Adventures in Solitude
(Re: Unexpected Situations)

"Whatamaheebly call it?"

She was confused.

Very confused.

Not that she wasn't used to be confused, you don't get far into the field of medical science before you find cases that are truly and simply bewildering, but this, this-

It was in a league of its own.

There was a small creak as her scarlet-eyed patient levered himself into a hunched, half-sitting position, composure otherwise perfect as he regarded her coolly from beneath sweat-dampened black locks; completely in spite of the fact he had just undergone life threatening surgery and was currently laying, covered only by a sheet and the bandages wrapped around his chest, prone in a hospital bed unable to move a foot. But that wasn't what confused her; that she could laugh away easily- wave away in two seconds flat, if pressed.

What baffled her was that battered, missing-a-gem-but-still-somehow-beautiful ring that was clutched in that worn, gloved hand.

She raised a delicate eyebrow, jade eyes slowly dragging themselves away from the loosened fingers that trapped the ring oh-so casually in their grasp; to the owner, who's impassive, if slightly glazed gaze immediately caught her own. Attempting to smother the odd choking noise that was worming up her throat, she swallowed, a slender -not shaking, she was proud to admit- finger raising and curling towards herself.

"For me?"

The proud black eyebrows furrowed, outstretched hand unmoving.

She'd take that as a yes, then.

Pushing off cautiously from the wall, (you could never be too careful with medication-pumped patients, after all) she slowly approached, sharp eyes noting how his hand quivered slightly despite his efforts as she carefully reached forward and extracted the ring from his fingers. Taking all care not to make any sudden movements, she withdrew her hand, the silver cold against her palm; a small smile gracing her features as he finally let his arm fall and slid back under the covers, eyelids flitting closed as he succumbed to exhaustion.

If this was his cracked-up way of showing thanks, she thought wryly, striding the remaining distance to the bed and tucking her friend almost affectionately under the covers, it was the very least she could do to boast being the only woman to ever receive a ring from the infamous brick that was Uchiha Sasuke.


xD The title is borrowed from the song 'Adventures in Solitude' by the New Pornographers which I was listening to when I wrote this. Wrote it a while back, actually. Wasn't going to post it - it has quite a few grammatical problems, as some of you may have noticed - but Eju pursuaded me. x3

I hope you liked it!