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"Pair of Stars"


Chapter 1. The Superstar

Satou Sei followed with her eyes Mizuno Youko's every move. What was it about this woman that she couldn't take her eyes off her? She asked herself. Ever since her disastrous relationship with Kubo Shiori, she thought she would never look at a woman again with her heart in her eyes, that she would never love again.

But she did.

Although it took a long time due to her foolishness, finally she recognized her feelings, feelings that were always there, at the corner of her heart. It was a surprising revelation. And when she did realize that she was in love with her friend Youko, Youko was already away, in a faraway law school. And despite her teasing, nonchalant ways, she was scared to admit her feelings to the person that she could feel it for.

Again, it took her a long time. She was scared to death then, scared while confessing her feelings for Youko. But she was glad that she did, because surprisingly, Youko loved her, too, in love with her, too. It was the happiest day of her life.

And after then, even if they were miles away from each other, they maintained their relationship, a long distance relationship. It was really hard, mostly because she wanted to be with Youko all the time. She wanted to see her every day of her life. She almost transferred in another university then, to a university near Youko's. However, she didn't. She wasn't sure why she didn't. She couldn't remember it now. And she didn't care if she couldn't remember it. What was all that matters was that she was with Youko now, together with her. And she could see her every day of her life, be with her every day.

"Hey, Youko, are you sure you're going to school?" She asked Youko as the latter applied make up.

"Of course I am. Where do you think I'm going aside from school? I would tell you if otherwise," Youko answered with raised eyebrows.

She eyed Youko's clothes. Surely, it was a suit Youko was wearing right now, but it didn't and couldn't hide Youko's beautiful figure. In fact, she looked seductive in that suit. But then, no matter what Youko wore, she always looked smashing. Whether in her house clothes, or in casual dress, and in an evening dress, and even without a dress, she was perfect. Yes, particularly without a dress. Youko was beautiful, really beautiful, the most beautiful of all. She snickered at the thought.

Youko must have heard her because she stopped applying make up.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

She shook her head as she stopped smiling. She went silent for a moment as she watched Youko put a lipstick on her kissable lips. She envied the lipstick. She wanted it to be her lips on Youko's instead of the lipstick. Seeing her expression, Youko frowned at her.

"Ah, Satou Sei, whatever you're planning to do, don't do it. You will ruin my make up," Youko warned.

She pouted.

"As if I care," she said as she moved towards Youko who raised her hands in warning.

"Aren't you tired already of doing it almost all the time?" Youko asked, evading her face when she leaned down.

"Why should I get tired?" She asked with a frown. Only a fool would get tired of kissing Youko's lips and the other part of her body.

Youko smiled.

"Just asking. Honestly, Sei. Every morning you always make me apply my make up all over again."

"If that's the case, then what's the difference with today?" She asked with a mischievous grin. And before Youko could move away, she snaked her hands around her hips and leaned closer to her face.

"Just one, Youko baby."

She didn't wait for Youko's answer and kissed her passionately. Youko, if she had plans of protesting, it died in her throat as she kissed her back. For some time, they kissed each other.

Later on, Youko hurriedly fixed her ruined make up as Sei watched her with a triumphant smile.

"Don't forget about the party tonight, Sei," Youko said as she put the finishing touch of her make up.

"Yes, yes. You don't have to remind me about it every hour," she replied with mild sarcasm and an amused face.

"Knowing you, you just might."

Tonight, they would go to a party at one of Youko's friends at law school. Whatever the party was about, she couldn't recall. Probably a birthday party, or whatever. Well, it was hard to think something so unimportant when her mind was occupied about Youko and Youko alone.


That night, Sei was already dressed up for the party when Youko arrived. She waited at the living room of their apartment as Youko hurriedly took a shower and got dress.

After quite some time, she called Youko's name, telling her to hurry up. After a few minutes, she called again, but this time, the word Youko got stuck on her throat when the latter came out of their room.

Wide eyes, and mouth agape, Sei gazed at the black-haired woman, mesmerized. Though Youko had her face applied with light make up, almost unnoticeable, and she was wearing a simple rose-colored dress, she looked alluring. And when she moved, the simple dress curved on her slender form lovingly. It was making her breathless. And the few locks of hair that fell on Youko's face made her look more attractive. As she watched Youko's hips gently sway as she walked, a sweat dropped on her brow. She suddenly felt hot.

There was no doubt, Youko looked like a superstar. And she was so lucky to have a girlfriend as breathtakingly beautiful as her. Suddenly, she didn't want to go to the party anymore.

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29 February 2008