I'm getting restless, therefore, I closed the poll and am using the name that was voted upon the most.

Akane , which means 'deep red'.

Tayuya had begun to worry when it was possible that, even after she had learned to speak, Akane was going to be a mute. The girl always had her mouth closed, communicating with body language instead of vocal words.

Tayuya had even begun to doubt that Akane had properly learned to speak, and that her parental techniques were questionable.

Then, one night she'd come home late from doing Tsunade a 'personal favor', checking that Tenten had held up her promise to ensure Akane got home safely from the Academy. The minute she opened the door, she was put into a momentary state of shock. Iruka-sensei had complained that Akane never spoke in class unless asked a direct question.

Akane lay on her side, facing the cracked window, eyes closed, and her mouth on full throttle. She was sleep-talking. From what Tayuya heard, Akane was worried about her father, who'd taken an overnight mission to the Land of Rice, fearing for his safety. Tayuya was aware that her daughter talked in her sleep (Naruto frequently teased her about it over breakfast) but hearing about it and actually hearing it were two totally different things.

Akane's voice was soft, gentle, but cracked frequently as she unconsciously babbled on and on about what she was afraid would happen to her father. Tayuya didn't think a seven-year-old, just barely starting in the academy, had that wide of knowledge of what actually happened on missions.

Tayuya spent two hours on the end of Akane's bed, listening and relieved that her daughter's worries were much less gruesome than her own.

Four nights later Naruto had returned and Akane had been invited over to Umeko Hyuuga's for a sleep over.

"She was worrying," Tayuya stated casually, sipping her tea.

"Heh, loudly?" Naruto raised his eyebrows, looking over the top of his case report folder.

"A little. She was afraid you'd die or not come back. She's such a daddy's girl," Tayuya plopped down on the sofa next to him, cradling the mug between her palms.

"She's just afraid of losing a parent," Naruto replied, closing the folder and putting it on the coffee table.

"She was talking about you for three hours," Tayuya took a drink of tea.

"Really, that long? She usually talks all night, but about things like her classmates, her classes, or Iruka-sensei," Naruto grinned broadly.

"Is it normal for kids to be talking that much when they sleep but not while they're awake?" Tayuya ran her fingertip over the rim of the mug.

Naruto made a grunting noise, leaning really far back, tilting his head to stare at the ceiling. When he finally opened his mouth, he said, "Sakura used to talk in her sleep while we were on missions. And Kakashi said that there are three kinds of people who talk in their sleep."

He held up his index finger, "People who can't shut up."

Naruto flicked out his middle finger, "People who are afraid of voicing their options."

His ring finger stretched out in the direction of the other two, "And people who have something to say."

"So what's she saying?"

"At this point," he tilted his head forward into it's proper position, "I'm gonna have to say it's hard to tell. It's just a personality quirk until we find out."

"That's easier to swallow than thinking she's afraid of talking about her options," Tayuya muttered, sipping her tea.

I'm trying to give her depth (am I succeeding?) in this shot. I'm aware that so many one-shots can become annoying, but I wanted to post something about the girl. (Which is why I closed the poll so early, only eight people voted). I hope you liked it