Disclaimer: All characters and plot of Myself; Yourself belongs to Regista and Yeti. Also, this story contains major spoiler for the PS2 version of Myself; Yourself.


Myself; Yourself


Prologue "Bad Dream"

I walked off the bus as I stepped onto the land of my hometown. It had been a year since I left Sakuranomori and went to college. It had also been months since I last heard from my childhood friends. Hai, boku no osanajimidachi.

Of course, I am very excited to see them. Thus, I proceeded forward as I thought them and the memories I had shared with them.

However, just as I walked something caught my eyes. It was a man and a woman whom I both know embracing each other.

In an instant, emotions flooded my mind. They are all sort of emotions such as anger, jealousy, and most of all regret. With each passing second as the emotion grew stronger, my vision slowly faded away into darkness.

To be continued…

1st Edit: 02/29/2008


Author's note: Hello, it is been a while since I last published anything. Anyway, this is based off of the game version of Myself; Yourself. This is actually a continuation of Sana side' Nanaka end and using first person perspective of Hidaka Sana. The dream sequence is actually from Syusuke side's Nanaka route. Oh, yes there is Syusuke side's Nanaka route and furthermore, you have to clear it to get Sana side Nanaka good end. This fan fic is my explaination on why the player needs to play Syusuke's side Nanaka route to get to good ending. Anyway good luck, I will post more as time goes on. Feel free to PM me for any question concerning my stories.

Japanese Translation:

Hai, boku no osanajimidachi translates to Yes, my childhood friends.