Chapter 4: Into the Fairies' Castle

Skulker had both Timmy and Cosmo right where he wanted them. As they were danging helplessly from the high-tech butterfly net from his suit, the ghostly bounty hunter raced away from Dimmsdale elementary school.

"Tell me godchild" said Skulker as he propped up Timmy toward his face, "where is the baby fairy you refer as Poof?"

"Oh, that's an easy one, I can answer that if I could only get out of this butterfly net" replied Cosmo as he answered it for Timmy.

"Fine, if it would get me to my target faster" said Skulker as he landed right on the roof of a building and threw Cosmo out of the butterfly net.

"Cosmo, don't do it!" cried Timmy to which Skulker was still holding Timmy by the neck.

Cosmo, likewise with his usual stupid manner teleported himself, Timmy and Skulker right into the castle that Cosmo and Wanda really lived in which was really inside the fish bowl.

"This is the place where you left your son Poof?" asked Skulker to which Cosmo began to nod his head up and down indicating to Skulker the location.

"Excellent" laughed Skulker as he then dropped Timmy on the floor, "now I Skulker, can retrieve the baby fairy known as Poof and return it to the rightful owner of the leadership of the Fairy Academy."

"Not so fast ghost hunter" said Wanda as she appeared right into the scene, right in the nick of time, "we have placed Poof in a secret room in our castle, and also topped it with the latest anti-ghost security system that any good godchild could wish it."

"Oh, you three think you are very clever into trying to trick Skulker into not taking in his target?" asked Skulker to which he then loaded another butterfly net trapping Cosmo, Wanda and also fired some rope from a bazooka-like weapon tying up Timmy, "We'll see how you three do well when you have no chance of saving your precious Poof from being apprehended by me, Skulker, Ghost Zone's greatest hunter!"

Skulker then raced off to go search for Poof inside the fairies' castle, not knowing what sort of anti-ghost high-tech security Wanda had recently dished out.

"Guys, we have to get out of here" said Timmy who was trying to untie himself.

"Sorry sport, we can't do a thing" replied Wanda, "our magic can't be used as long as we're trapped in this butterfly net that psycho ghost hunter placed us in."

"But you can't expect to wish up a anti-ghost security system for this insane ghost bounty hunter, he'll never stop trying to search for Poof" said Timmy.

"Oh, I think Wanda knows he will when he gets a load of what Poof has in store for him" laughed Cosmo.

Meanwhile, deep inside the castle, Skulker was using the silver wand that Jorgen von Strangle had given him earlier to search for Poof. But so far, Skulker couldn't find a trace of the baby fairy anywhere. Instead, Skulker first came across a room that had various laser guns attached to the walls and ceiling being fired at him. Skulker attempted to become invisible, but the lasers managed to detect him and caused quite some damage.

"These fairies are more cunning that I thought" said Skulker as he dusted himself off after delivering several blasts of his own advance weaponry against the defensive lasers, "what other sort of tricks do these fairies have?"

Suddenly Skulker then came across a sign that pointed to the direction of where the baby fairy Poof would be located.

"This is just too easy" laughed Skulker as he noticed the sign, "why on Earth would these fairies give the location of their child to me, to make my target an easy picking? Oh well, at least my client will be happy."

As Skulker began to follow the signs of where it was pointing to the baby fairy Poof's location, Skulker was getting quite frustrated as it seemed he was going in circles. Even the silver wand he was carrying didn't seem to detect any trace of magic whatsoever.

"This is madness!" cried Skulker as he came to the center of what seemed like a maze, "I feel as though I'm trapped in a maze of some sort. But for what purpose?"

Suddenly a large laser from above began to charge up to which Skulker looked right up and noticed the real purpose.

"Oh, I now see why" sighed Skulker to which the large laser then zapped Skulker.

After that mess, Skulker then dusted himself off and then screamed his head off in frustration.

"This castle is a nightmare, even for a infamous ghost hunter like me!" cried Skulker, "If I'm going to find that baby fairy known as Poof, I'm going to have to turn over this castle from the bottom up!"

Then with a fury, Skulker then turned on his jetpack and began to fly around the castle, firing his rockets at any security systems he encountered on the way. As he made his way from room, to room, he then used the silver wand to finally detect the location of where Poof was. As the ghost bounty hunter finally entered the room of where Poof was located, Poof was inside a playpen especially made for him. The only security there was a simple key lock to which Skulker then began to wonder why is Poof being made such an easy target?

"Hmm, I wonder" said Skulker to himself as he noticed the key lock on the playpen, "this is all that now stands in my way? With all the sort of crazy security systems that this castle has, I thought I would have a problem with apprehending this little fellow, but it looks like I don't."

Skulker then uses a small laser from his suit and fires off the lock of the playpen and grabs the fairy baby Poof. Poof then recognizes Skulker's silver wand and begins to clap for the silver wand.

"Oh, you like my silver wand, don't you?" asked Skulker to Poof, "Well kid, this wand is mine to keep."

Before Skulker's eyes, millions of silver wands identical to his began to fall from the ceiling, giving the chance for Poof to grab the silver wand Skulker was holding for himself.

"Let go of it child, give me back my wand, all I want from you is to head back to this Fairy Academy!" cried Skulker as he began to struggle with Poof whom had strangely had a strong grasp over the silver wand.

Skulker then grabs the silver wand away from Poof to which Poof began to start crying.

"Oh, that's really great" sighed Skulker as he noticed Poof crying but not noticing the many silver wands forming a large silver tyrannosaurus right behind him, "now I have to listen to this while I head back to my client."

Suddenly Skulker then heard a loud roar behind him, and as he turned around he noticed a silver tyrannosaurus right behind him made out of the many silver wands Poof had spawned.

"This could be bad" said Skulker.

Meanwhile, back where Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda were being held captive, Timmy had finally managed to untie himself and then free Cosmo and Wanda from the butterfly net.

"Come on, let's go get that ghostly bounty hunter!" shouted Timmy.

"Uh, I don't think we'll be needing to do that" replied Cosmo.

"Why?" asked Timmy.

"Because that's why" replied Wanda.

Suddenly Skulker came flying into the scene with a silver tyrannosaurus chasing right after him with Poof riding the tyrannosaurus laughing and giggling at Skulker's predicament.

"You two" said Skulker as he stopped right in front of Cosmo and Wanda, "get me out of here, it's not worth it to have this for being my newest target."

"You heard him, make it so" said Timmy as he winked to Cosmo and Wanda.

After that, Skulker was teleported right back to the tribunal which Jorgen had failed to apprehend Poof.

"Jorgen, since your ghostly friend here has failed to apprehend Poof, we're going to sentence you to the lowest job ever for the Fairy Academy" said the fairy judge sitting in the center.

"No, anything but that!" cried Jorgen.

"You'll be the head janitor of the Fairy Academy" laughed the fairy judge on the right, "good luck with your new job."

"Court adjourned" added the fairy judge on the left to which all three fairy judges vanished.

"You, this is all your fault!" cried Jorgen to Skulker.

"Hey, don't blame me, I had to deal with a baby fairy I couldn't even control" replied Skulker to which he began to head off from Fairy World, "well, good luck with your new career."

"This is quite embarrassing for me" sighed Jorgen as his military uniform was traded in for a janitor's uniform and began to mop the floor which the scene promptly ends.