Little Souvenir
Chapter 1
Good Morning Sunshine

Disclaimer: Crossing Jordan and all related characters were created by Tim Kring and are owned by NBC/Universal and Tailwind Productions. This fanfiction is meant for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to infringe on the rights of the owners.

Author's Note: Hi! This is, well, not my first fanfic. It's not even my first Crossing Jordan fic. Just the first one I actually got up the nerve to post (in the CJ fandom, as I have posted other fics for other shows before this). This is an AU "what if" that takes place about mid season 5 - one that I've seen sort of done, but not really, if you get my drift. What if Jordan and Woody came back from Littleton with a little souvenir? And thus chaos ensues! Okay, basically a rewrite of episodes 11 and 12, and then it starts to deviate. Just bear with me until then, please?

Another Note: Dialogue borrowed from Crossing Jordan episode 5.11, "The Elephant in the Room" written by Joe Pokaski and directed by Bethany Rooney, original airdate January 15, 2006.

Jordan slowly came into consciousness due to the light. She was faintly aware of being held by someone, until the sudden realization of who was holding her pulled her fully into the realm of awake. Oh my God, she thought, I slept with Woody.

It wasn't the sex that was bothering her. The sex had been fantastic. Woody, for all the bashful, down home, "aw shucks" personality, was a pro between the sheets. His fingers and his tongue had driven Jordan over the edge and back again multiple times until she had finally begged him to stop. They had snuggled together as she recuperated from her multiple orgasms, before they began the slow and sultry process of making love. It wasn't just sex, in the sense of scratching the carnal itch, it was making love – taking care to revel in each touch, breath and kiss.

Once they had both climaxed, they had fallen asleep wrapped up in each other's arms. Which brought Jordan to her current predicament. Jordan had a theory about men, one that she had yet to disprove. She knew enough to reason that most men wanted her simply for sexual gratification. Once they got that, they would either walk out of her life, or worse, string her along until they got sick of it. Jordan really didn't want Woody to fall into either category, a feeling that had constantly been gnawing at her since Cynthia Montgomery's death three years ago. She realized just how much Woody meant to her as they had danced to "Dirty Water" in her father's bar following Woody's exoneration from the charges.

Opening her eyes, she shifted slightly and tried to remove Woody's arm from around her. She hoped that he would sleep through it, but just her luck it woke him up.

"Hey," he said sleepily, his dark hair messed up from the night's previous activities.

"Hey," Jordan replied softly, hoping to God that Woody would have the good sense to not talk to her about the night before until they'd both had time to process it.

"Think the roads are open yet?" he asked, propping himself up to look out the window. "I gotta testify in the Grant Meyers trial tomorrow so I gotta get back."

Jordan snorted. "I hope they fry that bastard."

Woody looked at her questioningly. "Should we really be talking about this, right now? I mean, this is kind of big. Maybe we should take like 5 minutes to..."

"Talk about what we did last night?" she replied, giving him an even look.

Woody shifted in the bed. "Well, yeah. What it meant, what it means... for us. If anything."

Running her hands through her hair, Jordan sighed, "I've got a problem that I should deal with."

"What are you gonna tell him?" Woody asked. "You wanna know how I feel?"

Jordan looked mildly uncomfortable. "Yeah. No. I just wanna know how I feel."

Shaking his head, Woody got out of bed, gracing Jordan with his fully naked body. Her stomach flipped as she finally got to see Woody's gorgeous body in full light. He was built, she'd give him that. Dear God but the man was beautiful, scars and all!

"Like the view?" he asked her, pulling Jordan out of her trance and causing her to blush slightly.

"Uh, well no denying that you are one fine specimen of male," she answered lightly, hoping to diffuse the tension with humor. "And I've seen plenty of specimens."

"Uh-huh," Woody said as he pulled his underwear on.

"Woody, they're called boxer shorts, and sometimes referred to as big boy undies."

"You have a problem with my underwear?" he asked.

"They're tighty-whities. I must admit I always pictured you as a boxers kind of guy, or at the very least, boxer-briefs."

Rolling his eyes, Woody pulled up his pants. "Well at least I was right about you," he said as he bent up pick up his shirt. At the same time he grabbed Jordan's bra and let it dangle from his right index finger. "Body by Victoria. Explains so much about you."

Wrapping herself in the bed sheet, Jordan launched herself at Woody in an attempt to reclaim her underwear. "Not funny Woody," she grunted as she tried to wrestle them away from him.

"I find it quite amusing," he answered as he pushed her back onto the bed and pinned her there. His mouth found her neck and he began to kiss and nibble it, causing little shots of pleasure to shoot through her body. She whimpered causing Woody to chuckle softly.

"Oh yeah, laugh it up, but remember you're the one who's dressed."

Groaning into Jordan's neck, Woody mumbled, "Sure, sure, bring that up."

"I just figured since you actually took the time to get dressed you didn't want to do this again." And then she mentally kicked herself. Sure, she thought with an internal groan, let him know that you were ready and willing for more. Never mind that Pollack is back in Boston wondering what the hell is taking so long!

Woody pulled himself back so he could focus on Jordan's face. "Believe me, I'm all for a repeat performance from last night. But you're right, I got dressed because I really do need to get the hell out of here."

"Is there any particular reason why you're so ready to get out of Dodge?"

"Big Al," Woody answered with a shudder.

"Well, with that pretty face of yours, no wonder a guy hit on you."

"Al is short for Alice," Woody replied with a stony glance in Jordan's direction, which only served to send the ME into a fit of laughter.

"Big Al is a woman?" she howled as Woody threw her clothes at her. "I'm gonna have a field day with this until we die."

"No, you're not. You're going to drop it, now," Woody all but growled at her.

"Why? I'd miss a perfect opportunity to test just how red your face can get." A withering stare in her direction quickly shut Jordan up. "Fine, fine, you win. Do you want to go find food while I freshen up?"

Woody nodded, knowing that Jordan was most likely going to take a shower and get dressed and try to make heads or tails of what had happened the previous night. So he left her to her thoughts and went to find food.

One final note: The tighty-whities reference comes from the Las Vegas episode "Double Down, Triple Threat" where they show Woody in his underwear, and he's wearing said tighty-whities. Nope, not even his high king hottiness Jerry O'Connell could pull that look off. Oh well.

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