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Chapter One: Maybe not so alone

When I woke up today I knew it was going to be a hard day. My little dinky apartment below Caratas needed a makeover. The owner, Lorne, let me have it after he found me living on the streets. He claimed that someone like me shouldn't be on the street all the time. Meaning, a human with no obvious defenses shouldn't act like bait to demons. He didn't know I was….different. At least, not at first. I didn't come to live on the streets on purpose. I was…drawn to the city of angels.

About 2 years ago I suddenly woke up out of a very deep sleep only to feel excruciating pain run through my veins. It slowly died away, and I was left with strength I had never known before. A month went by and nothing happened. Then one night I was walking home from a babysitting job and was attacked. That in itself doesn't matter, but my attacker tired to bite me. I was thrown around a lot before I landed next to my backpack. I grabbed the nearest pointed object, which happened to be a pencil, and rammed it into his chest. If that was a surprise, the fact that he crumbled to dust floored me. A week after the accident I felt compulsions to leave Seattle and head south. As soon as I turned 18 I abandoned my life and came to LA.

My money soon ran out, I didn't have a job, and no one was willing to hire a high school dropout. I tried everything, but nothing worked. I me a woman who lived on the streets as well, and she had an 'apartment' in an abandoned cave system. She introduced herself, Elaine Bennett, and she had a proposition for me. She would let me stay with her, but I had to help clean up the apartment, and I had to guard it against anything coming in. We had a very good friendship, even with the compulsions that came back. They wanted me to walk around at night, and protect the innocent. When I told Elaine she thought I was mental but she knew that she couldn't win an argument with me.

We established a routine for us, in the day I would guard our cave and tidy up, but at night I would go 'patrolling' as Elaine put it. I mostly killed vamps, and when I realized I could save a whole lot of headache if I got them quickly I started sticking close to the cemeteries. Occasionally I would patrol the outside edges of LA, but after a group of vamps ambushed me I stuck to the grounds I knew. I save many innocents, but there was one I couldn't save, Elaine. She wasn't attacked by anything; it was her heart that got her. She had an enlarged heart and it just gave out.

I ended up wandering the streets, until I came across Lorne. He had been following me, but when I confronted him he told me that I could have the apartment under his club and I could waitress for him. In only a minute I had a place to live, a job, and a very good friend.


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