AN: I was reading some of the work of WritinginCT and completely fell in love with the Stargate/NCIS cross-overs (in particular 'She's Finally Safe and Sound') and felt inspired to try my own cross-over series. This will be a series of one-shots of various characters from both 'verses and the situations that might have them meeting.

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Members of the Flock

The one thing that Ducky had mostly regretted about his life of eternal bachelorhood was the fact that he had never had children. The fact that there would never be a young daughter demanding styling tips from Auntie Abigail, or a son begging to borrow the Morgan to take his date to the prom caused an ache in his chest that no prescription could ease.

This, however, didn't stop him from showering affection over the multitudes of offspring that various cousins, second cousins and other assorted relatives had produced. And while Ducky had never been the type of person to show favorites with anyone (with all of the many differences in the people of the world, who could choose!), in the case of his nephews and nieces, the son of his second cousin (or was it his third cousin?) Adele stood out.

It wasn't that young Carson had followed his "Uncle Ducky" into the wonderful world of medicine, but rather, it was the type of person that he had become that Ducky admired. Having to help his mother from a young age following the tragic passing of his father, the fact that he did so with a caring and happy heart, and with an inexhaustible sense of humor endeared him to Ducky. And when the chance came for him to expand his life experiences by working in Antarctica, Ducky had no qualms in offering to check in on Adele and make sure that she was well.

The correspondence from Carson while he was away had always been a little sporadic, and for a while had stopped completely, but when Adele had received a disc with a recorded message on it from Carson the first person she had shared it with was Ducky. While watching the recording with her (and at the same time agreeing with her that letter writing was a dying art) he couldn't help but feel pride. Pride not only at the love expressed by the young man, but also at the maturity gained from his unknown experiences.

That recording was almost worn out now. It, along with several other recordings received in the following months, were taken out and played at least once a week from the time when the silver-haired General in Airforce dress blues had knocked on the door bearing tragic news. Ducky accepted that the circumstances surrounding his nephew's demise were classified, but the fact that there was no body for the family to mourn over was a cruel blow.

So now, whilst Ducky and Adele sat in a darkened room, once again watching the caring young man tell his mother how much he loved her, Ducky was happy he had no children.

For while his might never know the joy of a toddler's enthusiastic hug, or get to escort a daughter down the aisle, he would also never have to experience the sheer agony that a parent feels when their child is taken before their time.


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