"Tosh." I freeze, unable to speak. I can hear the determination in his voice but I just can't let myself talk to him. "Tosh." He sounds unsure now. I know I should talk to him, tell him something, but I can't face thinking that I may never see him again. I can't do it; not again. "Come on." I open my mouth, desperately trying to find something to say. "Answer me." I take a deep breath and try to focus my mind on talking to the man I love.

"Owen." It's all I say but it's enough. I can hear him taking a deep breath, trying to find the right thing to say back to me. Then he says it – two small words.

"I'm sorry." I can hear the sorrow in his voice as the words echo in my ear. He's apologising for so very much; for shouting at me in his flat; fulfilling the apology he gave me with the flowers; apologising for sleeping with Gwen; apologising for never taking me out on the date; apologising for being a prick to me for years. And at that moment I know exactly what to say.

"I love you."

A/N: This was one of my favourite scenes from 'A Day In The Death,' which I thought was a great episode. I couldn't resist writing a drabble on it. Bear in mind that it is my first 