A/N: Guys, I'm so sorry I havnt been updating

A/N: Guys, I'm so sorry I havnt been updating. That is going to change, right now.

Max's POV

Location: Meadow of Happy

"This is nice." Nudge said, smiling and leaning against a tree. "Except, no dears and hoppy bunnies." She grinned even wider.

The meadow really was perfect, by my standards anyway. Shade, shelter, a lake, some trees to lean on… nobody trying to kill us.

Wow, bonus!

"Can I go swimming?" Gazzy asked, looking at me. He held his swimming trunks in his hands.

"Yea. In fact, I think we should all go swimming. Its been awhile."

Fang smiled one of those rare smiles, and my heart took flight.

Exuse the pun there. Its just how I get my kicks.

"Swimming! Oh yea, I'm so there!" Nudge said, running and dive bombing… fully clothed before I could stop her. Iggy joined before I could stop him, managing not to miss-aim over the water's edge and hit the ground. I'm surprised its never happened to him before.

I smiled at Angel. "You going to go in?" But then I noticed the look on her face… worried. Eraser, fight like worried.

"Angel, whats up?"

She shook her head gently. "I feel like we're in danger." Way to put it, Angel.

"Like, Eraser danger?"

She tilted her head, obviously listening to things that I couldn't hear. "Don't know… maybe. Maybe worse."

Okay, I really did not like the sound of 'maybe worse'. What could be worse than Erasers? Flyboys?

"No… not flyboys…" Angel started to say, and then her big blue eyes went wide, frozen in shock. She pointed to the sky and screamed at the same time that Nudge did, treading water in the lake.

What we saw could definitely be worse than Erasers. They weren't clunky, could be bloodthirsty, and probably had a lot more strength.

Bird kids.

Two of them.

I'm guessing version 3.0

a/n: Sorry, its really short. But the other parts are written and I'll get them up – for all my stories- asap.