Be My...?

Kingdom Hearts was shining brightly through the window. There was a glow in the room, almost like an after glow of some sorts. Perhaps the glow was that of love, for VIII and XIII had just had there first time together. The night passed without a sound and morning came all too quickly for Axel and Roxas. Axel looked down at Roxas's face and smiled. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, his face so serene and breathtaking. He was so beautiful, angel-like. Roxas's eyes fluttered open and his aqua-marine eyes bore into emerald green eyes.

Axel smiled, "Morning sleeping beauty."

Roxas smiled and laughed, "Morning to you too."

"Did you good?" Axel asked, his voice still a little groggy form just waking up.

Roxas laughed again, "Yeah, you did me good."

"What. Why are you laughing?" Axel asked, puzzled at why Roxas was suddenly laughing.

"Because you said, 'Did you good'." Roxas said, while laughing again.

"No, I didn't, I said...oh...I get it now, heh, so I did you good, huh." Axel stated.

"Yeah, you did, so what were you going to say instead of 'did you good'." Roxas said.

Axel looked down at Roxas, "Well, I thought I said 'did you sleep well', but apparently my mind was still a little foggy form sleep."

"Oh." was Roxas's reply.

"So did you?" Axel asked.

"Did I what?" Roxas asked oh-so innocently.

"Sleep well." Axel said.

Roxas smiled, "Yeah, best nights sleep I've had." Roxas said as sunggled down into the blankets.

Axel smiled back and kissed Roxas's forehead, "Good, 'cause I did too."

Conversation was over, they both know it. Axel and Roxas laid back down, willing sleep to washover them again. Just when sleep was just about to take over Axel, Roxas suddenly asked, "Did you know that when a penguin has found its mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?"

Axel blinked, looked at Roxas, and then put his best puppy dog face on, "Be my penguin?" He asked.

Roxas laughed, "Of course I'll be your penguin," he smiled, "As long as you'll be mine."

Axel smiled brightly and hugged Roxas tightly and said, "I'll always be your penguin. Got it memorized?"

Roxas smiled. He put his hand on Axel's cheeks and pulled his face down to his and brushed his lips against Axel's. He pulled back and leaned his forehead against Axel's forehead and whispered,"Yeah, I got it memorized."

Axel smiled. They laid back down, Roxas had his head on Axel's chest, arms folded around Axel's neck. Axel had his arms around Roxas's waist. There legs tangled together in perfect unison. Axel put his mouth next to Roxas's ear and whispered, "I love you, my penguin." Roxas smiled and whispered back, "I love you too, my penguin." This time as they settled down to sleep, they knew that conversation was really over.

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A/N: This story was based on picture I found that has Pon and Zi on it and I was like 'Hey I can totally see Axel saying 'be my penguin' and then wola this story was born. And talk about cute and fluffy. But that's ok I liked it. And this is probably the last time you'll here from me for a while because I'll be in pain from Cy beaten me 'cause I stole her spork. So I hope you enjoyed and see ya!

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