Crossover story Inuyasha YYH

Pairing: kagome/hiei..

Date: Friday 14 Dec. 2007

Story:.Stay in the future, not in the past

Chapter 1:

Written by: Lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl aka:Girlmar or Mary-am

Kagome stood there shaking.. she was exhausted and the horrors of the last hours repeated in her mind..

'Inuyasha.. he.. he..' tears came in her eyes at the memory's and a strong pain clutched her heart.

She looked at the sky.. and asked the question she was asking herself the whole time..

"Inuyasha why did you do it?"


The jewel was finally completed and the battle with Naraku was done.. Kagome clutched the jewel in her hands holding it by her heart, a silent tear escaped her eyes, finally after one and a half year searching the jewel was complete

Naraku was dead and she was happy.. truly happy., for herself.. because she finally made the jewel one again after she broke it, for Miroku who's wind tunnel finally disappeared before it would suck him in it, for Sango who finally avenging her clan's death, and mostly for Inuyasha… she really did love him… and that he finally could do what he always wanted to do.. make the wish..

"Inuyasha" Kagome said turning to him who stood behind her.

"Kagome I-"

"Here.." she shoved the jewel to him and saw how he not understanding what was going on looked at her.

"You can make you're wish now.. you can become what you want" she said with a soft smile.

"Kagome I need to-"

"Indeed he can.." a soft voice replied.

They turned around to look in the face of Kikyou..

"Inuyasha" Kikyou whispered as she came closer to them..


Kikyou turned to Kagome who was the only one standing In their neighborhood.

"Can I talk to Inuyasha in private" she asked.

Kagome fell how her heart dropped.. she forgot.. Inuyasha loved Kikyou.. and stood up walking In the direction of Kaede's village, but was quickly stopped by the voice of Kikyou what made her turn around to look at the couple.

"I'm so happy.. you can finally become a human and we can be together forever.. the only thing you have to do.." Kikyou's soft voice said for the first time full emotions and she touched his cheek…

Kagome looked hurt to the ground, slowly taking a step back..

"Kikyou..i- "

"To get my soul back.. and we can be together forever.."

Kagome looked shocked at Kikyou was she suggesting to kill her? Again she stepped backwards this time a branch cracked, making both Inuyasha and Kikyou look at her..

Kikyou smirked evilly "well do we have listeners here.. sneaky soul stealing listener.."

Inuyasha stood there frozen looking at Kikyou and Kagome..

"I finish this.." Kikyou said raising her bow and arrow pointing it to Kagome.

"NO!" a gruff voice sounded.

And both Kagome and Kikyou turned to look at Inuyasha surprised.

"I- I can't! Kikyou.. I can't turn human or kill Kagome I can't"

"And why is that? Inuyasha?" Kikyou asked coldly and treatingly.

"Be- because i- dammit because I love Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted.

Both of the girls looked at Inuyasha shocked.



That were the words Kagome only dreamed of hearing.. but she wasn't the only one who didn't expect them coming.

"YOU WITCH! You've cast a spell over Inuyasha!" Kikyou spat glaring at Kagome all the air around her started to darker.

"DIE! REINCARNATION!" Kikyou shouted as she fired her black arrow at her.

Kagome closed her eyes waiting for the arrow to come.. waiting for the end of her life.

But nothing happened and Kagome opened her eyes, to see… Inuyasha lying in front of her with the arrow in his chest..

"Inuyasha?" Kagome knelt down..

Inuyasha opened his eyes with a look full passion looked at her.

"Ka-ka – gome" Inuyasha said.

Kagome put her hands on his chest, where the arrow was and a soft pink shine came from her hands.. trying to heal what couldn't be healed.

"ss-stop it's useless" Inuyasha whispered again.

"no Inuyasha! You can't- you can't just give up! I save you! I will!" Kagome cried with tears in her eyes.

Then an idea hit her..

"Inuyasha the jewel! Wish to be a full demon! You're wounds would be healed and and-" she shouted at him.

Inuyasha looked at her "i-I can't, no wish can be made if I don't truly wish for it.."

"Inuyasha you always wanted to be-"

"A full demo-n? Yea that was in the past.. before I met you kag-ome"


Inuyasha gave her a soft smile "I – love y-a ka-g…ome"

And with those as his last words he died.. making a wish with the jewel in thoughts.

'Let the Jewel be hers again.. and only make a wish that is wise enough and she truly want..'

Kagome cried not even feeling how the wind brushed her hair.. and not even hearing what the wind whispered in her ear.

'Kagome.. don't be afraid.. you're not alone.. you're never will be..'



Kagome cried.. why did Inuyasha do it.. why couldn't he just betray her? She truly wouldn't mind.. she cared for him.. even it would be to death.. even if he killed her, she would understand it.. that it was because he cared about Kikyou..

Why was it that he cared about her? Why did he told her only In the end.. to make her suffer even more? She knew that wasn't the reason.. she had to be happy.. to know he did care for her.. but in the end it didn't matter... he was gone.. her love was dead..

She collapsed on the grass, and fainted..



"Is Lady Kagome alright?"

"I hope so.. Kagome please be alright.."


SLAP! "Don't you dare to touch her Miroku!"


"Why would I touch her if I can touch a even more beautiful woman"


Slowly Kagome opened her eyes.

To see that she was inside Kaede's hut, and Shippo sitting next to her looking at the others amused.. and Miroku being slapped by a red faced Sango..

"Ouch" Kagome moaned rubbing her head having a major headache.

Everyone turned around to look at her.

"Kagome" "OKAA-SAN" "Lady Kagome."

Kagome looked at the ground… remembering what happened.

"Inuyasha.." she whispered.

She fell how tears came into her eyes.. he was gone.. and it was all her fault.. if she was stronger.. he wouldn't have to save her.. if she was stronger.. she could've healed him.

The others looked worried to her.. they didn't know what happened but they did know that Inuyasha died, they had seen his body.. and knew how hard it had to be for Kagome..

"Kagome.. It might be a good idea to go home.. for a little while" Sango said softly..

Kagome looked up to the face of her best friend.. she didn't want to go home.. the well remembered her of Inuyasha, but she was to exhausted to argue.

"You might be right.. Sango.. can you please look after Shippo for me?" Kagome asked.

"Of coarse.."

And slowly she stood up..

…(time skip switching places)…

Another place

An known group walked up the shrine steps.

"Why are we here again?" asked Kuwubara stupidly.

Yusuke stomped him on his head "Where here to visit my aunt kuwabaka"

Kuwubara rubbed over his head and than turned to Yusuke "what did you call me Urameshi!"

Yusuke just ignored his "If we didn't had this stupid mission I could stay here for a while but noo.. that damn toddler!"

Kurama just sighed he listened how his friends we're… doing stuff, Yusuke was grumbling about his summer being ruined by Koenma, Hiei was silent as always, and Kuwubara was trying to count the many steps..starting with one to 6 and then he started to forget with how much he was and tried it all over again.

Kurama just shook his head smiling.. how stupid the one might be, or how violent the other, they all we're friends, his friends and they were also Hiei's friends even if he didn't want to admit that.-

Hn. Don't include me with those baka's

Why not you could obvious fit between them.. the stupid..the violent and the silent.. wow they would have to make a movie about that.

Shut up fox.

What is it Hiei do you finally realize what a great idea that would be you-

Youko that's enough, stop trying to embarrass Hiei


They finally reached the end of the stairs.. and saw a shrine.. Kurama looked nervous around.. a shrine.. there are people who can see and smell demons.. the people who were like that could be demon hunters.. in the past shrines were owned by some demon hunters.. could it be there were hunters here too?

Hiei caught his eyes and in reply snorted.. making clear he didn't believe those facts..

Yusuke was walking in front of the rest and knocked on the door.

Who was opened by a slight older woman.

Immediately when she saw Yusuke her eyes brightened and she hugged him..

"YUSU-CHAN" She cried happily..

Kuwubara started to laugh, Kurama smiled a little and even Hiei couldn't help but smirk.

Yusu-chan? That's hilarious! Who would ever think one of the most feared men would be called Yusu-chan WHaHAHa! Finally a name that will fit him well, I can't wait to tell this to..

I Admit I never would've thought he would get such a nick name.. I would've thought Keiko would come up with such a thing but I think she's beaten in that one..


Yusuke's face became red from embarrassment "It's Yusuke.. I'm no little girl you know aunty" he said slight annoyed.

His aunt still smiled brightly at him "You always stay my little Yusu-chan!" When Mrs. Higurashi spoke those words she seemed to notice the others standing behind her Yusu-chan.

"And who would these young men be?" she asked smiling.

"These are my baka friends.. Kuwubara, Kurama and Hiei" Yusuke mumbled.

"How silly of me.. I'm Kun Loon Higurashi.. (a/N: Thanks for telling me her mothers name SilentCritic!) but you can call me just Kun Loon!" she said.

"Come In.. come in it must be cold outside..

Slowly everybody walked inside.. to sit down in the living room.

"Kagome is going to be so excited if she sees you" Mrs. Higurashi chimed happily, when she realized what she said she froze.

"Now you're talking about her.. where is Kagome Aunty?" Yusuke asked looking around.

"I um- she isn't here she is.. Jii-San!" Fast she walked up to the kitchen trying to search for our wonderful poor excuses genius Jii-san.

"I SMELL DEMONS!" It sounded as Jii-san walking into the living room.

The gang froze (except Yusuke who didn't believe Jii-san would finally sense demons) looking at Jii-san.. did he really sensed them?

Jii-san looked suspicious at everyone of them and then took a hold of a paper which he sticked onto Kuwubara's head.. "DISAPEAR DEMON!"

Kuwabara looked at the note "WHAT?! I'm not a demon these LOzErs ar-"

Fast Kurama covered his mouth before he could talk more "Are truly interested in you're choice of Kuwabara being a demon" Kurama said politely.

Yusuke looked kind of bored to Jii-san "Where is Kagome jii?"

"Kagome? She is sick! she had allergic reaction to.. jokes! (A/N: sorry I couldn't really find a good excuse so umm I think this one is truly stupid so well uhum) ahoho" Jii-san said with a nervous laugh.

Mrs Higurashi then stepped into the room..

"There you are Jii-san.."

"Then where is she?" Yusuke asked him.

"She is at a-"

On that moment a door opened, and Kagome stood there in her uniform half ripped, her black hair messy and her eyes dull, and looking at everyone without really seeing them and her energy was totally drained..

"Mom I'm tired, I'm going to sleep" she spoke as she walked upstairs.

Mrs. Higurashi and Jii-san looked at her surprised, worry written all over them..

"She is home early.. isn't she Jii-san?" Mrs. Higurashi asked, forgetting the crowd behind them that watched carefully how the girl disappeared into her room.

You didn't have to be an expert to see the expression of the girl what was totally broken..


Ano.. I think this is it for now.. this is the first time I made a crossover so.. surprise surprise!

For the part that I didn't make Inuyasha bad.. well I couldn't make him bad cuz I kind of like him.. and making him walk of with Kikyou would make me barf so I had to.. make it something else..

Well hope you R&R&E (enjoyed)