Chapter 10: Everything Falls Together

It seemed quite grim for the Test kids, Dukey, Jimmy and Timmy to which Calamitous and the remaining villains had merged all of their mechs into one large mech to wipe the other mechs out.

"This would be a very bad situation?" asked Dukey who was in his own mech.

"I would have to say yes!" cried Susan as she along with Mary, Johnny and Jimmy dodged the large foot of the large mech which Calamitous and the remaining villains were controlling.

"This is quite fun!" laughed Mister Mittens who was at one of the chairs of the large mech inside.

"Yes" said Bling-Bling Boy to which he used the mech's claws and grabbed Susan, with her still inside her mech, "now Susan, I promise to have my friends here with me not to harm you as much as the others. So long as you would go out with me, once me and my fellow villains rule the world."

"How many times do I have to say, no!" replied Susan.

"Very well then, looks like you'll have to join you're friends in their demise!" laughed Bling-Bling Boy as he pressed a button to which threw Susan right at Mary, Susan, Dukey, Johnny and Jimmy crashing right into them.

"Turner, we could use a helping hand over here!" cried Jimmy as he was trying to get his mech up.

"Calamitous and the remaining Porkbelly villains are too powerful for us, not even Johnny X could stop them!" added Johnny.

"Well, I could wish for some help on this" said Timmy as he winked to Cosmo and Wanda who were still disguised as birds.

"Oh, why not let Poof do this one sport?" asked Wanda.

"Sir, whatever" replied Timmy.

Poof then giggled as he was disguised as a bird like his parents and suddenly all the mechs to which the Test kids, Dukey, Jimmy and Timmy's mechs all began to merge into one large mech. A mech that was even larger than the mech to which Calamitous was controlling.

"Er, this could be a problem for us" said Calamitous.

"I certainly didn't see that one coming" sighed Brain Freezer.

After the larger mech was formed thanks to the magic wish from Poof, the Test kids, along with Dukey, Jimmy and Timmy were teleported right to the main control room of the mech.

"Now this is quite fancy" said Johnny as he looked at all the shiny buttons on the control console.

"Come on" said Jimmy as he sat in one of the seats next to the control panel, "let's make Calamitous and those villains pay!"

"Alright!" cried everybody as they got to their stations.

The larger mech then raced toward the smaller mech and gave it a good punch sending it crashing right toward some large sky-scrapper buildings that were under construction. The buildings tumbled down to the ground as if they were mere dominos.

"They think they can bee so bigger than us?" asked the Bee Keeper as he pressed some buttons on the console next to him to get the mech up, "Well, perhaps this would teach them to make them bee nicer!"

The mech to which Calamitous and the remaining villains were controlling managed to recover from the attack. The mech then readied several rockets and sent them straight toward the larger mech.

"Missiles are heading this way!" cried Dukey.

"You can say that I wish for a shield for us" replied Timmy as he winked to Cosmo and Wanda who were still disguised as birds.

Suddenly a shield came out of nowhere around the mech to which the Test kids, Dukey, Jimmy and Timmy were controlling and were deflected right back at the mech to which Calamitous and the other villains were controlling.

"Oh, I really didn't see that coming" sighed Calamitous to which he then pressed the emergency eject button for everyone, "sorry, but I think it's time we should really leave!"

As Calamitous, along with the remaining villains parachuted out of the mech that was destroyed by its own missiles, Calamitous and the remaining villains thought they were be out scot free. Not knowing they were going to land right where Mr. Black, Mr. White and several soldiers were waiting for them.

"I told you I have a full proof plan of revenge" said Calamitous.

"Hello, our mech was destroyed!" cried Mister Mittens.

"Yes, but our escape plan is full proof!" laughed Calamitous.

"Uh, does that mean why we're landing right where a bunch of government officials are?" asked Bling-Bling Boy.

"Er, maybe I should have taken second thoughts on the escape plan" sighed Calamitous as they landed right where Mr. Black, Mr. White and several military soldiers were.

"You people are under arrest for damaging our military installation and creating rampage throughout the town of Porkbelly" said Mr. White as he handcuffed Calamitous.

"You, you people haven't heard the last of me!" cried Calamitous as he was being carried off to jail to which the mech which the Test kids, Dukey, Timmy and Jimmy were controlling opened up its hatch.

"Well, I must say I was wrong about you two new kids here in Porkbelly" said the General as he appeared on the scene to Jimmy and Timmy, "you two kids did a fine job of helping our locals apprehending our local villains and that trouble-making outsider Finbair Calamitous. Too bad beaver-tooth boy has to move back to his home town of Dimmsdale."

"I get to move back to Dimmsdale!" cried Timmy with such joy.

"Yes" said Timmy's mother as she was driving the car all packed up with Timmy's father at the shotgun seat, "and we're leaving immediately. This town has too many bad influences on our son."

"And we're sorry that you're leaving" said the General to Timmy's mother, "I have already taken the liberty of putting your son back where he belongs in elementary school in your original home town."

"Well, you heard the man Timmy, come down from that large mech" said Timmy's father, "because we're leaving here ASAP."

"You got it" said Timmy.

"And where the heck are you from?" asked Johnny.

"Er, I think that would have to wait for another day" replied Jimmy as he then signaled Goddard to come right into the scene, "uh, gotta blast!"

After Jimmy packed up his Instant House 4000, and left Porkbelly, Timmy was overjoyed to finally head back to Dimmsdale and his original home. As the car which his mother was driving heading back to Dimmsdale with a "Welcome Back to Dimmsdale" sign, things were just the same as they arrived. But things were not all the same in Porkbelly, as how Calamitous was thrown right into his prison cell, he swore that he was going to have the final say.

"In you go, you crazy!" laughed a soldier as he threw Calamitous right in his cell.

"You haven't heard the last of me, Professor Finbair Calamitous!" cried Calamitous as he shook his fists at the guards, "I'll get out of here, and when I do, I'll make you all pay for this!"

"Aw pipe down here and bee quiet!" cried the Bee Keeper in another cell down the hall, "I'm trying to get some sleep here. Being a hardcore villain is hard work."

The scene then fades with Calamitous having quite a frown on his face.