He liked St. Patrick's Cathedral. It really wasn't a good spot for monitoring for criminal activity, but it was fun to tear around the roof and pillars of this magnificent structure. With other buildings, Nightwing needed to exercise caution and restraint; the number of structural outcroppings and decorations that made for adequate hand or foot holds were minimal, and Dick needed to be sure to always hurl himself within reach of one. Using the decel line to avoid being splattered was for aerial amateurs like Bruce and Tim, not for the greatest human acrobat, though even he had to admit to mistakes being made and slips occurring...on rare occasions. Even barring mid air or rooftop combat, which are a separate category and not to be ashamed of, sometimes fatigue or injury levels had been underestimated, and from time to time Dick had missed his mount and found himself in a state of freefall, forcing him to admit a personal defeat and use the damn grapnel. The decel lines were for transportation, not to act as safety nets; Flying Graysons shouldn't need safety nets to do their jobs.

But with St. Patrick's Cathedral Dick could throw caution to the wind. There were enough pointy objects jutting from every surface of the structure that he could fling himself around like a monkey in a tree without any real fear of falling. Unfortunately, tonight's visit would be absent of flinging. He had broken up a gang fight, nothing he hadn't done dozens of times before, but in saving a gang member from a bullet, Nightwing had put himself in the path of said bullet and it glancing against his left shoulder had left a painful bruise. Nothing serious, but enough to drop him well below optimal performance level. Once the battle was effectively mopped up, Dick had decided to call it a night and started heading in, taking a moment to rest at the cathedral on his way to one of the safe houses Bruce had purchased; one of several equipped with a bed, shower and plenty of changes of clothing.

Of course, as soon as he sat down on the edge of the roof looking over the front of the vast structure he knew that he wouldn't be heading for bed quite so quickly. "Well, are you just going to stare at the back of my head all night, or are you going to sit down and talk?"

A moment of silence passed before a gruff voice emerged from the shadows behind Nightwing. "What makes you think I'm here to talk?"

"Oh give it a rest Jay." Nightwing chuckled. "You do know Donna is like a sister to me. Do you really think she'd go bouncing through dimensions with my resurrected little brother and not call me as soon as she got back? I know you still have plenty of issues to sort through, but your head's screwed back on enough not to come after me again."

Red Robin stepped out of the shadows and sat down next Nightwing, looking out over the city as well. "What else did Donna say about me?"

"That...that we should give you a chance at redemption."

Red Robin huffed. "Believe me, I'm not after redemption."

"I know." Nightwing replied, almost absently. "Women can exaggerate things. But I genuinely think you wouldn't be opposed to a truce, maybe even opening a line of communication or two. Or am I way off base?"

The right side of Jason's mouth twisted upward ever so slightly. "As much fun as kicking the snot out of you and Bruce have been, I guess I could take it easy on you guys for awhile. But that upstart little shit had better stay the hell away from me."

"I won't even lift a finger on your behalf if I think for a moment you pose any threat to Tim." Dick calmly, yet very assertively stated.

"Fine, I won't go after him, but he'd better give me a wide berth." Jason conceded. "Why are you defending the kid, anyway? Aren't you at least a little pissed about the shaft-job we got in terms of costumes compared to what he got. That thing's actually pretty cool."

The two former Robins shared a chuckle. "Your anger at that shaft-job is mis-directed. It was my design after all."

"Yeah, you must have been a weird friggin' kid." Jason smiled and looked at his adoptive brother, who had kept his eyes forward the entire time. "So, any chance of Bruce getting on board with this truce?"

Dick shrugged. "You're a murderer, Jason." Nightwing's head lowered before he continued. "But I'll make him accept it. If being murdered doesn't qualify as extenuating circumstances, then I guess nothing does." The older man smiled. "Well, I guess it's time for me to fully take this outfit of yours in." Nightwing twisted his head up and looked over Jason's costume, an unexplainable feeling of familiarity washing over him, one that he quickly dismissed. "Not bad. Lucky for you we called this truce though. You're going to need all of Bruce's high priced lawyers to fend off the copyright infringement suit Doc Midnight is going to bring against you."

"Up yours, Mini-bat." Dick snorted at the comment and gave Jason a playful elbow. The two vigilantes finally met each other's gaze. Jason looked away and shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry Dick. Sorry for killing while in your outfit. For attacking you. I was so...angry. So incredibly angry. I'm still angry, the rage ready to boil over. But none of it's directed at you. It never really was." Red Robin's shoulders slumped down. "I don't know why I came after you. I guess I could oppose them, but you...I always... well, I really wanted you to join me, to fight as my brother."

"We still can." Dick put his hand on Jason's shoulder, gave it a squeeze before starting to get to his feet. "Come on, there's a big couch at the safe house with your name on it. We'll catch some Z's and figure things out in the morning."

"You trust me?" Jason asked as he raised his lens-covered eyes to meet Nightwing's. "After everything I've done?"

Dick looked down at the still seated young man. "Stand up." Jason did as he was told. "Take off the mask." Again, Jason complied. Dick stared intently into Jason's eyes for several moments. "Yes, I trust you. But I'm easy, Bruce isn't. Now let's head home, I'm tired."

Jason smiled as he righted his cowl. "So what else did Donna say about me?"

Grayson only laughed as he leapt from the cathedral.