Little Souvenir
Chapter 13
A Little More Conversation

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As Woody left Jordan's hospital room, he tried to think of what to say to Lu as well as how to approach her. She deserved at the very least an explanation. He hoped that he could talk to her at her apartment or even at his, but she was lingering in the waiting room for him to emerge.

They walked towards each other, Woody giving her a tentative smile. "So…wow."

She nodded. "Yeah, wow."

They headed towards the door and to the parking lot. "Listen, Lu…"

"I'm not angry," she interjected.

Woody's brow furrowed. He expected her to lay into him, to call in irresponsible and childish, so her calm, rational behavior was slightly unnerving for him. "Are you sure?"

"Woody, she became pregnant before we started dating," Lu said softly. "I can't be angry about something that happened before we were together. It's a waste of time and energy."

"Again I ask, are you sure?"

"Yes," she answered firmly. "Life happens, Woody. Sometimes is sucks, but it still happens. Woody, I hope you don't think me so cold a person as to actually resent you for this."

"Well no, I just thought you'd be, well, more upset."

"I am upset," Lu said with a sigh. "My boyfriend got another woman pregnant. I know what kind of guy you are, Woody. You're a good guy. You'll do that right thing. That means that our relationship is now over."

He wondered if the sheepskin that said she could mess with people's heads meant that she was rationalizing and compartmentalizing the whole ordeal. "Lu, I want you to know that you're an amazing woman. I really wish things were different."

"But they're not, and wishing that they were different is also a waste of time and energy," Lu pointed out. "Besides, I could never really compete with Jordan. You may be ignoring it, but there was always going to be something there. You're always going to compare every woman you date to her. This is simply the way that the universe wants it. You can't fight the universe you know. It's a losing battle."

"Yeah, I know."

"You're a good man Woody Hoyt. She's lucky to have you."

Woody gave a silent nod as they approached their cars. "Well, I guess I'll see you around the precinct."

"I have no doubt. Good night." She climbed into her car and started the engine, leaving Woody alone with his thoughts.

Arriving at the morgue an hour after he left Jordan's hospital room, he brushed past reception and turned left, heading towards Jordan's office. Noticing that Garret was sitting at his desk, Woody took a detour and knocked softly on his office door. "Can I talk to you?"

Garret removed his reading glasses and looked up at Woody. "Get your ass in here."

"I, uh, know that this afternoon has been more than a little crazy…"

"Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it," Garret said, motioning for Woody to sit down on his couch. "First of all, Jordan is the last person I ever thought something like this would ever happen to, and secondly, I never thought that you would be the one to do it to her."

"Preacher," Woody said, indicating to Garret, and then indicating to himself, "Choir. Trust me, in all of my fantasies involving a pregnant Jordan, there was usually a long, drawn out wedding fantasy that went before it."

"Woody, I have no doubt that you'll be an excellent father. I can see that in you. It's Jordan I'm worried about. It's possible that she's got some dormant mother gene, but who knows."

Woody leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and his chin in his palms. "Remember everything with Kayla?"

Garret nodded. "I know Jordan can handle a teenager. She was great with Kayla. Much better than I had anticipated. I just don't know how she'll handle an infant. Jordan doesn't like feeling out of control, and sometimes that happens with infants and toddlers. Woody, if you leave her alone so help me…"

"I get it Dr. M. I have no doubt that you and Nigel could pull off the perfect murder. My disappearance would rank right up there with Jimmy Hoffa's."

"Exactly. No body, no crime."

"Hey, you wouldn't know how to get a hold of Max, would you?" Woody asked, suddenly uncomfortable and in desperate need of a change in topic. "I really want to get his blessing before I ask Jordan to marry me."

Garret shook his head. "I don't have that information. You could ask Jordan," Garret paused by the suddenly panicked look on the detective's face, "or I can ask Nigel to track him down."

"Yes, Nigel, right, Nigel."

"Is there any particular reason you're here, other than to talk to me?"

"Jordan wanted me to pick up her things from the locker room and her office."

"I'll have Lily retrieve Jordan's things from the locker room and have her meet you in Jordan's office. Is that all?"

"Me coming in to talk to you wasn't planned, but it felt like the right thing to do."

Garret nodded. "Yeah." Woody stood up and headed for the door, but stopped when Garret addressed him. "Woody, don't you dare hurt her. She needs you more than even she realizes right now. She can't take another rejection from you."

With a solemn nod, Woody walked out the door.

A short while later Lily met up with him in Jordan's office, her effects from the locker room in tow.

"Wow, you and Jordan, having a baby," Lily said as she handed Woody the plastic grocery sack filled with Jordan's clothes. "This is great!"

"I guess," he answered with a shrug. "I just wish things were different."

"Yeah, we all do," Lily said sympathetically. "But you're together now! You're going to have a family."

Woody fidgeted with Jordan's keys. "I know that, but I still can't help but feel like this is all wrong. Like I'm going to wake up alone and find that it was all just a bad dream." He looked up at Lily with a stricken expression. "I don't want it to be a dream. I want it to be real."

Smiling sympathetically, Lily patted Woody on the shoulder. "It is real, Woody. I know it's not how everyone imagined it would happen, but you two are finally together. Don't let your fears rule you, otherwise you'll end up unhappy, and after all that you two have been through, you deserve to be happy."

"Thanks, Lily," Woody said with a weak smile. He glanced at his watch and sighed. "I'm going to drop off Jordan's clothes at the hospital and then I'm going home, and hopefully fall into a coma-like sleep."

"You need it," Lily said, looking him up and down. His face was drawn, and his normally cheerful blue eyes were tired.

Woody left Jordan's office and headed towards the elevator. He politely waved to both Nigel and Bug who were still trying to figure out what happened to Nicholson in trace and then left the morgue completely. Watching the elevator tick down the floors, he soon found himself in the lobby and headed to where his car was parked on the street. He started his Chevelle headed to the hospital when he was suddenly inspired to stop. The small market actually had what he wanted and after paying for it, he headed straight for the hospital.

He let the nurses know that he was there and headed into Jordan's room where he found her watching a late night crime drama on cable. "Hey, shouldn't you be sleeping?"

Jordan raised her eyebrows. "Shouldn't you be home?"

Woody held up the sack with her clothes and her purse. "I decided to drop off your things."

"It could have waited until tomorrow morning, you know. See, the hospital so thoughtfully provided me with clothing."

"I also brought you something else," he said, holding up a non-descript plastic sack that sagged from the weight of whatever was in it. He handed it to her with a goofy smile on his face.

Cautiously she opened it, but she looked relieved, surprised and happy all at once when she realized what it was. "You brought me watermelon!" She pulled out a plastic container that had chunks of watermelon in it.

Woody shrugged. "You said you wanted it, so here you go. I even brought you a plastic fork."

"Aw, thanks," Jordan said - then cursed the tears that were forming in her eyes.

"Wow, I'm gonna have to get used to this hormonal you. Usually you're not for huge, emotional displays."

Jordan growled as she tore the lid off of the watermelon package. "Don't get used to it."

With a soft chuckle that made Jordan's knees turn to Jell-O (and made her glad that she was laying in bed), Woody bent down and gently kissed her temple. "Try not to annoy the nurses too much. They know you're a doctor, they shouldn't give you too hard of a time."

Rolling her eyes, Jordan groaned. "I bet I get the one super happy nurse that talks to me like I'm ten."

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