Out of Reach

Story by: xyiel

NOTE: I don't own Midori no Hibi – I only used the characters in it. The character's personalities are presented in a very different way (hope that'll be okay…hehe). Enjoy!

I never saw it coming. Do I have regrets? Sometimes I wished it never happened… but then again, everytime I remember all the emotions I went through I can't help but smile. I'm still lucky. I smiled as I closed the book I am reading.

Chapter 1


It had been a year since I moved into Fukuoka Highschool – well, that makes me a sophomore student here. I never knew anyone else besides my classmates and my world is revolving around books, books and a hell lot of books. Eventhough my classmates had only known me for a year, they were able to appreciate me already – or at least, it's what I think.

I am generally a quiet and shy type of person. I often think too much and I always get myself into troubles. Being a math genius makes me feel at ease. I love mathematics more than anything else in this world and there was never a dull moment everytime I get my paper and pen to solve mathematical problems. Being a math genius is really an asset – oh well, that's maybe true to me only. I became popular because of mathematics and my math teacher lets me teach her other class when she's busy. I am enjoying such glorious moment everytime students will be honored because I always ranked second in our batch. But then again, I was never contented with what I have. I tend to be short-tempered when I don't get things the way I want it to be. People find me boring because I don't talk much. I hate socializing with other people. I tend to get bored instantly. I'm getting too much air in my head, am I right?

I was seeking for myself. I realized that I was never happy even if I have few friends and academically at ease. Both my parents are busy with their works and my brother is one hell of a disagreeing brat. I am not happy with my family and I don't talk too much with them and even talk about them in school. I indulge myself with music with my so-called "pop idols". Yeah, I dream of becoming like them too but that's way too impossible for me. You see, I don't have time with other people beside me and I live to please only myself.

It was very rude of me not to introduce myself – pardon me. I am Midori Kasugano – "typical" and "different" are not words to describe myself. Forgive me for my impolite opening – basically, I am not like those sweet and pretty heroines in your stories and I am sort of "boyish" according to one of my friend.

As I am sitting at our school's auditorium, I joined clapping with the crowds because the cultural show is starting. I never knew my life would have a major change after this.