Warning: Swearing, explicit content, Yaoi/Yuri. If you don't like it don't read it.

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Naruto knew this would happen sooner or later. The Council of Konoha had just been waiting for an excuse to get rid of him. It might have taken them fifteen years but they had finally found a way to do so. Tsunade might be the Godaime Hokage but she was in the Capital of Hi no Kuni having a conference with the Daimyo and Jiraiya was out of the village gathering information. As a matter of fact all of the people who might have been able to help him were out on missions or with Tsunade.

So there was no way out for the blond Jinchuuriki. Not that Naruto was actually expecting any help from his precious people. Most of them didn't have time for him, which wasn't anyone's fault, or couldn't see through the facade he wore. Ibiki, Iruka, Kurenai, and Anko who were among the only ones who accepted him as he was, saw him for who he was, and knew who he was behind the mask, that he was aware of, were all out of reach.

Unsurprising to them and very surprising to those who knew or found out Ibiki and Iruka became a couple as did Kurenai and Anko. With how blind and prejudice others in the village were none of them were keen to look for companionship elsewhere. That is until they were each drawn to the other of the same gender in their group of Naruto supporters.

Each of them had watched him when they could and saved him when they could when he was younger and less adept at hiding from the mobs. They were not the only ones who did these things, just the only ones Naruto was aware of. The others never said a word and the Sandaime took many of the names to his grave.

When Naruto was ten the Sandaime Hokage finally put the blond into their care, even if he couldn't live with any of the four. As a result, Naruto's already formidable skills, from the teaching of the Guardian Biju within himself, skyrocketed.

Already excelling in taijutsu, stealth, trap making, tracking, sabotage, strategy, anatomy, and espionage, it didn't take Naruto long to become more than competent in interrogation, assassination, fuuinjutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu, medical jutsu, diplomacy, and fighting with variety of weapons. The blond just soaked up knowledge and skill, especially when they contributed to his continued survival. He might not have been a master of all of these skills but he was proficient.

Naruto was a natural genius and prodigy of the highest order, strangely but not unfortunately, all Jinchuuriki were. Most likely Fate's way of making sure they lived to fulfill the duty they are given and as compensation for the horrors of life that Jinchuuriki are forced to endure.

But the one area that Naruto was more than proficient in, though he had no practical experience in, was seduction, and as Anko called them, the arts of pleasure. Of course, his proficiency and willingness to learn could be attributed to having a kitsune inside him or it could be that Anko is just that persuasive when she wants to be. In any case, Naruto learned all the forms that pleasure came in as well as all the kinks and toys that came with them.

Erotic and non-erotic massage, erotic and non-erotic dance, bondage, role-play, costume use, breath control play, use of food, blood play, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism, rimming, fellatio, exhibitionism, masturbation, spanking, along with the use of dildos, vibrators, cock rings, nipple clamps, blindfolds, body paint, lubricants, oils, anal-beads, whips, chains, feathers, gags, collars, leashes, and all manner of other activities and toys. Anko was a very varied and well-learned lady when it came to pleasure, even if she was teaching Naruto with him being uke to another male in mind. She and Kyuubi got along exceedingly well as a result of her special brand of caring in regards to the blond, as well as her knowledge, sadistic nature, and bloodlust.

Most thirteen year olds, much less thirteen year old males, did not know more about how to give and receive pleasure better than a seasoned whore, courtesan, or geisha. So the now fifteen year old Naruto was a special case. Once his other caretakers learned of what Anko was teaching, instead of trying to stop her, which they knew was impossible, they helped out by teaching him more domestic skills such as cooking, calligraphy, tea ceremony, cleaning, budgeting and accounting, playing several different instruments, and singing. All in all, with the help of Kage Bunshin and Kyuubi controlling the passage of time in the blonde's mind, Naruto was turned into practically the perfect mate.

Too bad the Council had no idea just how skilled a shinobi, how influential a person, or how powerful an asset they were throwing away out of irrational and petty hatred. This action would lose them several alliances that Naruto had gained Konoha and weaken several others that Naruto had strengthened. And all that without even taking into account his heritage.

Naruto was rather sure that Sarutobi, when he was alive, Tsunade, and Jiraiya thought he was a clueless in regards to his parentage. It didn't take much thought to connect the dots and figure out who his father was nor much digging around to find out about the mother who had abandoned him. Hell, security in Hokage Tower was pitiful at best, at least to Naruto it was. It had been no problem for the blond to sneak around and find the information he was looking for.

Truthfully now that he knew Naruto felt nothing. The Yondaime didn't even rate hatred because he knew so little about the man. He might be Naruto's sire but he hadn't raised Naruto so the man wasn't the blonde's father. Though he did understand on some level that the man had been desperate and that he couldn't control the villagers after he was dead. But the worthless slut who had abandoned him wasn't his mother at all. He would kill her if she attacked him but otherwise she wasn't worth his notice. And she really wasn't, which is far worse than hating her because that implies that he felt something in regards to her. The Yondaime he might learn to forgive but the worthless slut was nothing to him.

So Naruto didn't put up any fuss when the Council gave Naruto to Suna to be used as a sacrifice to their feral Jinchuuriki, a Jinchuuriki that was their Kazekage. Naruto had heard rumors about the bloodthirsty, red haired Jinchuuriki of Suna. Oh yes, the blond had heard many things about Sabaku no Gaara but he felt no fear when he heard about the fate the Council set before him. Jinchuuriki and Biju did not seriously hurt one another intentionally without good cause or kill one another at all as they are two of the oldest and most sacred laws of the Guardians, who are Biju and Jinchuuriki and the Gifted.

Naruto would admit to being a bit nervous, at least to himself. Gaara wouldn't kill him but he would belong to Gaara, whether as a mate or as a shinobi remained to be seen. The Council was just giving him over with the flimsy excuse that they are strengthening the ties between villages. There was no doubt in the blonde's mind that this was going to come back to bite the Council in the ass and that this was his last day in Konoha as a citizen of Hi no Kuni.

He really hoped that Tsunade let his precious people loose on the Council when she found out about what they had done because he had doubts as to whether he would ever see any of them again any time soon. Only time would tell.