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Alice POV.

My heart raced as I walked coolly from the kitchen, away from Sophie. I berated myself for having burnt the note, but evidence of Jasper's contact would have dire consequences if anyone else were ever to find it. Especially my parents.

The little piece of paper told me all that I needed to know. Jasper still loved me. Only he would recreate the engraving which proclaimed our love that I had begun and he had finished. Others may have simply written the words 'I love you', but Jasper's interpretation was perfect, just as he was.

I hadn't thought that I would easily forgive him for the last three days of hell that I had gone through, being in two minds, thinking and scrutinising each of his words and actions since we had met, but, his message finally brought an end to my scruples and I now I simply ached to see him.

The ache could be mistaken for hunger, which may well be true, was my hungry desperation to see Jasper again. To see his smile, feel his touch, anything as long as we were together again.

I got into bed and wondered when I would see him again. Did the note mean that I was supposed to meet him beside the lake, at the tree? Even in my tired state I knew that meeting him tomorrow would be impossible. Everyone would be suspicious of me if I suddenly got up and out of the house after having been wailing and moping all this time. No, I needed to stick it out a few more days. Before I fell asleep, I remembered something about a party that my family were attending on the weekend. Maybe I would get the chance to escape to my Jasper then? All Sophie needed to do for me was point me in Jasper's direction and then head back to the house as if she knew nothing.

The days leading up to Saturday consisted of Sophie and me whispering our plans. I had ordered that Jasper stay away until late Saturday night when my parents would be safely away while I spent the next few days acting more normal. I left my bedchamber, ventured out to the garden to play with Max and my siblings and feed some chunks of carrots to my beloved Casper.

"Are you sure that you wont join us tonight?" my mother asked with hope in her eyes as we sat for our afternoon tea in the day room.

"No, I best not. I don't think that I would be very good company." I answered, hoping that she would drop the subject and let me be to simmer in my anticipation for tonight.

"I suppose you are right…but you've improved so much these past few days, wont you consider coming?" she asked, testing my patience with her persistence.

"No." I said sharply. Thankfully, my mother had enough sense to see that the conversation was over as she fussed over the tea tray as a distraction to my snappy answer.

Once the tea was poured and we had fallen into an idle silence, my mother decided to ruin it. "Sophie will be coming with me tonight of course." She said before sipping at her tea and looking out the widow.

"What? But Sophie's my ladies maid…what do you need her for?" I asked, enraged that my mother was unknowingly taking away mine and Jasper's go-between.

"Cecilia always gets bored at these functions," my mother sighed before she continued, "and you know how Ben gets…" she added while rolling her eyes.

"But why does Sophie have to go with you?" I asked while trying my best to remain cool and seem passive.

"Because you won't be there to keep them in check. There's no use for her here tonight with you at home, so it was the only logical solution." My mother summarised while I angrily asked in my mind why she couldn't keep her own children in check.

I sulked for the rest of the afternoon that I spent with my mother and plotted the change of plans for tonight.

"Sophie!" I hissed in the kitchen doorway as I caught her on her way out of the back door.

"Miss Alice…what can I do for you?" Sophie asked politely and naturally as she walked to me, her eyes betraying her coolness with their panic.

"I need a little help…" I said simply before waving at cook and dragging Sophie from the kitchen, to my bedchamber.

"What? What is the matter?" Sophie asked hurriedly as she shut the door behind her with a bang.

"My mother." I growled before I began pacing the floor.

"What has she done now?" Sophie asked wearily, holding no regard for my mother as she should have seeing as she was her employer.

"You need to contact Jasper, quickly, you wont be here tonight, my mothers taking you to the party." I told her before I slumped onto my bed in helplessness.

"How can I get hold of Jasper? I can't exactly leave the house and go to town can I…" she hissed in return, looking at me in anger.

"Hey, I didn't plan this!" I told her, feeling uneasy under her glare.

"I know, I know…" Sophie replied with a sigh before she continued, "It's just…I was supposed to be at the back door to let Jasper in…I cant leave the door unlocked, because someone will lock it after me and there's no other way for Jasper to come in. Without contacting him, he will think that I've let him down." She finished as she crossed her arms.

"Don't worry Sophie…Jasper's smart…I'm sure he will work things out…" I whispered hoping to god that he would.

"I hope so, for your sake" Sophie muttered before she excused herself and left my room. I lay in bed for a while after, mulling over her words. She was right; it would be fatal if anyone were to come across Jasper especially if we were caught together.

That night, as my family left, I placed a burning candle in my bedroom window to let Jasper know that I was waiting for him. I knew it was only 6 in the evening and early, but I would replace the candle later on if needed. I would wait for Jasper in the hope that he would manage to come to me unscathed.

Jasper POV.

No message, no sign or signal, nothing. Something was wrong. Sophie was supposed to leave a length of blue ribbon at the forest's edge before nightfall to let me know if I could proceed or a length of red ribbon if I was to turn back and try again some other night. Neither sign was there for me, telling me whether to stop or go. My gut instinct told me that something was wrong, but Alice was fine and that I also needed to get to her. That final instinct was always there in the background so I wasn't too surprised to feel it.

After a few contemplative minutes, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go on and face the consequences of my natural instinct which told me to go to. It was already nearing midnight and was much later than I had anticipated on arriving the house, but unforeseen problems rose such as the hiring of a coach. It had been scheduled for tonight so Alice and I could run away, but it had now been delayed until tomorrow morning.

I skirted along the forests edge as I advanced to the house. I did as I had planned and went around to the back door, only to find it locked. I tried to pry it open by using a piece of wire from my pocket, but it wouldn't open.

I walked back around to the front of the house, being careful of being silent. I routinely picked up a few small bits of gravel and was about to throw them at Alice's bedroom when I noticed that there was a candle burning in the window. I chucked a few pieces of gravel at the window, hoping that the candle meant that she was staying awake for my arrival and hadn't given up hope on me yet.

Thankfully, a few moments later, a breathtaking figure came to view, moved the candle aside and opened the window. "Jasper!" she said just loud enough for me to hear.

"Alice! I can't get in…" I told her, trying to remain calm when I itched to get to her.

"I know…I know…" my angel sighed looking devastated. "My mother took Sophie with her…she couldn't leave the door open for you…" she continued before she turned slightly from the window. I saw her wiping away tears before she turned back, seemingly fine.

The fact that Alice was crying over such a trivial detail was heart-warming. If I couldn't get to her through a door, I might as well try getting to her through a window. I studied the wall of the house and the trellis upon it before I blew Alice a quick kiss and begun to latch onto the trellis and climb.

"Jasper! Please tell me you aren't climbing the trellis!" Alice hissed as I hauled myself up near to the top of the fist story of the house. I grinned at the un-needed panic in her voice but remembered that I had failed to tell her that I had been an expert at climbing various things like walls and trees as a child. This trellis was like a walk in the park for me.

I steadied myself and then looked up to Alice's window, ready to tell her all this, but the sight above me made me loose all coherent thought.

"Get back in that room now!" I growled, making Alice freeze in her position where she was half way out the window, gripping at the frame with white knuckles.

"Jasper…I only want to help you!" She squeaked before I lowered my gaze from hers and hauled myself up the rest of the building until I was next to her.

"Alice, get back into your room." I ordered simply.

"I cant…" she gasped quickly while my gaze locked on her white knuckled grasp on the window frame and the ledge which she was torturously balanced on.

Perfect. My Alice was perched on the window ledge, depicting and angel as she wore a thin, white nightdress, and looked down lovingly at me but was also gripped in terror at the same time. Slowly as to not startle her, I told her my plan and then set it into motion. I managed to climb back down a few meters, go under her window and come back up on the other side before I gripped onto the window ledge and managed to get in through my side of the window.

"Stay calm Alice…you know I won't let anything happen to you…" I whispered as I reached out to her and touched her sides. Her shock caused her to jump slightly but I thankfully managed to wrap my arms securely around her waist and pull her back into my hold. "Alice…let go…" I ordered her softly as she maintained her death grip on the window frame and ledge.

As her grasp slackened, I pulled her back to me and in through the window. I breathed a huge sigh of relief once she was held in my arms, her back pressed tightly against my chest while I stood there staring out of the window at the darkness of night.

"I'm sorry…I don't know what came over me…" Alice stuttered as she struggled in my hold.

I didn't release her or ease my grasp until I calmed down enough. I span her around to face me and then held her beautiful face in my hands. "Don't ever scare me like that again…" I whispered weakly with my forehead resting against hers and fear laced in my voice.

"I wont! I promise…I've never been scared of heights until now!" she defended herself as she wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me close to her.

I kissed her lips softly before I wound my arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground, into a hug. I buried my nose into the side of her neck while she clung onto me and toyed with my hair with her other hand.

"I'm glad that you are here." Alice whispered as I relinquished my hold on her and set her back down on her feet.

"I'm glad that you finally came to your senses and accepted the note from Sophie" I grinned, hoping that she would see that I was being serious and joking at the same time.

"I should never have doubted you." She stated with a sob as she buried her face into my chest. I held her to me as she cried and then walked her over to the bed to sit.

"Shhhh" I chanted as I rubbed her back and smoothed her hair from her face.

Her sobs soon subsided, leaving her with red eyes and trails of tears over her face. I held her face in my hands gently as I leant forward to kiss away the tears. I kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her eye's, everywhere but her lips.

"Jasper…" she whispered with her eyes closed. I watched her as her eyes fluttered open and her gaze locked on mine. Her eyes showed her want and need which I was all too wiling to succumb to for now even though I knew that I would have to leave her unsatisfied and desperate for more. I grinned as I thought of the fact that she would just have to wait until our wedding night. I decided that if I was going to torture her for a while, I might as well do it thoroughly.

I pulled myself from her grasp before I stood up beside the bed and stared down at her. She squirmed under my intense gaze before I leant down and picked her up, only to lie her down in the middle of the bed. She gave me a quizzing look which I replied with a shrug, "It'll be more comfortable than sitting."

She silently smiled and gave a short nod which clearly showed her confusion before I lay down beside her, propped up on my elbow so I had the advantage of being able to look down at her beauty.

"What do we do now that we're comfortable?" Alice asked in a whisper as she stared up at me, a slight blush colouring her cheeks.

"Anything," I began with a kiss to her cheek. "You," I continued, kissing her forehead and then finished with, "Want." And kissing her other cheek.

"Alice…you forgot to say Alice…" she stated with a devilish smile on her lips as her eyes sparkled.

"Hmmmm…you're right, let's try it again…" I smirked before I repeated the same three words with the same actions and then added the word "Alice" and kissing her chastely on the lips.

"No…you did it wrong…" she grinned up at me as her hands reached around my neck and her fingers dipped into my hair.

My heart sped up at Alice's teasing but I decided to play along until we would both have to stop. I moved so I was laid on top of her, my forearms on either side of her holding the full pressure of my weight from her. Slowly, I lowered my lips to hers and began to kiss her. Her hands remained in my hair, tugging as I deepened the kiss, letting my tongue brush against hers whilst becoming intoxicated by her taste and feel.

I broke my lips from her hungry mouth in order to breathe but carried on kissing down the side of her neck. Beneath me I could hear her moaning whenever I would suck at her neck while unintentionally adding some more of my weight onto her as I lost my senses and gave into instinct of getting closer to her.

I raised my head and kissed her lips lightly before I stared into her eyes. The love emanating from them brought a lump to my throat which I tried to distract myself from by caressing her face gently. "I love you…" I whispered hoarsely as I smoothed her hair from her face.

"I know you do…I've always known you would." She whispered with a smile as she ran her hands from my shoulders to my chest. She grabbed two fistfuls of my shirt before she caught me off guard and tugged me down onto her and wrapped her arms around my torso.

The sensation of her opening her legs to rest on either side of me and running the pads of her feet over my legs drove my wild. "Alice…" I growled, knowing that she was pushing me to the brink even if she didn't know that she was doing it.

"Hmmmm?" she replied while biting her bottom lip, a picture of innocence as she continued to stroke my legs with hers.

"You need to stop that Alice…" I groaned as I buried my face in the crook of her neck and she tugged the bottom of my shirt from my trousers.

"No I don't…" she whispered seductively as her hands began to roam up my back, beneath my shirt.

"Yes you do." I responded before I contradicted myself and began to plant hungry, wet kisses along the side of her neck.

Her nimble hands made easy work of my shirt buttons and it soon lay forgotten on the floor beside the bed. "You're so beautiful…" she whispered as she ran her hands tentatively over my chest, following her hands with her eyes.

"You're the beautiful one love." I corrected her as I braced myself up once more on my forearms and stared down at her.

"You told me that I could do whatever I want…and I want to do this…" she whispered in my ear, making me freeze for a few moments from the significance of her words. I thawed from my shock the moment she caught my lobe in her mouth and sucked at it.

I soon captured her mouth with mine and kissed her deeply before I began to slowly inch one of my hands up her thigh, pushing her nightdress higher and higher.

Within moments, her nightdress was a heap on the floor and I was stood beside the bed, frantically tugging away my clothes.

Alice POV.

I could tell that I was blushing scarlet as I lay naked on the bed. Jasper had already reprimanded me for trying to cover up, so I remained still and distracted myself from the embarrassment as I watched him undress.

His shirt came off and showed off incredible muscles and a body that would surely be fitting for a god. The rest of his clothes soon followed, but when he went to take off the final part of his clothing, I caved and had to look away. I knew that I shouldn't be embarrassed, I was with the man I loved, but this was all new to me and I had no idea what to do.

I felt the bed tip as he got back on the bed and lay beside me. "Alice love…we don't have to…" Jasper whispered. I didn't look at him, but could feel his stare on me.

I contemplated whether I was truly comfortable with Jasper like this, and realised that I was, but that didn't stop the nervousness and anxiousness. All my insecurities however vanished after I noticed Jasper moving beside me. Seconds later, my mind was changed at the feel of his lips pressing against my stomach.

I looked down to see him lying on his side, propped up on his elbow as his other hand gently skirted over my stomach, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. After a few moments, he swooped his head down once more and kissed my stomach.

"Jasper…" I whispered his name as a plea. I didn't know if it was a plea for him to stop, or continue, but thankfully he moved back up and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

"Alice love…" He whispered before he ducked his head and kissed my neck, his hair tickling skin.

"Jasper…I want this, I want you" I whispered as I tentatively reached my hands out and ran them over his bare shoulders.

"I want you too." He grinned at me before he moved so he was practically hovering over me. I could feel enough of his weight, but not so much that it crushed me.

My arms ran down, over his sculpted back of their own accord while Jasper captured my lips in his and began to languidly kiss me. I returned his kisses while something in the back of my head told me to move my legs. I followed my instinct and managed to move them from under him, to twine them with his legs.

"Alice…" Jasper almost growled as he broke our kiss and rested his head on my shoulder. I blushed even more intensely as I now felt something warm and hard pressing against my stomach after my shift of position.

I remained silent, unsure of what to do but kiss him. I kissed his forehead and then managed to coax his head back up so I could kiss his lips once more. Some sort of tension seemed to be building between us so I thrust my tongue into Jasper's mouth and sought his to brush against mine. Our moans were lost to each other, and mine only intensified as Jasper broke his mouth from mine and stared at me while he held my breast in his hand and began to rub.

My breathing became laboured as Jasper moved lower down and captured my hardened nipple in his mouth. The shock of passion flashed through me and the intense feeling of his teasing mouth caused me to grab hold of his head and keep him there.

I could hear his groans matching my moans by the time I began to respond, moving my legs from around his, so they wrapped around his waist.

"Alice…" Jasper moaned against my neck while he continued to tease my breasts in his hands. I ran one of my feet down his leg slowly in response, hoping that he understood that I was too breathless to talk at the moment. "Are you ready?" he questioned my as he rested his forehead gently against mine, his eyes pooling with passion, desire and nervousness?

I nodded my head as much as I could while he still rested his head on mine before I kissed him, holding his perfect face in my hands. He broke from our tender kiss after a few moments and I moved my hands back to his tense shoulders. "This might hurt…it'll get better, but it might hurt…" he warned me with pain evident in his eyes.

"I don't care Jasper…as long as I'm with you…" I whispered, telling him the truth. What was a bit of pain? It couldn't be anywhere as bad as the pain of being away from Jasper.

He kissed my neck while one of his hands trailed slowly down my body. I expected him to stop at my breast, but he continued to inch his hand lower. When he passed my stomach I realised where his hand was going. "Jasper?" I gasped his name in shock as his hand inched lower. When his hand reached the apex of my thighs, I could do nothing else but moan his name.

Jasper brought his mouth back to mine at the same moment his fingers slipped into me. I gasped against his lips at the feeling, especially when his thumb began to rub the nub which seemed to send electric through my body, making me even more aware of Jasper's every touch. I continued to kiss him back while he matched the stroking of his tongue with the pace that he set his fingers.

I broke my mouth from his as I strained for breath, feeling as if something was building up in my nether regions. "Jasper…" I gasped out his name with got the undesired result of him removing his fingers from me. "Jasper…" I practically growled this time, highly annoyed by his actions.

"Shhh love…" he whispered as I felt something else at the entrance that Jasper's fingers had just left. He must have heard my gasp, because he suddenly caught my eyes with his. His eyes begged for me to tell him what to do, so I nodded my head and gave him a small smile of encouragement. "Relax…" he crooned into my ear as he pushed forward, his member sinking deeper into me.

"I am…" I replied with a gasp as he pushed forward a little deeper.

"Alice…you're not…I can tell…" Jasper mumbled against my neck, sounding slightly pained; before I felt him move slowly back out.

"No!" I almost yelled as I clamped my legs around him tighter.

"Relax then!" he ordered me before he set his head on my shoulder and inched back in.

I didn't answer him, but tried my best to relax. He was right, I wasn't completely relaxed because I was desperately trying to remember every detail of this moment and exactly how I felt.

The moment his tongue found my hardened nipple, all thought was lost from me and I simply moaned and gripped his shoulders tighter.

With one quick thrust Jasper planted himself fully in me. I couldn't help but let out a small squeak at the pain, but I was sure that it was more from shock at Jasper's sudden thrust.

"Alice…I'm sorry…you relaxed and I thou-"

I cut his worried babbling off by smiling at him and telling him, "I'm fine; it was more shock than anything…"

"I love you…" he whispered against my lips before he kissed me tenderly. I clenched my inner muscles to see how I felt, but only got a groan from Jasper. "Little sprite…" he gasped in my ear as I clenched once more.

Just as I was beginning to wonder if this was it, he began to move out of me. I was about to voice my protest before he thrust back in. My head fell back and my breathing hitched at the intense feeling. "More…" I gasped as Jasper went to draw back once again.

"Anything you want love…" Jasper mumbled against my neck, his smile evident in his voice.

He continued to thrust into me, and soon, I was pushing my hips up to meet his, thrust for thrust. The tension within me was building up in me to an almost overwhelming amount as I gasped for air and Jasper dropped his head to my shoulder and grunted with each thrust. "Alice…" he gasped just as I felt the tension becoming more heightened.

"Jasper, I'm getting closer, but I don't know what to…" I admitted to him as I clutched my arms around him tighter.

"Ohhh god…." He groaned before speeding up his thrusts. My back arched and I forgot to breathe as I felt all the built up tension explode, leaving each of my nerve endings buzzing. Jasper moaned my name as he got his release and then he slumped onto me, both of our bodies shining with sweat from our lovemaking.

I whimpered as I he pulled out of me moments later so he could lie on his back. I curled up into his side and rested my head against his chest, listening to his pounding heart. "I love you Jasper" I whispered as his arms wrapped around me and kept me tight to his side.

He didn't reply verbally but gave me a meaning glance and kissed the tip of my nose before he lay back down and steadied his breathing.

Jasper POV.

I lay in Alice's bed, her curled up to my side while the birds chirped outside and the light of morning filtered through the window. I guessed it to be around 4am in the morning, so I needed to get Alice away from here soon even though we had only had about three hours sleep. Our coach was scheduled for 6am and I was sure that the servants would be up at that time, if not before.

"Alice…" I broke the peaceful morning silence by whispering her name and rubbing my hands up and down her bare back.

"Mmmmm…" she responded, sounding slightly confused while looking utterly adorable with her eyes scrunched tightly shut and with a slight frown that marred her brow.

"We need to leave love…" I whispered in her ear before I began to detach her from me to slide out of the bed.

"Jasper?" she questioned as she hugged tighter to me, opened her eyes and locked them with mine. "Ohhh…" she gasped, dropping her eyes from me swiftly and blushing furiously.

"Come on, we need to leave." I told her. I didn't bother teasing her over her sudden embarrassment, we had our whole lives together where I could tease her, now was not the time.

I shocked her as I turned us so she was beneath me. I kissed her lips quickly before I slid out of the bed and began to pick up my abandoned clothes.

I looked over my shoulder after almost finishing getting dressed, expecting to see Alice still in bed wrapped in the blankets. Instead, I found her on the opposite side of the room, in front of her mirror, straightening her clothes. I pushed back a smile as I realised that she must have been eager for us to leave, women never usually got ready that quickly and so quietly.

Soon, Alice and I were ready and I held Alice's small bag which held two changes of clothes and a generous amount of money which she'd had stashed under her mattress. "You'll have to leave through the back door…I'll go out the window…" I told her, not being able to see any other way of us both making it out of here without being otherwise caught. The plan would have been different if Sophie had been about because she would have led Alice out of the house to meet me and I wouldn't have stayed the night with my angel. Even with this burden of scaling back down the trellis, I still preferred the way things went and was glad that we hadn't had Sophie around.

Within ten minutes, we were reunited at the forest beside the house. "Where are we going Jasper?" Alice questioned me as she latched her hand to mine and followed me through the trees.

"To a very good family. My sister Rosalie will help us and I'm sure she'll be happy to meet you." I told her which sparked her interest. As we continued walking to the point that we would meet our carriage, I told her about Rosalie, her husband Emmett and their pack of children and also of the rest of Emmett's family. Carlisle, Esme, Isabella and Edward.

I know, kind of a shitty ending, (except for the sexy Jasper part…) but there you go. The story kind of took its own course from Chapter3 and I got engrossed in the whole Geoffrey thing.

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