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Chapter 3 – Naruto's interference Part 1

Killing two birds with one stone.

Rule # 6 – When sexy, smart, elite shinobi and clan prodigy sets his eyes on Sakura: DO NOT INTERFERE!!

Third Attempt: In how Uchiha Sasuke gets rid of men around Sakura (Set up by Naruto as per revenge.)

Target: Lee

- Naruto -

Want to know my genius plan? Well?! So after my beautiful face was temporarily scarred ((Fuck Hyuuga, he's just jealous he doesn't have normal eyes!)) but I still managed to make the ladies drop at the sight of me ((I had to carry Hinata-chan to the hospital)) and even smell awesome ((Animal-lover hasn't bathed in days because his afraid of Neji finding out about Hinata.)) My body may be badly scarred, but Sakura-chan is coming and that's when it'll begin! My plan! Okay, okay, I'll tell you all.

It started just three days ago…




Two days ago - Naruto -

'Damn Sasuke-teme!!'

"Oi, Naruto. Are you planning against Sasuke?"

I looked at my right where Kakashi-sensei sat, staring at the remaining bits of paper on the ground and poking the ashes. "Kakashi-sensei?"

"Count me in."

We are so freaking dead if he finds out.


Ramen, ramen, ramen! Chicken flavored or barb-- Is that Gaara?

"Gaara, what're you doing here?!"

He slowly turned around and gave me a nod. Hmph, just like Sasuke-teme. I sat on the stool next to him and ordered my usual. I raised my brow, isn't Gaara the Kazekage? "Any business in Konoha, Gaara?"


"Ah, talking with Tsu-"


Ah, sweet Sakura-chan!! Oh, so she changed her clothes?


That damn shorts should be illegal!

So I get its summer and all, but Sakura-chan WHY!? She wasn't wearing her skirt anymore, just her black cycling shorts and another red spaghetti strap! Her hair is too short to cover her neckline and huge bust-


"Naruto, where were your eyes going?"

"Sorry, Sakura-chan."

"I swear next time I'll - - Gaara? Ah! Sorry, Kazekage-sama-!"

"That's alright, Sakura."

My mouth dropped. Gaara called Sakura-chan…Sakura?!

"You may just call me Gaara."

HEY!! Where are his eyes going? Hmm, I'm not the only one who noticed…Oi, Gaara; my eyes didn't go that low!! If he's going to make a move then…he must get past a bucket of Konoha men ((he'll probably swat them away with his sand.)), Hyuuga ((I know Gaara hates long hair because his hair will never grow vertically…)), Sasuke-teme ((He can't sleep at night so he probably had enough of the dark)) and then…ME!

"Ah, if you say so, Gaara-sama."

She took a seat next to me and Gaara finally broke his gaze away.

Heh. This is good blackmail.

Now that I think about it, Gaara is the like the male version of Sakura, except less vocal. Violent, yes.

Blah, blah, blah, blah – Gaara subtly staring at Sakura-chan's thighs – blah, blah, blah, blah – Sakura-chan hitting me when I did the same, not so subtly – blah, blah, blah, blah – Fuzzy brows is here with the ass-kicking brunette – blah, blah…PLAN!! YES!

I remember how devoted Fuzzy brows were to Sakura. The same reason Tenten went all out in a spar match against Sakura. Lucky, Hyuuga was there to stop her. Hehe, another reason why his Konoha band is around his forehead because it's not only to cover his clan's mark, but also Tenten's permanent bitch slap mark when she miscalculated their height.

Poor Hyuuga.

But alas, my plan is formulated!!


Two days ago – Normal -

Sasuke casually walked down the streets of Konoha.

Hn. It was pretty hot nowadays.

But he was used to the heat and didn't bother to change his attire. It was exactly the same outfit he wore when he went up against Gaara in the Chuunin exams; his over-sized collar, black shirt and black shorts. Except he didn't have his bindings; no, the Sharingan wielder would actually need it for tomorrow.

So who cares if it attracted the heat.

The Uchiha remembered just two days ago after wearing his improved version of the ludicrous outfit, which he burned afterwards. He wore black and white. Sakura couldn't look at him the whole day lest she be drawn to his exposed muscles. Heh. But it wasn't enough. All Uchiha's are selfish.

Sakura still hadn't treated him the way she used to. Sure, she'd talk him about anything and ask about how he was doing and even occasionally tug on his hand to social events. He didn't mind the physical contact. She didn't blush as much. Nor did she maintain eye-contact for long. It was as if she oblivious now.


Sakura would always remain eye-contact with people while they talked because it was polite. The pink-haired kunoichi would look at him at the beginning of the conversation then her gaze would stray away. His dark eyes caught a flash of pink and blonde on the training grounds and slowly made his way there, a hint of red swirling in his eyes when he found Sakura tending a broken body he identified as Naruto.

The Kyuubi vessel grinned cheekily

-That's right, Sasuke-bastard. Her hands touching me! Ohohohoho!-

He knew he would've been burned had Sakura left. Sasuke would make sure he was.

The Uchiha clan was very expressive in their anger when another man touches his spouse.


But she didn't leave. And her hands willingly aided Naruto.


Take that!

Dobe…you're asking me to kill you.


"Oh, Sasuke-kun." Her eyes quickly went back onto Naruto's body. She fidgeted and finally sat still on her knees again when she felt his heavy gaze on her. Sakura bit her lip, wondering if she shouldn't have worn the shorts that rode up on her thigh. She noted distantly that Sasuke had been very tolerant of her presence for the last few weeks. He didn't even mind that she was holding his hand every time he remained motionless when she called him over. Maybe she was coming down with fever.

There she goes again –

"Naruto had some really bad injuries for the past few days…" Sakura trailed off, meeting his stare of a bit before bowing her head back down to Naruto's exposed stomach. This time, he noticed, that she didn't blush. She was purely concentrated in her healing.

But she still wasn't supposed to look at another man's body except his

"…and now he came for my help. Can you believe it? He didn't even go to the hospital! Idiot, you should've come to me earlier!"


Actually, he wasn't even listening.

He noticed that she changed her attire. When did she ever own such ((a long, body-fitting, tight)) piece of clothing? He frowned, disliking the fact that she walked around in such clothing for the two days he didn't see her. Sakura had gone on a short-mission while he was busy threatening Naruto ((who was hung the same exact place where Akamaru previously was)) on the topic of his clothes which were hidden away to the other side of the village.

"You'd like that wouldn't you, Sakura-chan?"


Sasuke broke a branch he leaned against.

What. The. Fuck.




Reminder: Do not attempt to joke with an innuendo in front of Sakura while Sasuke is also present. Ever.




The medic ignored his playful jab, unaware of the sudden angry flare of chakra a few feet from her emitting from her silent teammate.


You wouldn't dare hurt me, bastard! What would Sakura-chan say?

He shouldn't have even opened his mouth to the future Uchiha mistress.


Cerulean eyes said everything in mischief, taunting the other shinobi. He could clearly see the inner seething turmoil going on beneath his emotionless façade.

-And You Can't. Do. A. Thing. About. It!!-

Sakura suddenly looked up, away from both men to look across the field. Her small hands retreated and she stood, dusting away grass on her knees and shorts, for which Sasuke noticed that it was the same length from last time, while he was busy glaring at the blond. "Oh, is that Neji-san? Excuse me for a bit, he told me he needed tell me something. Sasuke, Naruto, behave," she warned before turning away, slightly rushing.

-Oho- What?! No, no, no, no, no!! Sakura-chan! Don't leave me with this maniacal bastard!!-

He slowly rotated his head to the side and the disapproving glare as the pink-haired kunoichi walked away before pushing himself of the tree and the face of the Uchiha approaching him.


Uchiha's weren't so forgiving.

Naruto frantically looked up at his only source of defense.


The squirrel or Sasuke-bastard? Squirrel or Sasuke-bastard? Squirrel or Sa-

Damn it, I choose you, SQUIRREL!!!


The blonde quickly puckered his lips, in what he called a 'squirrel's call' but the squirrel merely looked at him, recognizing the human as the one who stole flowers from his tree. The animal sniffed away. Naruto continued his weird animal call…-


- until a snake bit his lip.

Dammit, where'd that come from!?

But the Uchiha casually walked away, letting the snake that he found on a tree handle the boy. Hn. - Best friend or not, never act smugly in front of him, who's girl, Sakura, was touching you. - He'd rather stop Sakura from going to Hyuuga than beating the crap out of Naruto. Because the Uchiha knew he'd always have a chance at attempting bodily harm on him and it'd be too obvious to Sakura of who hurt him.

But…he wouldn't have the chance of winning Sakura's affection as long as other men get in the way…

Naruto watched anxiously when the snake slowly coiled around his body; his panting ragged. He stilled when the snake came face to face.

This snake is going to RAPE ME!!

He screamed hysterically when the snake wagged its eyes suggestively.





Sakura smiled when Neji turned around and nodded in acknowledgment. "Hey, Neji-san. I was about to look for you after healing Naruto." She didn't bother to turn and just motioned at her back where the blond laid. The prodigy raised one brow when he saw Naruto wrestling with a snake. "Anyways, you had something to tell me?"

He mentally shook his head, "Ah. I apologize for leaving you last time."

"That's alright. How's Hinata?"


Naruto attempted to roll around, squishing the snake with his weight until the snake hissed and uncoiled around him. "Hey! That was all bone and muscle!! Something you don't have!!"


"Hinata-sama is doing well."

"That's good; I haven't seen her for a while. Ino suggested that the girls should go to this club she found." He jerked. "But I'm still in the process of convincing her not to."





"Sakura, would you like to-"


His lips thinned. "Uchiha."

Sakura tilted her body to the side to see the view of Sasuke standing behind Neji. Did he really have to interfere with their conversation? Her brows furrowed.

"What is it, Uchiha?"




Back off, Uchiha.

Not likely, Hyuuga.


"…the Hokage is asking for you."

Neji reluctantly turned his attentions to the other prodigy; he knew he shouldn't believe the other man. "Is that so?"


Sakura tugged at her top, suddenly finding the temperature heat up. She wondered idly that it was summer. The chance of her getting a fever was rising. The medic absently rubbed her arm.


"OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!! THAT'S A WASTE OF FO- oh, this tastes pretty good. Mm. These kinda tastes like – Coward! You don't steal back what you just threw!"


"Damn you, Uchiha! You said Hyuuga will be here!!"

Sakura clutched onto a pole when the ground rumbled and looked up at the Hokage's tower. One side of Sasuke's mouth lifted in triumph. The other clansman gritted his teeth, glaring menacingly at the corner of his eye as the Uchiha walked calmly around him. "I guess I'd better go, then."

Nod. "Okay, Neji-san. I'll see you around, then." She turned to the quiet shinobi. "Well, Sasuke-kun, since you made my current companion go away, would you mind staying with me for a while?" Sakura smiled, but for some reason, the Uchiha could hear some kind of implication.

I won't be going anywhere without you, Sakura.

Things were going his way. The Uchiha way. He just got rid of Hyuuga verbally, that's a small obstacle out of the way. He wouldn't hesitate to physically get rid of the men around her once she was out of hearing range. The blond would deserve a beating later on for acting smug in front of him. Momentarily, while Naruto was probably in battle with two animals, he'd be spending time with Sakura. His Sakura. Heh, one step closer-

"Oh, my youthful Sakura! 'Tis is faith that brought upon us for I, Konoha's Beautiful Green Beast, to see you here!"




Both animals looked suspiciously at him before the squirrel dropped his precious acorns and the snake stayed atop on the tree. The human weighed more than he looked…

"You see those people? Yes, my friends and see that boy with fuzzy brows? My plan is going according to plan! Wait, that didn't sound right…"



"Yes …Lee-san?"

"Would you grace your lovely presence with me tomorrow afternoon?"

This shinobi had the nerve to say that in front of an Uchiha? Uchiha Sasuke? Lee's fate was sealed the moment Sakura answered, "Sure."

He would just have to physically warn him away from Sakura.

Never go after an Uchiha's possession.





Rule # 6 – When sexy, smart, dangerous shinobi and clan prodigy sets his eyes on Sakura: DO NOT INTERFERE!!

Target: Lee

Suspect: Naruto





- Present - Normal -

"Hyuuga Neji! Uchiha Sasuke!"

There is only one threatening voice ((aside from Sakura-chan and Tsunade-baa-chan-sama)), that was able to make it sound like a killer on the loose.

The bastard raised a brow.

Hyuuga slightly averted his eyes to the side.

For some reason, Gaara moved in front of Sakura, who was startled at the voice, whatever powerful energy of kill she emitted; he stood close to protect her just in case. "Gaara-sama? Anything wrong?" She questionably looked at the red-haired while he shook his head and crossed his arms in defiance. He was close enough to inhale her sweet scent around him and his muscles relaxed instantly.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Hyuuga activated his Byakugan.

"Hyuuga, Uchiha!"


And their attention was back on a certain angry brunette holding bloody fuzz- Rock Lee.

'Ouch…he got it bad! I didn't think Tenten would let them off the hook easy…she's very protective of him. When I called him fuzzy brows in her presence, ((I swear the woman has dog ears!)), she lashed out and literally almost stuck all her weapons in my tenders!' Naruto though, placing himself at the opposite end of the office.

"Who did this to him?!"

Or… she might kill them instead.


- Yesterday – Naruto -

My day was epic!

Lee was Sasuke-teme's target.

I was ignored. Yes!

I still have my honor, dignity and pride. And revenge was always a fun hobby on Sasuke-bastard! He will not turn to me, because they will be busy running away from the crazy brunette. Oh, I wonder when Sakura-chan's coming back. She'll be alone wondering where Lee went and why there's blood, holes in the ground and trees chopped down? I was surprised when Hyuuga showed up in the scene and heading where Sasuke-teme took Lee.



Back onto the present: Crazy brunette was glaring at them very, very angrily with Lee by her side. She was supporting him with his arm around her shoulder; half standing and half-limping. Sakura gasped.

"Lee! Let me check on him, Tenten!" The bull with horns nodded as Sakura quickly rushed towards the duo. Naruto smiled when the two clansmen winced. Sakura had moved to the side around Gaara when she saw Lee. Sasuke didn't like the attention she's getting today and apparently Hyuuga agreed.

"Where have you been? Who hurt you, Lee?" (Sasuke secretly smirked proudly at this)

"Sakura, I'll tell you later. Can you help me bring Lee to the hospital?"

Konoha is about to lose the only Uchiha left and ANBU captain Hyuuga.





Kakashi stood on the ledge of a tree near the Hokage's tower. He silently congratulated the blonde on the success of two girls, Tenten and Sakura, would later on beat the crap out of two clan prodigies, Hyuuga and Uchiha. But if they managed to divert Sakura's attention away from the situation, then consider them lucky. And he just knew that they would. Sasuke wouldn't want to lessen Sakura's affection; he was trying to win it. Too bad, he wanted to record in history the defeat two of Konoha's strongest men.

The copy-nin wondered what the Hyuuga's motive was. Although it was obvious, he needed to know if Sakura knew two men courting her…discreetly. He clutched his orange book protectively when a pair of Sharingan eyes shot a forebodingly glare towards the trees before slowly walking towards the back of an unsuspecting, giggling Naruto.

'Oh, Naruto. It was nice knowing you.'

Kakashi leaped out of the trees and leisurely made his way to the Yamanaka's flower shop, deciding which type of flowers he should bring to the hospital.

Third step: Incomplete.

Success Rate: Stuck in third attempt. (Hn, he'll make sure it was tortuous))

Progress: Delayed.

(Note to self: Make Lee immovable for the next few days just as a warning if Haruno Sakura was ever asked out whether the Uchiha's presence was there or not.)

Naruto's Interference Part 1 end

Hmm, seems confusing but I'm not going to put Naruto's Interference Part II – Revealed (what happened in Sakura's outing with Lee) next chapter, I'll put it later on. The number of rules will change because Naruto's Interference Part II – Revealed also has rules in the flashback so yeah. Confused? I think I am too.

Fourth Attempt: Revealing the Body package. Rule 8 – Looking at the Uchiha's (future) wife suggestively would result in the use of Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Why do I have a feeling we'll be seeing a red sky instead of the beautiful blue?" -Kakashi.