Summary: Wilson won't shut up. House snaps. HouseWilson vignette

Author's Note: Me. In Geo. Bored. (Again.) I think this is what you'd call 'short and sweet'... or 'fluffy'.

Oh, and this is set after that episode where House and Wilson are by the elevator, they're having a conversation about Cameron; House says "if you think she's so great, why haven't you put the moves on her?" and Wilson says "what makes you think I haven't put the moves on her?" and House gets all weird on him, and Wilson's like, "oh! Oh boy! You're in trouble!" I can't remember the name of it… the convo goes something like that. Anyway.


Wilson was going on and on and on about it, and House was very nearly ready to shove something down the oncologist's throat if he didn't stuff a sock in it sometime in the next two seconds or less. "Of course you wouldn't admit it out loud right there in the open, I didn't expect that, but the look on your face was just so priceless… jeez, House, all you had to do was say something or let me know you liked her, I wouldn't have—"

"Jesus Christ, Wilson!" House exploded, stamping his cane on the floor with a jarring 'thunk'. This drew strange glances from the nurses and patients walking by, which were ignored. Wilson immediately stopped chattering and froze half a step behind House, eyes more than a little bit wide at the unexpected interruption, waiting tensely for the other shoe to fall.

"I'm not jealous of you, you moron," House said impatiently, albeit more quietly this time as though not to attract too much attention, since Wilson had insisted on having this conversation in the middle of the hall where there was absolutely no privacy of any kind.

If it was possible, Wilson's eyes got even bigger. "Wait, wait… y- you- you're jealous… of… Cameron?" The fingers that gripped the clipboard clutched to his chest turned white; acting very similar (to House) like a deer caught in the headlights.

House just smiled faintly. Then, to his complete and utter shock, Wilson grinned at him rather smugly. Taken completely aback, House growled, "What's that supposed to mean?" And stepped closer.

Wilson kept grinning. "Mission accomplished."