyz had recommended her to Michael Hayes, she got a call from the WWF and was asked if she would be interested in trying out for the company. She didn't hesitate to say yes. Two weeks after her tryout she got a call asking if she would be interested in working for the company. It was official Samantha Sanders was on her way to the WWF!


Sorry if this is really sucky. I haven't written this type of stuff in a long time. So I'm a bit rusty!