Michael Liu

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. People celebrated on the streets each time the Guillotine's blade came down upon the head of an aristocrat. Wagons of tumbrels covered the streets everyday, and it seemed the thirst of 3rd estate never ended. Their careless drinking had nearly half the wine spilt on the streets, but no one cared.

Songs were sung all day to the beat of the Guillotine's blade. Yet with all the celebrating, there was mourning of the once powerful aristocrats locked in their prisons. It seemed both sides' previous status had become incognito like the wine. The rich were lame, and the meek had inherited everything.

In fact, nearly all the rich sat in a prison waiting to be called up.

Sydney Carton counted the number of times the wood sawyer was cutting as he sat in a prison with the other aristocrats. Some had not bathed in a week and it felt death was overshadowed by the stench of rotting prisoners waiting to die.

The door slowly opened, and a guard came forth, "Next group, get up, to the guillotine!"

Two dozen prisoners rose with heads sagging as if they had already died. There was a struggle for the front of the line as everyone gathered by the man. The guard counted heads to himself.

"And where is Evremonde? He must also come," declared the guard.

"I am right here." said Sydney as he stabbed the man's heart with his dagger which he had in his boots.

Blood spilt from the man's heart as he fell to the hard ground. With haste, Sydney took off the man's clothes so the blood would not spread and stain. He took off his own clothes, and put on the guard's.

"Everyone, come with me." said Sydney

As the aristocrats were summoned, Sydney took out his slingshot armed with stones which Dr. Manette gave him prior to saving Darnay. Sydney used to shoot down falcons with his old slingshot, and he felt very confident today.

"Please, everyone follow me outside, and wait until I tell you to come."

With steady aim, Sydney struck down all the guards around the prison.

"I need five people to come out and change their clothes." said Sydney to the prisoners with more urgency.

Sydney picked up more stones around the prison, and soon went out to strike down more people. He found some people asleep on the street, and with one quick blow, they slept some more.

"Here, everyone change their clothes, and we must leave the country before anyone finds them dead."

In a few minutes, the prisoners all changed and started to headed out of France. Sydney with his slingshot in hand had thought about Lucie and

Darnay together agian. He thought about Stryver, Dr. Manette, and his life before the Revolution. He soon realized he was not some meaningless man, but a man who had the perfect life. He had an incredible job, friends, money, and most importantly, he had found his true love in Lucie, and knew she loved him. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the man whom she loved, and his best friend. Sydney Carton had lived the best years of his life.