It was twilight. And Edward and I were alone in our private little meadow.

I looked into Edward's eyes, "Were you really upset to find me here with Jacob," I asked.

"No, my love," Edward said as pushed my hair out of my eyes, "I was proud of you. I arrived just in time to see you wrap your perfect little arms around him. I knew immediately what you were doing. I may not have always liked Jacob Black, but I've never felt good that he had to experience so much pain at the expense of our happiness. I will always be in his debt for keeping you safe so many times when I couldn't - when I wasn't there. You healed him, Bella. I felt the cloud of regret and loss lift in his mind. He felt hopeful. I think the same wolf mechanism that kept him from aging, probably kept him from moving on through all these years. I think he'll be fine now"

"I'll tell you, though, I didn't like the way he looked when he kissed your hair," Edward's eyes narrowed playfully, "and if he ever tells my wife that she stinks, again... I'll will break his jaw!"

With that, Edward took me into his arms and kissed me soundly. "I think you smell absolutely delicious," he teased. I felt his perfect body wrap around mine, as he moved down to kiss my neck. His lips found the scar at my neck, and I felt an excited chill run through me, as he paid special attention to it. My knees buckled, and I heard Edward chuckle as he whispered in my ear, "Breathe, Bella."

"Don't tease me, you know what that does to me," I playfully slapped at his chest, while my other hand came up to touch the scar that branded me his. "Come on, let's go hunt up some dinner on the way home. I'm anxious to be in our old room again." My dark golden eyes narrowed as I felt a playful smile creep across my face.

Edward chuckled, and smiled his perfect crooked grin as he grabbed me up and in one motion swung me onto his back and took off into the forest toward home.