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Summary –(Slight AU) Junior, due to his power of intangibility, ends up in many, MANY embarrassing mishaps throughout the series. And by "mishaps", I mean that the poor boy goes through things when he... shouldn't.


The Perverted Misadventures of... Junior?

A pair of footsteps clacked its way towards the main hall of the rather brightly lit underground structure, and then stopped as it reached the large double doors of the cafeteria buzzing with the muffled sounds of mundane conversations.

"Oh, why oh why does it have to be me?" exclaimed the guard as she stood dejectedly amid the wafts of today's special ("Roast", it was simply called). Running both hands through her neck-length jet-black hair in a matter reminiscent of a certain boss, she gathered herself with an exhale and walked in.

A wave of all-encompassing chatter hit her as she entered, and the wary woman scanned the rows of surrounding tables. Many were filled with employees from other sectors, grouped together in threes and fours on the edge of their seats in mid-talk. Among them she tried to look for the person that she was sent to fetch, a task she complied to do reluctantly. Oh, why did Ms. Earhart call her of all people for the-

A blur of blue met the corner of her right eye, and she turned to find the sought-after agent.

"Well… here I go." She said with a gulp, then straightened herself into a calm, professional stature before walking towards him

The boy in her line of sight was rather effeminate, with porcelain-like flawless skin and long blue hair reaching his back. He sat at a table empty of others (In fact, it seemed as if there was a circular barrier of people-repellents, with him in the middle) and quietly prodded his food on the tray, occasionally taking a few bites. The guard only saw him a few times before, and each time after the encounter she would ask her co-worker about the diminutive child. Only a couple of them answered, and they were pretty vague with it at best- mostly they would shift uncomfortably or look apprehensive as soon as the questions came up.

From what she gathered though, the boy was Agent J, a hit-man and a high-ranking operative despite his disturbingly young age. That, combined with the deafening silence and aura of detachment following him made her feel more than just uneasy whenever he was around. So when she was told to escort him to a facility on the west wing, the apprehensive young woman already dreaded the awkwardness of approaching him.

Now standing right beside the unaware child, she took a deep breath before calling out to him. "Agent J, I'm here to-"

"Watch out!"

A small spoon shot across the cafeteria and flicked the guard's left ear, and the sharp turn she reflexively made caused her to trip.


Landing hard on the floor bottom-first, her arm stopped the head from crashing as well by grabbing onto the edge of the long seat attached to the table. Muttering expletives as she heard the scurrying of the probable perpetrator, the guard made a fist as the pain of the impact caused her to ache.

"…Excuse me."

She raised her head up towards the sound of the voice, and found the face of the boy she was sent for looking at her with those red eyes. Feeling kind of foolish, she was about to say something when she noticed that something seemed slightly off.

"…Excuse me…" He said again, and to her surprise, a splotch of pink seemed to have appeared on the docile child. "Can you… please move your hand?"

The young woman blinked at the sudden query, then looked down at her left arm and froze. The length of her appendage on the metallic seat seemed to have stopped right at the wrist, and the rest, incredulously enough, was submerged into the side of the young agent's thigh. Panic gripped her as she took in what she saw, replaced shortly by confusion after she felt the hard steel of the sitting structure.

The guard then began to flex her left hand, and eventually flicked it upwards, resulting in most of the shocked woman's fingers poking through Agent J's pants –right between his upper legs.



"…Can you…"


The people in the premises swore that the scream that followed broke glass.

Junior was a troubled boy.

Much of his childhood was a blur to him, and often consisted a series of doctors coming in and out of his life. As far as he knows Wendy Earhart and Mr. Carpenter were the only prominent figures in his existence –this, whenever he was reminded, gave the lad a cold feeling in his stomach. Also, from his quiet observation of ordinary day-to-day interactions of others, the boy can easily tell that he is being left out (Miss Wendy, although she acts as his guardian, still emitted a vibe of apprehension when dealing with him) in much of the standard level of human contact much longed for…

…But what happened a few minutes ago wasn't… quite what he wished for.


The agent and the guard were silent as they went down on the small elevator. The messy happenings at the cafeteria was a nightmare to resolve, which involved not only calming the young woman down but the other, panicking employees (many of whom thought that there was an attack of some sort) as well. Added to the chaos was the fire alarm, and any semblance of order was gone completely.


Getting off the cubical compartment, the two continued their journey to the room they were order to go to without a word until the arrival.

"…In here." said the guard as she motioned towards the door without meeting his gaze.

As Junior moved to go in, he stopped suddenly mid-way and lowered his head in what seemed like contemplation. The woman behind him raised an eyebrow at the reluctance, and was about to usher the boy onwards when he turned around.

Bowing his head slightly, Junior spoke in low tones –"S-sorry about earlier…"

Not having expected the sudden apology, it took awhile for her to stop gaping. "Oh… oh! No, no -it wasn't really your fault!"

Looking relieved by her words, the boy bowed slightly again and was about to go when the guard continued. "Oh, and kid?"

Staring into his eyes demurely, the young woman's mouth twitched and eventually broke into a smile. "The next time it happens, I'll be quite suspicious of you."

A moment later, Junior was sure that he phased through the wall with his will alone, and not his power.

"So, do you have anything to report today?" asked Wendy from her desk, not taking her eyes off the screen of her laptop as she typed away.

Junior, who was about to leave the room, nearly stumbled. "N-no, Miss Wendy. Just the usual trip to the lab you called me down to."

Not noticing the stutter, Wendy replied absent-mindedly. "Right…you were off duty…"

The young lad stared down the floor. While what he said wasn't technically a lie (since it isn't his job to report on such… incidents), it still felt close enough to it for him to feel a tinge of guilt. Still, he didn't want to embarrass the other person involved, and possibly get her into trouble…

Finishing off her work on the computer, the blonde put it aside as she started to shuffle through a pile of documents stacked in front. "Well, Junior… it seems that a new assignment turned up for you."

His head perked up at the news. The boy had mixed feelings regarding the tasks that were given to him –on one hand the things he was assigned to do often involved the use of rather excessive force on the people in his way (causing more than mere injuries), but on the other…

"…You will be going to Japan with me in order to retrieve the books…" explained Wendy. "…with the main locations to focus on being the famous bookstore district Jinbo-cho as well as Nishihama."

Accepting the files of the necessary data, he quietly slipped out as his guardian began to organize some forms. Reading through the contents of the papers in his hands, Junior walked to the living room and sat down on a couch.

"…Nishihama Junior High School."

Information on many of the notable sites within the city was abundantly displayed, but this particular place caught his attention. Thinking back, Junior remembered reading a counterfeit file on himself (for a mission) not long ago stating that he was a middle school student. After comparing his height and looks with other children that passes him by on occasions, the agent assumed that he was indeed old enough to be one.

...Having to guess his own age was another fact that gave him the cold feeling in the abdomen.

Pushing the documents aside, Junior went into his own room to prepare for the upcoming assignment. It was, after all-

"-the only thing I have… The only way to get closer to Miss Wendy…"

Little did he knew of all the human contacts he was about to receive –some, again, not quite the kind he wished for.



Hello and thank you for reading. I would like to state here that this fic will most likely be updated monthly, since there is another fic I'm working on as well.

Regarding the main concept of this story –well, lets just say that I feel Junior is rather underused in fanfictions, when there are so many ways to "mess" with the poor kid's interesting characteristics (I am not just referring to his intangibility).

Constructive criticism is very welcome, since I require HUGE developments. Also, I would like to ask you to keep checking the author's notes in the upcoming chapters, just in case.

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