Note: I do not own Utawarerumono or one of the characters

I chose the ending of the game, because here Eruru looked like someone had called her. It is different form the Anime, because there she just turns around and smile like she has seen a friend.

Eruru turned around. It was like someone had called her name. It sounded like Hakuoro. She looked down the street but there was nobody. Eruru turned back and thanked the old lady for the fruits. Then she went on her way home. She was not over him yet. Everytime when she thought about him she began to cry. Now it was the same.

After she had finished crying, Eruru saw that she was standing before her house. She wanted to enter her house as somebody opened the door and left the house. Eruru stand on the street and could not move one finger. The fruits fell out of her hands.

" I do not know how long I was away. I do not know how I came back. I do not know if you even want to see me after I have broken our promise.

But I know one thing. Every second wanted to see you and Aruru again."

Tears ran down at Eruru's cheeks. Was this real or just a dream. For Eruru it didn't matter. As fast as she could Eruru ran to him. She jumped in his arms and they almost fell down.

Eruru tried to dry her eyes in his clothes. With a broken voice she whispered:

"Thank god. Thank god..."

He hugged her.

"I'm back."

Slowely Eruru turned her head up. Their faces got closer and closer and they kissed softly.

At they end of the road Aruru, Mukkur and Kamyu became visible as they were running home the road. Aruru was the first one who had seen him.