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Everyone has flaws, its what makes you human. So many hide flaws, to make them seem more than what they are. No one is perfect, some imperfections are worse than others, but they are all there. Some bubbling just below the surface of the subconscious, like the ones of Huey Freeman.

Huey Freeman, the elder of the two Freeman brothers, saw the world in a different, much darker, more pessimistic light.

He was logical, and intellectual. He knew his beliefs and if you tried to tell him to change he would give you ten reasons why he should not. The reason behind this is because he studied.

He studied of his political idols, such as Barack Obama, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. Their essays, debates, books, speeches, anything that could give him any sort of information was permanently engraved into his mind.

This leaves many to wander. 'What is his flaw? A perfect, straight A student couldn't possibly have one. He eats healthy, and cares about the world, what could possibly be wrong with him?'. It may not be very prominent but the 'perfect' Huey Freeman was extremely flawed.


"BOY! Get your black ass down here and eat!" an elderly man hollered up the stairs of his suburban home.

An African American teenager rolled his eyes, closed his book and made his way downstairs. He didn't bother looking at the spread that was laid out of the table. He could smell the grease dripping off of the hormone injected 'food.'

Instead he went to into the kitchen and searched through the refrigerator for the lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and grilled chicken he prepared before hand.

It was Wednesday, a.k.a. fried pork, collard greens, and chittlins night.

Huey wouldn't be caught dead even touching a chittlin after finding out what they were, or even before for that matter, and he despised pork. After having it every day of your life you'd hate the greasy, tough meat too.

"EUUUGH, how can you eat that crap?"

Huey's inward ranting was cut short due to his younger brother's voice. He looked up across the counter he was cutting a tomato on sending a glare at the younger Freeman, and immediately regretted it.

His glare turned to a look of disgust at the sight of the greasy chittlin dangling from the younger boys' mouth.

"Watch whose food you call crap," The elder grumbled.

"Yeah what evea nigga," Riley said rolling his eyes, "what are you some kind of hoe countin' calories and shit like you got somethin' ta loose?"

"I'm not countin' calories stupid, I just don't feel like eating the entrails of a pig."

"There you go wit dem big words again. Why can't you be like normal niggas and say normal words like guts or somethin'?"

Riley Freeman was the opposite of his brother. He was smart but only showed it when defending his favorite rappers and his friends. He despised studying and preferred learning what he needed from TV, video games, and the 'streets'.

Half the time he was angry for some reason or another, and the rest of the time he spent putting himself into situations that would only get him angry anyway.

He hated how his brother, who started studying martial arts at the age of five, could always beat him in all their fights physically, verbally, and mentally and yet he was always the one to ignite them. His outlet for this anger was to beating the crap out of anyone weaker than him who crossed him on a bad day.

Unlike his brother his flaws were extremely prominent. All the younger Freeman had to do was talk and you could tell immediately what they were.

Huey rolled his eyes and continued to cut his tomato. "Why would I demean myself by using your level of vocabulary?" he winced slightly as his brother finished off his chittlin'. That poor pig, what a horrible way to die.

"Aye, I have a very big vocabulary you ain't demeanin yo self by usin some kinda slang fo once!"

"Oh right you have a very big vocabulary I'm sorry I never noticed it before." The fifteen year olds tone clearly read sarcasm as he made his way into the dining room with his now heated chicken and salad.

"Aye! I don't appreciate yo sarcasm nigga!" Riley yelled fallowing behind his brother.


"Yall hush up! I'm trying to eat." Granddad yelled as they sat down at the table.

"More like trying to give yourself a heart attack by stuffing all of that artery clogging crap down your throat." Huey muttered earning a slap in the back of his head. "Ow!"

"I heard that! Don't make me bring out my-"

Ding Dong!

"Eat. I'll be right back."

"Yes Granddad." The two boys grumbled in unison beginning to eat their dinner.

"HI MR. FREEMAN!!" both boys cringed at the high pitched voice that ground through their ears like sand paper.

"Cindy." Huey hissed. He could have sworn he felt a few of his brain cells die at the sound of her voice. She was just that annoying… well to him anyway. He had a strong suspicion Riley had a crush on her.

"What's that uh-oh Oreo doin' here?" Riley grumbled 'discreetly' checking his breath and then his appearance in a spoon.

Real smooth genius, Huey though rolling his eyes.

"Boys! Get in here!"

Huey sighed and Riley groaned, though there was no annoyance behind it, as they made their way to the front door.

Jazmine stood next to her best friend with a happy smile on her face as the boys approached ",Hiya boys"

Huey looked at her and gave her a slight nod in greeting. He was extremely grateful that it want just Cindy at the door though he didn't show it. He could stand Jazmine's presence a lot more.

Riley looked between the two girls and stuck his hand in his pockets "sup."

"Hi Huey! Hi Riley" The two boys cringed and granddad walked away grumbling something about annoying white girls hurting his ears.

"Waddaya want?' Riley asked crossing his arms.

"Well we were wandering if you wanted to come spend the night over my house for my sleepover/pool birthday party." Jazmine said bowing her head slightly to hide the blush brewing on her cinnamon cheeks. Huey absently noted that he found this slightly… cute. But only slightly, he had a reputation to keep up, going soft was not a part of it.

Huey took this time to the young woman's profile. Now at sixteen, Jazmine had grown to be a very desirable young woman. She learned to tame her nappy puff balls and now styled it into hundreds of curly caramel brown slightly damp locks all around her head that accented her innocent green eyes fell down her back past her shoulder blades. She was taller and her curves filled out in all the right places leaving her with a bust, a butt, and a flat feminine stomach, which showed this newly developed figure in her current outfit.

In the place of a regular top was a bikini halter top that was black with aqua blue hearts. Her jean shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped to reveal her matching bathing. To finish off her look she wore black and blue bangles, earrings, and flip-flops. Any man who was straight and sane would stare at her.

Wile Huey's eyes were on Jazmine, Riley's were on Cindy. The years had also been gracious to the young woman, her hips and bust had filled out much like jasmines had but, unlike Jazmine she refused to hide them under modest clothing. She was the only white girl in the entire city with such curves and she flaunted them for all they were worth. This proved to be so in her outfit.

Much like Jazmine she wore her bathing suit top in the place of a normal top but her top was a black and red tiger stripped tube top and all black boy-short bottoms. A short red sarong was wrapped around her petite waist and tied in such a way that it showed her entire left leg. A red clip held back her slightly damp hair and black strapped heels finished her look.

"Uh... Huey?" Jazmine said waiving her hand in front of his face ",are you ok?"

Huey shook his head slightly and knocked her hand out of his face ",why are you having a pool party at eight o'clock at night?"

"Are you guys coming or not?" Cindy snapped getting tired of talking. She wanted to swim, and she'd be damned if she was going to waste any more valuable time on these two. Don't get her wrong she wanted them to come, especially Riley, but if they didn't want to come, they didn't want to come. She wasn't about to beg.

"Will there be other bitches there?" Riley asked suddenly.

"…um… there will be other girls there… why?" Jasmine asked.

"Let's think about dis fo a minute. Hoes plus bikinis plus water equals hell yeah I'm gunna be dere!!"

Huey rolled his eyes at his brother's antics ", I'll go to supervise dumb ass over here, make sure he doesn't violate too many girls" he muttered shrugging.

"Cool get your bathing suits and meet us there." Cindy said turning and walking to Jazmines house with her friend practically skipping along next to her. Well someone is happy, she thought smirking.