Title : How It Started

Disclaimer : Me no own, You no sue. The only thing I own is the timeline for this story.

Warning : None

Note : Here's the second chapter I didn't think I would post. Takes place before the previous chapter.


"Too dangerous," she hears other Hunters whisper over the rim of their drinks, glancing at each other and then at the Winchester brothers as they walk by, plotting eyes trailing the brothers' journey through the bar.

She wonders if any of them will actually stand up to the brothers, challenge their right to be Hunters, to even be alive.

Sam's secret is going around in soft whispers and quick intakes of breath. The danger of the younger Winchester made known.

"Someone's bound to do something stupid; real soon," Ash tells Ellen one night. "Someone's gonna get it in their head that since they're so young, they're not so deadly, and then they're gonna get themselves killed."

"Who's gonna get killed?" Ellen asks absentmindedly. "The Winchesters or the Someone?"

Ash smiles, glances at Ellen, "The Someone. No doubt about it."

"What makes you think the Winchesters'll kill anyone?" Ellen's voice is soft.

Maybe not at first," Ash shrugs his shoulder, his nonchalance about the matter frightening Ellen. "But who knows, if those Hunters keep coming one right after the other, the brothers might snap. They'll break and, one day, the barrels will be aimed just a little too high."

Ellen nods; she knows that those boys are wound tight.

When the news came around that Stiggy, a Hunter who had gone after the brothers, was still missing after a week, it was really no surprise to Ellen.

"Told you," Ash just shakes his head.