Crossover story Inuyasha YYH

Pairing: kagome/hiei..

Story:Stay in the future, not in the past

Chapter 4

Written by: Lovingo0Kawaii0oGirl aka:Girlmar or Mary-am

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Little rewind:

I nodded my head "Yea you're rig-" tik tik "HEY! DON'T CALL ME THAT! Bastard.." I mumbled. I knew I shouldn't have brought them with me to my aunts house.. they will never let this one go!

Kuwabara laughed loudly, Hiei smirked and Kurama looked half embarrassed half teasing for his choice of words. The atmosphere had changed by this small comment and I was thankful for that.

"Alright lets start on this mission.. tracking down someone who has a device with what he travels through time."

Normal pov.

Exactly three weeks had passed, Yusuke was most of the time busy with his mission but did came by as often as he could, he slept inside a special apartment with the others in the neighbourhood.

Kagome had been the same for days, the last weeks but that would change soon.

Kagome pov.

I woke up and looked around me, someway everything looked different.. the dark fog from the past weeks seemed to have disappeared a bit. And finally I could see everything a bit more clearer.

My heart was still heavy, but at the same time a bit lighter. I think the pain I feel will never disappear but I knew that I couldn't give up on life. I owed that to my family, Shippou .. and Inuyasha.

'Inuyasha..' I wondered 'will I ever see you again?'

I walked downstairs into the kitchen. I greeted my mom and little brother who were sitting by the table.

My mother smiled before saying "How do you feel today? Kagome?"

I gave her a tiny smile back "ah good I think."

Silently I ate together with them. When I was finished I excused myself off the table and said that I would go get some fresh air.

-- (short normal pov.)

"Okaa-san?" Souta asked hesitantly seeing the tears in Kun-Loons eyes.

Kun-Loon whipped the tears away and showed a little smile to her beloved son "It's nothing.. I'm just happy she seems to be alive again.. I can only hope she will heal with time.."

Souta looked sadly at his mother "Okaa-san.."

(kagome pov.)

I felt how the air brushed my face and I closed my eyes for a moment. Just for a few seconds I felt total peace and happiness again but when I opened my eyes it had disappeared again.

Subconsciously I had walked to the goshinboku tree. I knelt down and softly touched the bark of the tree. Just sitting here, touching the bark of the tree. Made me realize everything that happened in the feudal era.

'Inuyasha has died to protect me and what was I doing here? Feeling sorry for myself?!' I clenched my hands into fists. 'No Inuyasha gave me the gift to live on.. I should use it to become stronger.. I should.. I will become stronger to protect the ones around me!'

I stood up and walked deeper into the small forest on our grounds. Lightly I tried to focus some miko energy in my hands.

It didn't seem to work immediately, the lack of practice and the focus seemed to be lost a few times before I could feel the miko energy flow trough my hands.

I started to run to a nearby tree and let my fist flew to the tree before even my hand could touch the tree my miko energy purified a large amount of the tree.

I looked at it in shock, I hadn't expected it to work, I looked at the tree more likely the remaining parts of it.

My hand suddenly felt really heavy and I felt a strong pain. 'I'm not ready.. not yet..' I thought.

'I have to train more..' I thought.

My miko senses were suddenly alert. Some strong spirits were coming this way too fast to be ordinary people. I knew that it would be too late to start running home but still it wasn´t too late to at least try it. I started to run as fast as I could. While I did this I masked my aura as good as was possible. A trick I had learned from Miroku and Inuyasha in the past.

It was mend to hide my scent for demons. If I was hided well I was practically invisible. Quite handy when I got angry at Inuyasha and didn´t want him to find him.. that didn´t happen so often.. most of the time when I got angry I just sat him. But there were times I really needed to be alone. I loved him so much but sometimes his mouth said things before he thought about it. He didn´t mean it all bad and it were all his character traits that made me love him but still they could be hurtful.

Finally I got home. 'I made it' I thought happily.

But even do I was happy that I got away I still couldn´t help but cast curious glances into the forest.

'Such a strong energy's… where did they come from? How is it possible that people from this era have such an high spirit levels..'

Fast I went into my own room which had a full view of the forest. 'Who would it be? Maybe someone of the past.. or some bad demons who escaped the from the well.. or even demons of this era.' I laughed at the thought of that. I had searched for demons in this time a long time ago. I even tried some old ancient books for questioning but it didn't help.

'And maybe they weren't any demons but just ordinary humans who had an high spirit level. Like me' I thought.

But my curiosity couldn't be controlled for very long. Next to that I had to think about my family.. I did need to protect them if there were demons. Without my identity as the old guardian of the shikon no tama.

The only question was how?

I glanced into my room.. was there anything I could use? My eyes swept from my closet to my dark curtains. A slow smile crossed my face.

I began my search inside the closet. I didn't have much time. Just a black shirt, scarf and a black pants was the only thing I could find in so little time.

I was uncertain about the fact that my eyes were visible. Eyes are one of the most unique things about a person. So I grabbed some old sunglasses which were black with .. well pink. Don't ask from where I got those I don't even know myself.

My eyes turned to the window. No time to waste.


Answering questions:

kikyou going to come through the well or I she going to have 'lived' through the last few centuries?

Well to be truthful I don't really know what to tell yet.. I don't want to spoil the story but I can tell you this she isn't going to live through the century's.. she is evil (in my eyes) but human so she can't live that long.. But there also are different ways for her and Kagome to meet again.. well see when that happens

Is kagome going to be able to go back in time or did the well seal when she came back and she doesn't know it yet?

Eh.. I think the well hasn't closed yet.. hm she sure must take a look if it's still open or not.. (you must think right now that's the lamest answer there is right? Well to be truthful I think you're right - - ')

that game sounds very similar to kagome's group, was it made by an older shippou/sesshomaru/kouga/other youkai who kagome knows?

Finally a question I can answer… a little bit I think.. The story of Kagome happened in the past I think it's in that alternative universe a sort of 'legend' as people would put it.. The ones who would know history's books well enough heard a bit about this legend (do have in mind that this story is purely fictive.. I think you won't find it for real inside history books!) and some people would think it's a fairytale.. because it's base on the legend and the game isn't as real as it should've been (The Inuyasha character being a real inu-hanyou for example) it is or a purely fictive game which is based on 'wild fantasy' or someone has just made the game knowing little facts about the legend but not knowing it fully.. you may pick..! I'll tell you a little secret: the game is going to come back in the story.. a little at least.

when will Yusuke learn that Kagome travelled to the past?

Ah that's a secret I can't tell yet! But don't worry Yusuke and the gang will learn her secret sooner or later!

Alright this was again a chapter a short one I know but after again not updating for a year I thought I have to show that this story isn't dead.. I will continue it! even if it takes me 10 years!! Gomenasai another year had passed. But this chapter will be continued in.. about 2 months time I hope!

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