Quake 3 Fanfiction: Visor's Game Over

[This Fanfic is about one of the characters in Quake 3, Visor, and how he and a small group of other gladiators from the Arena Eternal attempt to break free.

Chapter One: Family Reunion

Crouching near a corner, charging my precious railgun, I heard a series of loud metallic clunks. That could only mean one thing.. Keel was on his way over here. I looked to my right and caught a glimpse of the large cyborg. I had him in my sights. "Heh, not today, buddy." I muttered, as the shot from my railgun blew him to pieces. That was the last frag. "Visor Wins." Boomed the loud voice over the Arena's intercom. I was suddenly teleported back to the Arena Eternal Battle Lobby.
I looked behind me and saw Keel. "Dangit, clone-head.. Couldn't you have let me win this once?" He chuckled. "Nah, I don't do that kinda thing." I replied. Keel said goodbye, and went to talk to someone else. Another figure came through the portal. It was my good friend Razor. "Whoa, dude! Awesome shot! Think you could teach me how to do that?" He bellowed, a wide grin on his face. "Some day, when you learn not to suck," I chuckled, "Then yeah. Maybe." We laughed. I sighed. "What's up, buddy?" Asked Razor. "You seem a little down." "I dunno, man.." I replied. "I guess.. I guess I'm just getting a little bored of this, y'know? Maybe I just need to take a break from the Arena Eternal"
Before Razor could say anything, Orbb rushed over. He was the messenger for the Vadrigar when he wasn't fighting. "This unit have very important message for you, Visor!" He yelled. He froze on the spot for a second, then played a recorded message. "Hello Visor.. It's us, your kind Arena Eternal overlords, the Vadrigar." Kind? Yeah, like I believe that. "We are sending you this message to remind you that nobody is allowed to leave the Arena Eternal, even for a temporary vacation." If I had any eyes, this would be the part where they'd roll. "Your next match is scheduled for half past ten tonight, where you will be facing Gorre at the Arena Gate. We wish you the best of luck." The message had finished, at which point Orbb sped off down the hall.
"Gorre again?!" I exclaimed. "Heh, looks like your li'l brother wants to kick your ass." Razor chuckled. "Correction, Razor.." Sneered a familiar voice. "I WILL kick his ass. Better not be late, bro. Match starts in ten.." I looked around me, but there was nobody there except Razor. "That is hella creepy how he does that.." I muttered under my breath. "Well, I better head off to the portal to the Arena Gate, wanna get a quick warmup in before I own Gorre in the face for about the millionth time.." I sighed. I said goodbye to Razor, and wandered off down the hallway, to the portal.
"Well, here it is.." I muttered solemnly, as I stepped in.
After ten minutes of beating down the random fighters still at the Arena Gate, the place suddenly darkened. I stood in the small courtyard, alone, clutching nothing more than a machinegun, when a flash of lightning struck. As this was happening, I noticed a silhouette of somebody standing under the central archway connecting the courtyard to the main building. I could tell straight away who it was, because of the dazzling flames on his gold armour. "Gorre." I growled. "So, you decided to show up? I thought you were gonna chicken out, after hearing what you said to Razor back in the Lobby.." Gorre chuckled. "And you failed to notice me? Either I am a true master of stealth, or you're losing your vision.." "Shut your hole." I snapped. "What I told Razor was supposed to be between him and I, not any business of yours. Why are you always snooping around anyway, you little fragmonkey?!" "Cool your jets, bro." Gorre said calmly. "We're a blood relation, aren't we? We can't keep secrets from each other. It's very rude to--" "I said shut your goddamn hole." I interjected sourly. "Let's get this fight over with so I can get back to my monotous life." Gorre was not phased as he took out his machinegun. "Very well then.. Let's do this, shall we"
"PREPARE TO FIGHT!" Blasted the Arena's Intercom, as it was about to start its countdown.
I respawned in the courtyard, the rocket launcher floating directly in front of me. As anybody else would, I immediately dove for it, and picked up some ammo from the corner of the yard. I slowly walked under the west archway, being extremely careful not to make a sound. I crouched by the far wall, and caught a glimpse of Gorre. The little weasel was camping in the corner of the hallway with the plasma gun! Making the assumption he hadn't noticed my presence, I slowly moved forward, still crouching. Unexpectedly, however, Gorre turned around sharply, yelling "AH HA!" and firing a few plasma cells my way. Thinking on my feet, I dived to the other side of the small entranceway and picked up the shotgun. My stealth tactics were no longer useful, since Gorre knew where I was.
But d'you know what? He's so predictable.
I knew from experience that once he knew where someone was, he'd take the direct approach and run after them. The moment I saw Gorre charge through the doorway, I blasted him a couple of times with the shotgun to stun him. He was dazed, and therefore didn't notice me switch to my rocket launcher and fire a round at him. By the time he was aware of what was going on, he was flying into the wall. He smashed into it, and collapsed onto the concrete floor. "Heh. Pathetic." I snidely commented, as I rushed into the main room of the building and grabbed the plasma gun. Gorre respawned just down the hallway. I could hear him yelling obscenities from a mile away. How unfortunate for him. I took advantage of the situation and shot five plasma cells at him. It did enough damage to completely sever his right arm. "GODDAMNIT!" He yelled at me. "Hasta la vista, punk." I muttered just loudly enough for him to hear, and blew his head off with the shotgun.
"3 FRAGS LEFT." Boomed the intercom.
I took a brief moment to stop and assess the situation.
But a brief moment was all Gorre needed.
While I wasn't paying attention, he spun me around, grabbed my throat and hoisted me into the air. "Put me down, stupid test-tube baby!" I yelled. Gorre growled. "I'm not taking that insult so lightly now. You think just because you were naturally born, and I was created in a tank of synthetic liquid, you're superior to me?" "Kid, I know I'm superior to you. There's no doubt about it." His grip on my throat tightened. "Now's my opportunity to settle the debate of nature versus technology once and for all. Say goodnight.." "Okay. Goodnight, kid." I said calmly, and kicked him in the groin. He cried out in pain and frustration and fell to his knees, releasing me. I swiftly took out my gauntlet, and with one swipe, chopped his head off. I took pleasure in watching it rolling across the floor.
Nothing happened nearby, so I could only assume he had spawned outside. I could bet he was cursing my name a thousand times over. He forgets, though, that if it wasn't for me, he wouldn't even exist.
Anyway, back to the fight. I hesitated a few minutes before leaving, not making the same mistake my "little brother" did and charge through the entryway. When I couldn't detect any movement, I slowly walked up to the entryway. I stopped when I saw the three archways, and looked left and right. No sign of him. I tensed, I could sense someone was behind me, but before I could turn around it was too late. "Test-tube baby THIS, ya freak of nature!" Suddenly, I blacked out.
I respawned in the building, feeling a little dizzy and lightheaded. "That little backstabbin' puke.." I growled. "Oh, his ass is MINE." I blacked out again, but I didn't collapse. The next thing I recall, I'm lying on my back in the Lobby, with a grinning Razor standing over me. "Whuh-- What happened?" I mumbled wearily. "Where's the kid..?" "You OWNED him, man!" Laughed Razor. "He took a back-shot at ya, you respawned, and went RAMPANT! You won the match, and even when you came out into the lobby you tried to kill him again! They had to sedate ya with Strogg tranquilisers!"
Well, the stupid jerk-ass did deserve it.. I bet he got the fright of his life!