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You're Lost Little Girl by Cara Mascara


Harlow Adams.

What can I say about Harlow?

First of all, she's my best friend. She and her father moved into the apartment across the hall from mine five years ago from America when Ms. Tanaka married Mr. Adams, Harlow's father. I remember when she first got here she spoke hardly any Japanese.

She hated it. She wanted to move back home to California, but apparently, Mr. Adams had always had a fascination with Japan and had managed to get a job transfer to the Osaka division of his company. The man already spoke fluent Japanese when he arrived here, which is how I assume Harlow knew basic phrases.

She came around fairly quick though and began making friends at the school we attended together after her first year in Japan. She had been tutored at home for about a year so she could learn the language before enrolling in a public school.

I found out first hand what a quick learner Harlow was when I took her to my father's dojo and she began training. She picked up Kazama-Ryuu Kobujutsu so quickly it even impressed my father. She confessed to taking karate lessons back in California for three years, but it was still impressive.

Last year is when things started to change. Harlow had always been noticeably pretty with her blonde hair, tan skin and long, slender frame, but last year is when she really began turning heads.

She seemed to fill out her uniform much better than any of our other female classmates and have this air about her that made her desirable to the boys in our school, and even a few of the girls.

It's as if she was completely unaware of it though. She just acted normal, as if no one was watching her at all, when in fact all eyes were on her. She politely turned down nearly every boy who asked her on a date, telling me she wasn't interested in their adolescent immaturity.

It seemed as though her spirit and self-esteem came crashing down though after my father's dojo was destroyed. She had been one of the students there during the attack and had been beaten badly. And I entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, leaving Harlow to cope alone, or that's what I'd thought anyway.

Without me around to bring her to her senses, it seemed as though she fell to pieces. She turned into this naïve little girl. And of course, he took complete advantage of it, whether he was aware of it or not. I'm fairly certain he was.

When I wasn't around, that sneaky Korean bastard had managed to sink his fangs into Harlow. She always claimed to have been attracted to older men, but she'd never acted on it until she met Hwoarang.

I'd heard tales of the gang leader's womanizing ways and never thought Harlow would be dumb enough to fall victim to his charm. Of course at the time, I hadn't realized how much the attack had crushed her spirit. She claimed she was looking for comfort and she'd thought he liked her.

Typical male pig.

We walked home from school, side by side. Harlow seemed to be coming back around since I'd returned from the tournament. The feeling of being used would probably always stay with her thanks to him, but she was coping.

King of Iron Fist 6 was coming up and Harlow and I had been going over the reasons she should enter. "You're a great fighter Harlow."

"Not good enough for that tournament though. I mean, those are some of the top fighters in the world." She was afraid of being beaten as badly as she was at the dojo and I knew it. I can't really blame her though.

"Yeah, but if I can hang with them, so can you." It took me a few minutes to realize she'd fallen out of step with me. I backtracked and stood next to her, following her eyes to where she was watching a large group of guys. I noticed they were two different gangs and they were surrounding a fight in the middle of the alley.

None of them seemed to notice us observing, all except one of course. The particular one Harlow's eyes were glued to as he leaned against the brick wall.

"Oh no you don't," I muttered as the red haired man smirked at her. I wasn't letting her get involved with that again. I pushed Harlow further down the street, out of the view of the Korean and stuck my nose in the air at him. "Hmph." I kept guiding her until we arrived at the stoop of our apartment building.

She had that look on her face. That dream-state, heartbroken look. "Don't you dare give me that look Harlow. He's no good."