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Diana stands in her room, looking out the window at the stars and the planet outside, and she wouldn't have heard him approach if not for the sound of the door. She easily turns away from the view to gaze at the man she loves, draped in the black of the night he personified. Something was different now though. His face, usually a mask of calm righteous indifference when in uniform, now was heavily strained by guilt. "I'm so sorry Diana," he tells her sincerely. The great princess of the Amazons can't take it. She falls to her knees... in hysterical laughter.

The Batman simply stares at her, his guilt quickly draining away to annoyance. Finally he can take it no more, "What the Hell are you laughing about!" he demands.

"'I'm so sorry Diana'," she mimics, "I told you to do it, you dope!" she tells him before falling into laughter again. He turns to leave, but she leaps up and grabs hold of him before he does, "Bruce, wait, wait. I'm sorry okay? I know this was hard for you. Despite your reputation, you are very monogamous, and that whole affair must have been very hard. So must have been enjoying it," she tells him. Batman rolls his eyes, and Wonder Woman kisses him deeply. When their lips part, she continues, "I meant what I said, this changes nothing. I have the utmost faith in you, and I know that you will never betray me." The two hug, and Bruce relaxes, or as close to relax as he can manage while he's the Batman. "Do you know who casted it?" she asks.

The Batman thinks for a moment. Scattered bits of knowledge link together to form a theory, "I have an idea," he tells her.

"Good. Go settle things. Oh and by the way...," she grabs hold of him between the legs, "I peeked in on you two. You put on quite a show. I expect nothing less from you when our time comes," she squeezes gently, "So rest up, because I'll be much harder to please then she ever was," she lets him know.

Later that evening, Zatanna returns to her room, worn out by a recent mission. Before she begins to undress, a shadow separates itself from its fellows and moves to stand before her, "Bruce! What the Hell, you scarred me have to death!" she shouts at him.

"Why?" he asks menacingly.

Zatanna turns a shade paler, but manage to ask, "Why? Why what?"

"Why did you cast the spell? The spell that trapped us in my bedroom?" he clarifies.

"What on Earth makes you think I had anything to do with that?" she asks.

"That took me awhile," he answers, "I started by trying to find a link between all four of the women magicked into my room. I've only been in a relationship with three of you, and had only had sexual relations with two."

"Green Arrow will be happy to hear that," she remarks, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Then I get it, all four of you know my identity. Whoever cast the spell was careful to pick only women who knew my true identity, so as not to risk my secret. Almost everyone has heard rumors about me and Catwoman, as well as me and Wonder Woman. Also, our past relationship is no real secret. But Canary, few would know that she is in the know as well. She is smart to keep information like that to herself, and we don't spend much time together, so most would not suspect. I doubt if she would even tell Arrow my identity. So the only one that would know, would be the person who was on the mission with us when she found out. You." The Batman focuses his eyeless glare on the spell caster a second, before turning away. "Probably. I can't say with utmost certainly that she would not have told someone else in the League my secret. As I said we don't spend much time together and no one is perfect. That however got me thinking about the incident itself. You knew exactly what type of spell it was, without use of your powers or much information to go on. Again, not damning, because you are a master sorceress."

"Um...thanks?" she replies.

"That, however, brought my attention to something. You claimed your powers were gone, but Wonder Woman, whose powers are magically based as well, reported no such affects. Even greater proof was your attitude during the incident," he explains.

"My attitude?" she asks.

"You claimed your powers were gone. I've seen many people who posses superhuman abilities. I've also seen many people loose their superhuman abilities, and they never take it well," he answers, "Even the best of them worry and feel powerless. You mean to tell me that loosing your magic, something as precious to you as your own soul, no matter for how long, would have no affect on you?" he turns back to her, "And that look on your face, is the last clue I need."

Zatanna smiles, "Guess thats why the call you the world's greatest detective," she says.

"I'll asks again, why?" he asks.

Zatanna shrugs, "I really was trying to help. You were hurting, after Selina left. Most people didn't see it, they thought you were just being your usual grumpy self. But I could see it, and worse it looked like it was keeping you from anyone else. So I casted the spell. I had it bring Catwoman, in case you two could patch things up. I also brought Wonder Woman, in case your heart had moved on," she explains.

"And Black Canary?" he asks.

"I like Green Arrow, I think he is a great hero and a good guy, but not a good boyfriend. You know about Speedy? He's not just his sidekick, he's one of his illegitimate children. The man is a womanizer, he is what you pretend to be," she explains, "I wanted to show Dinah that there are better guys out there."

"And of course you came along to keep an eye on everything," Batman states.

Zatanna looks at her feet, "Is it so wrong to hope that you'd choose the old flame?" she asks.

Batman's expression falters, "Zatanna I...," he begins.

Zatanna smiles, shakes her head, and waves his words away, "Don't take it like that. My fantasies were erotic, not romantic I assure you. It's been awhile for me as well," she tells him. "I really sorry Bruce. If I knew Diana was, you know, I never would have done it."

Batman nods, "Alright, just this once I'll let it go," he says.

"I really am sorry. If it can help, I know this memory erasing spell," she offers.

"NO! No, thats alright. Just please don't do it again," he asks, then leaves the room.

He only makes it a few steps down the hall before Green Arrow comes dashing around the corner shouting, "Batman! Batman wait!"

The Batman takes a deep calming breath, then turns to face him, "Yes Arrow?" he asks.

Green Arrow catches his breath for a few seconds, "I need your help. I've asked every other guy I can find, but none of them could help!" he explains.

"Okay Ollie, calm down, I'll help you if I can," Batman assures him.

"Canary came up to me a few minutes ago. She had a really HOT idea, and she wanted me to meet her in her room in less than an hour," he continues.

"Okay, why do you need help then?" Batman asks, confused.

"I tried asking everyone else, but no one can help me! Please! Please tell me you know where I can get some multicolored body paint!"

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