Strawberry and Cream


Why does this always happen? Amu overslept, again.

"Why didn´t you guys wake me up?", she asked her guardian charas.

"You said if we ever did that again you´d flush us down the toilette.", Ran explained.

"Oh god, oh god! If I´m late again I´ll miss tea time at royal garden...again."

"...and Tadase." Miki added as she saw Amu blush.

Luckly she made it on time to day, but she forgot all about the test they had today.


(After school)

Nadeshiko and Amu are on their way to the royal garden.

"How did it go on the test, Amu-chan?"

"...", Amu didn´t answer and she didn´t have to because Nadeshiko could tell right away that it went bad. Very bad.

Finally they arrived at the royal garden.

"Hi Hinamori-san.", Tadase said and doing that sparkling thing that he´s so good at. As always whenever he did that amu would feel her face burning up.

"H-hi Tadase-kun.", Amu said in a very shy voice. Nadeshiko couldn´t help but giggle as she watched Amu.

"Okey today we have to read these papers.", Tadase said ad handed out papers to everyone but Amu.

"Hey, why didn´t I get any?", Amu asked.

"I´ve told you the Joker is special you don´t have to do any of this boring work.", Kukai answered.

"It´s even more boring sitting and doing nothing.", she said and laid her head down on the table.


(End of the day)

"Bye-bye!", Yaya shouted.

"See you all tomorrow", Nadeshiko said.

"Ah wait, Hinamori-san can u stay? I want to talk to you about something.", Tadase said and his face was so red it looked like someone threw paint at him.

"Good luck, Amu-chan.", Nadeshiko whispered i Amus ear and then ran of with the others.

"What is it Tadase-kun?"

"Um...I have something to give u." Tadase was looking around in his bag and then he pulled out a little pink box. "But don´t open it until you get home,okey?"




Amu was siting on her bed and looking at the little pink box. She still hasn´t opened it.

"What do you think it is Amu-chan?", Su asked.

"Amu-chan do you think Tadase likes you?", Ran said.

Amu did´t answer any of the questions the guardian charas asked. She was to busy thinking what was in the box.

"Do you like him?" a voice said.

It sounded like it came from the window. Amu slowly went towards the window and looked out. "Looks like no one´s here", she said to herself. She turned around and went back to her bed.

"Amu-chan look!", Su shouted and pointing at the window.

"Ikuto?", Amu said.

He sat beside her and asked "Do you like the kiddy king?"

Amu blushed. "T-that´s none of y-your b-buissnes." She look over to him and he actually looked a bit sad. "What?"

Ikuto took the box away from Amu and opened it.

"Hey, give it back!", she shouted.

"Keep your voice down or you parents will hear us.", he said. From the box he pulled out a goldheart necklase. "This is just trash"

Amu grabbed the necklase away from him. "It´s not trash. This is great gift."

Ikuto leaned over to her. "I can do better.", he whispered in her ear. "See yah" and then he jumped out the window.


(After P.E.)

"You´re relly cool Amu-chan! You kicked the other teams ass!" a girl from class said.

"Yeah dodgeball is my game.", Amu said.

"Hey Amu-chan! What did you and Hitori-kun talk about yesterday?" Nadeshiko asked.

"Umm...he gave me this." Amu showed her the goldheart necklase.

"Wow, what are u gonna give him?"

"What do you mean?"

"It´s almost Valentine´s Day."

Amu had completly forgot about it. She knew that she had to give the prince something special.

"Any way Amu-chan, we have to hurry up and change if we don´t wanna be late for class."

"Yeah" Amu could feel her face burning up. "Valentine´s Day ,huh? Wonder what I should give to the prince?" Amu thought for her self.


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