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Our Own Little Kira

It was a sunny June day in the Yagami household. The family was gathering in the kitchen and upon entering, Soichiro noticed what was apparently a pregnancy test with a positive sign.

"ALL RIGHT, WHOSE CHILD IS IT?" he yelled angrily. Sachiko, Sayu, and Light were all scared, as they had recently had sex. That in mind, they each(in Light case, Misa) took a pregnancy test here. As such, no one had known who it belonged to.

"WELL, WHO'S GOING TO TELL ME?" continued Soichiro. This was bringing Sayu to tears. Sachiko couldn't bear to see her daughter cry so she said something.

"Honey, the baby's ours." said Sachiko fearfully. "I wanted to wait until the right moment to tell everyone." Soichiro took into thought what had just happened. He thinks that her child belongs to someone else, but for the sake of the children, he calms down.

"Can we finish this in our room?" he asked.

"Fine." agreed Sachiko knowing that it isn't over.

Twelve second after Soichiro and Sachiko leave the room, Misa enters the house.

"Light." called Misa hoping to see her light in shining armor. "I gotta tell you something."

"What is it, Misa?" asked Light.

"Umm, can I tell you alone?" asked Misa as she motioned Light to go with her to his room. At that moment, Sayu slowly made her way to her room, guilty that she has not told her own little secret. Meanwhile, Light's room...

"What do you have to tell me?" asked Light.

"We're gonna be parents." squealed Misa in a cheerful manner. "Isn't that great?"

What? How did this happen. Light though to himself. We did it anal.

"You're probably wondering how it happened since we did it anal." said Misa while still in her cheerful mood. "Well, after you came inside me, the stuff must've trickled to my vagina and I guess a sperm cell got lucky. Just so you know, you're the only one I told.

Oh great, a child. Thought Light to himself. I wasn't planning on that

"Misa, did you leave a pregnancy test over here sometime ago?" asked Light.

"Huh, no way, these are mine." replied Misa as she pulled out three tests that showed positive.

"Misa," started Light hesitatingly. "I think we should abort it."


"Misa, what about your career?" asked Light.

"As long as I with you, that doesn't matter. Nothing matters." she replied.

"Then that baby shouldn't matter." countered Light.

"Yes, Light, YOUR child should matter." said Misa. "Besides, if we kill this baby, we would both be criminals and we would have to die."

"But you can't kill something that's not alive." said Light. "The baby's a mistake, anyway."

"Don't think of it as a mistake." she said. "Think of it as...our own little Kira."

Damn. Thought Light. I've never seen Misa so passionate about anything besides me before. Maybe I should give it a chance; after all, I will need a successor in the future. This child might be my only hope.

"You know," started Light. "I do need someone to take my place as Kira; and together we will make this work."

"Oh, Light." squealed Misa as she hugged him. "That's all I want to hear."

A/N: Well, I made Soichiro a little rough, didn't I? In this fanfiction, he had Paranoid Personality Disorder(read on wikipedia.). I hope you enjoyed it. Oh, and about Sachiko being pregnant, it's true and Soichiro is the father. She had to bring it up for him to calm down and stop scaring Sayu.