(5 Years later) Emma walked around her new home she shared with her husband of 2 years. Randy and Emma married in their junior year of college. Six months after graduation they welcomed Selina Maria Taylor. She would be a year in a few weeks. Brad and Angela have only been married a year.

Their first born is due in a month. They couldn't be more excited. Mark and Jamie became engaged two months ago and getting married in only a month. Jamie had the wedding planned months before the youngest Taylor pop the question.

Hey sweetie says Randy as he walks in. Hey says Emma. How you feeling asks Randy? Better I guess says Emma as she picks up their daughter. The phone rang. Randy picked it up. Hello he says. This is her husband can I take a message she is busy right now says Randy. Wow thank you says Randy as he 

hangs up. Who was that asks Emma? Your doctor says Randy as he puts the phone down. What's wrong with me asks Emma? Nothing your perfectly healthy and pregnant he says. Were having another baby asks Emma? Yea says Randy as he hugs his wife and then kisses his daughter's head. They went to call their family.

(1 month later) Emma and Randy were at the hospital. Angela went into labor an hour ago. Emma couldn't help but excited for her friends well her family. Brad came out. What she have asks Jill? We had twins a boy and a girl says Brad. Congrats says Emma as they hug him. Come and see them he replies.

The family went in to see the newest additions to the family. What are the names did you decide asks the nurse? Well our daughter is Samantha Jane Taylor and our son is Kyle James Taylor say Angela. The family smiled.

(8 months later) Emma walked around Mark's house.

She all of sudden felt a pain in her stomach. She dropped the glass that was in her hand. Randy heard the glass and raced in as did the other two. Are you okay asks Randy? Hospital now she says. Alright says Randy as he helps her to the car. They reached the hospital in record time. Brad called the rest of the family. Soon enough everyone was there.

Jamie and Mark smiled at each other. They were so in love.

Randy walked out. Well asks Angela? A little boy says Randy. His brothers hugged him. We are so proud of you says the boys. I'm proud of you guys says Randy as he pulls away. Daddy says Selina. Yes baby asks Randy? Can I see mommy asks Selina? Sure come on we have to name your little brother says Randy. The two walked into Emma's room.

The family of four sat down. How about Jake Williams says Randy. What do you think Selina asks Emma as she looks at her daughter ? I like it mommy she says which isn't really audible when she says it. Jake William Taylor welcome to the family says Emma as she looks at her newborn son. The family had come and gone. This family was forever.

(Emma's POV) Life was perfect or at least close to it.

Mark and Jamie welcomed their first daughter Lynn Cynthia a year after the marriage had begun.

Randy and Brad became dad's for a third time two years after. Both getting little girl. Our youngest was Hilary Jillian Taylor and Brad's is Emma Lillian Taylor. Life had come along way. Our family is complete for now and for now we love our lives. (End POV)