Dr. Ikimono decided that it was best to move Sakon to a new room, instead of putting him in his old room or transporting him to the hospital. A call was made to the Kaoruko that something had happened to Sakon, and that she needed to come down to the hospital. She hurried over, and went to his old room, only to find police officers going through the room.

One of them handed her the bagged letter that Tomonori had left. She first read the front, frowning at her cousin's rather stupid behavior, then flipped it over.

To whom it may concern. I think that Dr. Frost is committing some sort of fraud. I think he thought that he had been found out by 'that' woman. I am going to take Ukon and try to get him to confess, as I found a tape recorder around the place. However, I also think that the doctor is planning on killing me tonight, as if it was an overdose. With the pills left in the bag, he might make it look like suicide.
– Sakon.

At that, Kaoruko's eyes had filled with tears, and she began to sob. One of the officers, who never saw her cry, was completely taken off guard by this, asked her what the matter was. She told them that she was upset that Sakon was dead, however was quickly apologized to and led to the correct room.

This was where she proceeded to hit Dr. Ikimono for not telling her and Zouo for having put Sakon into that situation. She then collapsed into a chair near Sakon's bed and eventually fell asleep. Which was why she was there when Sakon woke up in the morning, and the boy was rather more alert then she had seen him before.

Before she could say anything, Tomonori was led to the room, a bag of bubblegum in his hands. "When they said that the room had changed, I thought they had found Ukon and the baggy…"

"Ukon's over there," Sakon suddenly muttered, nodding his head a bit shakily towards where the puppet was sitting.

"If you can have him now, why aren't you using him?" Tomonori's confusion was pronounced.

Sakon held out his hands, which shook very badly. "Until I get these drugs out of my system enough that the shaking stops, I can't puppeteer."

"So, Dr. Frost changed his mind?" the man suddenly asked, sitting in one of the other chairs.

"Dr. Frost was arrested last night for the murder," Kaoruko suddenly commented, folding her leg across her knee. "If you hadn't snuck Ukon in with that plastic bag, Frost would have also killed Sakon last night."

"What…" Tomonori turned to look at the boy. "This is the second time."

"He was going to go and make me swallow the pills in the bag," Sakon stared at the foot of the bed. "You know what he said about that. That because I had held off on the two doses, it would have looked like suicide, and with the fact of father's family history, it probably wouldn't have been questioned."

"Umm… bubblegum?" Tomonori suddenly asked, causing Kaoruko to raise an eyebrow.

"Sakon's never been into that treat, though he will chew it now and again… but a whole bag?" Kaoruko shook her head. She was shocked though when Sakon suddenly started laughing. "Did I miss something? The two of you don't exactly get along…"

"Actually… I've always been the problem," Tomonori firmly stated.

"It's an inside joke Aunt Kaoruko," Sakon grinned at her.

"Would you like me to call over those two friends of yours?" the woman suddenly asked, then was shocked to find that Sakon's face suddenly turned dour.

"I guess," he mumbled out, then turned to the window and stared out. Kaoruko wasn't sure if she should call Zenkichi and Shiho, but then decided that it would do the boy some good. She would also have to call her father and sister with the good and the bad news. She hoped that the old man wouldn't want to kill her.

While the old man insisted on waiting until Sakon got out too see them, to spare her sister from hurt, Zenkichi and Shiho insisted on coming straight over. Sakon had been sitting with his aunt and cousin for awhile, not really talking. He then found Shiho hugging him tightly.

"Baka! Why didn't you let us know sooner!" the girl stated, then pulled back, only to find Sakon still unresponsive.

"I could have pulled some strings with the university newspaper staff, they could have found a way to get you out sooner," Zenkichi complained.

Shiho picked up Ukon and put her hand into him. "Why doesn't Sakon want to talk to us?"

"Uhh… sorry Shiho," Sakon found himself yet again showing his shaking hands. "I can really talk to Ukon for awhile."

Zenkichi scratched his head. "Man… that is a bummer. I wouldn't like not being able to use my camera." When Sakon glanced away, he put what he felt that the boy needed to hear. "Just because you ended up here, doesn't mean we think your crazy Sakon. And we know you weren't even supposed to be here."

"Yeah," the brown haired girl nodded her head. "And even if you were certified as a nutcase, we wouldn't stop being your friends."

"Arigotto you two," Sakon smiled at the two of them.

"Want some bubblegum?" Tomonori suddenly asked, holding out the bag and chewing on some.

Author's note – Sakon hasn't lost the ability to puppeteer, but there are some drugs that cause the body to temporarily lose function. Thought I'd end on a somewhat happy note. And I do have another mystery planned. This concludes the mystery case of the Black Rose. Hope you guys enjoyed. :)