Sometime later

At this moment, Romana felt like killing the Doctor, as she was in such terrible pain. She felt like a monster was inside of her, trying to get out.

"I'll kick his ass in for you," Cassie offered.

"No thank you, I'll do that myself when this is done," Romana said.

"Are you sure? I can kick his ass right now."

"Get out of the room!"

"Yeah, I really want to go and see my sister nursing Jarrod…"


"Fine, I'm going. You don't need to tear my head off."


Leontyne had tried her best all this time to entirely ignore the Master. Even after he had started to allow her to leave her rooms, she would stay in them, preferring not to be near him. It had became difficult however because the Master had started checking on her several times a day.

Right now, her mind was on the most intense pain she'd ever felt. She was determined not to let the Master find out.

The Master walked into the room and stood by the doorway and watched her for several minutes. Leontyne did not move or make one sound, but somehow, he knew. "I'll be back when we get to Yulexia," he said.

God, she wanted to kill the bastard.

The Doctor's TARDIS

Romana was happy to have finally found relief. She hadn't even been aware that the Doctor had came into the room until it was over.

Now there was a newborn baby boy lying in her arms. She had never known that something so small could cause so much pain and then bring on complete joy. She looked at the Doctor, "what are we going to name him?"

"If we give him a Gallifreyan name, I can almost guarantee those two daughters of mine will change it…" he replied absently.

"Then we'll give him a human name."

Both sat thinking for several minutes before the door suddenly opened. Cassie and Elyse both stuck their heads in. "Ben!" both shouted. "Call him Ben!"

The Doctor looked at Romana.

"I think that will be fine," Romana said.


Leontyne had gone from being in intense pain to being groggy and feeling only a dull pain. Those aliens had to have done something to her.

It was a bit of a surprise when the grogginess and the pain suddenly vanished. Either her ears were deceiving her or she could hear a baby crying.

She opened her eyes, which she had been keeping shut. Instead of first looking for the baby, she looked around to make sure the Master wasn't in the room. Leontyne noticed him retreating from the room, arguing with an assistant in a very hushed tone. When he was out of the room, she then looked around for the source of the cries.

Cala held a pink haired newborn. "It is a female," she said. "It is your choice of whether or not you keep her. I have made that quite clear to the Master, though he certainly doesn't like it."

Leontyne looked at the baby in Cala's arms for several minutes before reaching out a finger to touch the baby's check. The baby girl looked at her with bright electric blue eyes. "Promise me that if he tries to stop me, you'll kill me and keep the baby here. I won't have him trying to control her life either."

"I cannot promise you that. I can assure you that the Master must obey Yulexian laws in this matter. He must abide by your choice or there will be consequences for him. If he does any harm, the law enforcement of Yulexia will hunt him until he is found and punished."

"I promised the Master I would stay with him, but I'm going to take her with me. I won't let him stop me from doing that. She must never know the whole truth about the Master. She mustn't know what he said all those months ago."

"I know what you are referring to and I understand. I will inform him of your decision. He will abide by your choice or there will be consequences." Cala put the baby into Leontyne's arms before leaving the room.

Leontyne named her baby Adeline.