Visor's Game Over

Chapter 3: The Beginning of the End

Half an hour had passed since our encounter with Gorre. I was standing outside Razor's cell, knocking on the door.

"Come on, Razor. I know you're upset about Keel, but we have to get going." I muttered. He'd been in the cell for the whole half-hour. "We can help put this sick project to a halt. We have to stop whatever the Vadrigar are doing, but we can only do it if you get your ass out here." I heard footsteps, and a click as the cell door was unlocked. Razor opened it.

"Fine." He muttered. "Let's go." He slammed the door shut, and we made our way towards the portal to the House of Pain. When we arrived, I had the strangest feeling that we were being watched. I heard a whoosh, and before I knew it, Gorre was in front of us.

"Good evening." He said to the two of us. "Follow me." Gorre walked towards one of the walls of the building and scaled it. I looked at Razor, and he looked at me. We nodded. We ran at the wall and leapt up onto the roof. "We're glad you could make it." Gorre said, though there was not much emotion in his voice. He turned to the others, who we could barely make out. "Come on out here and show yourselves." Gorre beckoned to them. Five people stepped out. Sarge, Ranger, Wrack, Mynx and Doom. "I'm sure you've all met before, so there'll be no need for introductions." Razor and I nodded, and the five others returned the gesture. "Now, on to business. We all know that there have been many disappearances over the past 24 hours." Gorre turned to Razor and I. "However, none of us know what's happened to those who have disappeared, or where they might be. I saw you two come out of a restricted area earlier this evening, perhaps you were investigating the whereabouts of your lost friend, Keel. Did you find out anything at all?" I nodded.

"What we have here is some kind of sick harvest started by the Vadrigar. When we were in that restricted area, we found that one of the new gladiators is a traitor, however I didn't get in a good look, so I couldn't tell which one it was." I gestured to Razor. "Did you see anything?"

Razor sighed. "No, I didn't get a clear view of that traitorous bastard either." He stepped forward. "However, we have reason to believe it was Khan. We know James well enough to know he'd never do something like this."

"BULLSHIT!" Yelled Sarge. "For all you know they could BOTH be traitors!" He pointed at Razor. "You're a Tier 5 gladiator, yes?" Razor nodded. "Then you should damn well KNOW better! You can't assume that one person is your ally and another is an enemy just because of your FUCKING personal preferences!" Razor almost lunged at him, but I held him back. Doom nodded.

"The Sarge has a point." He said grimly. "You cannot make the assumption that one of them did it just because you like his buddy better." He put a hand on Razor's shoulder. "It doesn't quite work that way, kid."

Razor slowly nodded. "I see your point." He murmured. "I'll say nothing more on the matter." He shoved his hands in his pockets and kept quiet.

"There's something I should mention." I said calmly. "As you all know, anyone who kisses Vadrigar ass is usually killed on the spot, yes?" Everyone nodded in agreement. "Well, my reason to believe that Khan's the one behind this is that he bows down to those assholes on a regular basis, and he's already in Tier 4." Sarge threw his cigar to the ground and stomped on it.

"Impossible!" He barked. "He has faced NOBODY in the Arena Eternal! Not even Crash! There's no friggin' way he's in Tier 4!" He changed his tone after I showed him the official Tier 4 roster. "Well I'll be! He really IS!" Sarge caught Razor smirking at him out of the corner of his eye. "What in hell are you smiling about, squib-bait?!" He yelled. Razor's smile faded. Ranger, who was looking at the floor for most of the time we were here, suddenly looked up.

"That is a good enough reason for me to believe." He said grimly. "What about the rest of ya?" We all agreed.

"I suggest we apprehend this frag-monkey A.S.A.P." Doom growled. "I say tomorrow night, when nobody's battling, Mynx and Wrack; you catch him in the battle lobby and hold him back. I, Visor, Razor and Gorre will take the lead; we know the location of this sick project of theirs, and we'll see if we can take it down. Visor, you may take James if you wish." I nodded. "Ranger, Sarge; I'll need you two to man the entrance. Make sure nobody, and I mean NOBODY enters. Is that understood?" The men saluted. "So it is agreed. We strike tomorrow. Meet me at the portal to this place at this time tomorrow. We'll stop the Vadrigar even if it kills us. Meeting adjourned." We all left the House of Pain.

The next morning I approached James, who was leaning against a wall on his own in the battle lobby, which at that time was empty. "James, can I speak to you for a moment?" The helmeted warrior nodded. "We've found out what's been causing the disappearances."

"Oh, really?" James inquired, eyes widened. "What would that be?" He muttered, narrowing his blazing red eyes again and folding his arms.

"Khan has been taking warriors with any cybronic parts..." I whispered. "And he's been bringing them to the Vadrigar to be killed and disassembled." James unfolded his arms and clenched a fist.

"I knew the bastard was up to something... He always was an ass-kisser, but I never expected him to actually be working for the Vadrigar!" He growled quietly. "When I find the asshole, I'm gonna—"

"You're not going to do anything to him yet." I interrupted. "You're going to help us first, on the front line. The parts Khan provided are being used to build something for the Vadrigar. We don't know what it is yet, but we're intent on finding and destroying it before it harms anyone else." James nodded. "We have to meet Doom in 4 hours at the House of Pain. Go there if you're willing to help." Orbb raced up to us.

"Visor! Your scheduled match with Stripe and Razor is about to start! Please proceed to the Grim Dungeons portal immediately!" He rushed off again.

"Well, I have to go. Please help us with this, we'll need all the inside help we can get." I said to James, and then ran off to the Grim Dungeons. Just four more hours to go...