That One Special Someone

A Work of Fiction by shuuxharuka

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Chapter 1: A Wish Upon a Star;;

"Drew dear, you really need to hurry up and choose a bride!" exclaimed Queen Laura.

She, was also known as "Drew's Mother". With her silky, golden locks that cascaded down her back and sparkling sapphire eyes, she was what ideally defined "beautiful and elegant". Her dress swayed slightly as she turned to her beloved husband for support. Her gown was a light, gentle pink with diamonds encrusted at the hem, and a diamond tiara atop of her golden locks. Her voice was soft and sweet, one that encased your body under a veil of serenity.

"Your mother's right Drew! We've given you three months already! Isn't that enough?" questioned King Daniel, a hint of urgency evident within his voice.

He was Drew's father and practically was the spitting image of him. However, instead of the arrogant glint visible in Drew's emerald orbs, his were soothing and held a sense of great wisdom. He flicked his ebony hair irritably, frowning in the process.

He turned to Drew, his eyes penetrating and slightly cold. He wore a blue shirt with gold embroided at the cuffs, collar and hems, and black pants that were of no doubt made of silk. He too, possessed a crown atop of his head, a finishing touch to his image.

"Mother, father" Drew paused, glancing at them both, before continuing "Whatever happened to marrying for love and finding our one and only" he questioned, quirking his brow.

They glanced at one another, Daniel nodding slightly in response. "You have a point son I must admit, but you are a prince, and therefore you have different roles and duties"

Drew groaned, pausing for a few moments to think. "Then, I have a proposal. Give me just one more month. Just one more, and if I cannot find someone suitable to be my bride… then I shall agree to take Princess Turquoise's hand in marriage" he responded, his head slumping slightly in defeat.

"I accept" said Laura, an unmistakable smile forming on her face, her body radiating undeniable beauty.

"That's my boy! But Drew, I still cannot see what flaws you see in Kimberly. She has almost perfect manners, has good family blood and wealth, and not to mention beauty. You shouldn't keep such a catch waiting; I know there are lines of boys who would ask her hand in marriage in a heartbeat! Don't and I mean don't waste such a precious chance" said Daniel sternly.

"Yes father" replied Drew absently, his voice dull and lifeless.

"You really should give girls more of a chance Drew!" interjected Daniel, detecting his false "enthusiasm" immediately.

"Before we met Kimberly, countless not to mention beautiful girls from wealthy families came to ask for marriage but you simply rejected them like flicking off an annoying fly!" chided Laura, disapproval creasing her face.

"Drew, marry Kimberly! She's a one in a million! And the number of girls showing up has decreased severely! I guess news travelled on about the countless heartbreaks you made!"

"Don't be arrogant! I guess the things that attract girl's most are your looks and your intelligence… it's like a puddle of honey and bees!" interrupted Daniel, causing Laura to glare ever-so slightly.

"Also, could you stop scaring away the maids? I mean with your torture and cruel tricks we'll never find a maid willing enough to work for us! I mean we've tripled the pay rate and still no one comes!" snapped Laura.

"I'll be off now mother, father" interrupted Drew quickly, smirking at his escape, as he walked out to the court yard.

Drew was, without a doubt his father's son. He had inherited practically everything of his fathers, even his trade-mark pose, also known as the hair flick. He strolled through their massive rose-bush garden, infamous for producing the most breath-taking roses. They were unique, and unlike any other, a one of a kind. He inhaled the sweet aroma, a sense of tranquility enveloping him in its open arms.

He favored the rose, for its utmost beauty, radiant color and powerful meaning. It was one of the strongest meanings of love a boy could express.

How much is a sixteen year old supposed to take? Forcing me to go into marriage! thought Drew, venting out his frustration on one of the red, velvet like petals of a rose.

Its velvet touch calmed him slightly, its aroma penetrating through his very soul. Drew sighed. Life just wasn't going his way anymore. He had no choice, his life was spiraling in a direction which he wished not to take, and yet, he could not turn back or change it. He wasn't in control of his life.

There were always certain "duties" to accomplish, whether one wished to take part in or not. It was because one was a prince, and not a commoner. Even from a young age, you were destined to uphold the family name, and everyone treated you as the heir to the kingdom – the one who would take care of thousands of civilians.

The stress was indescribable and there were just so much expectations to be met.

Suddenly, his train of thought was broken by someone's hands that were wrapped around his waist, their face snuggling into his back. He whirled around immediately; only to be centimeters apart from the very person he dreaded seeing.

Kimberly Turquoise.

The reason of his unhappiness, the person he was going to unwillingly spend the rest of his life with. She closed her eyes, as if waiting for him to kiss her. He pushed her away, visibly disgusted and gagging.

This girl is so annoying, seriously. How am I supposed to handle my life, if I'm spending the rest of my life with her? thought Drew, horrified at the mere thought.

Kimberly pouted slightly, disappointed. However, she quickly forgot about it, as she flung her arms around his neck and snuggled into his chest. "Drewy... you don't know how much I've missed you!" she squealed.

Drew groaned. There was no way he could get this girl off him now. She was like an unwanted possession he did not wish to keep, but was unable to throw away. Drew had to admit that Kimberly was....beautiful. She had long, jet black hair that glistened in the sunshine. Shimmering violet eyes that stood out against her milky white skin.

Who wouldn't want her to be their bride? But to Drew she just wasn't the one.

Drew had often told himself that there was no such things as "soul mates" and the "one" but this hidden part of himself – a side he'd rarely show privately wished and clung to the thin strand of hope that there was. In fact, he was merely afraid - afraid of perhaps finding the one and losing them.

Kimberly was wearing a golden sun dress with frills at the neck, cuffs, hem and front. A large purple ribbon around her waist. Green Buttons that cascaded from her collar to her waist.

He gave her a harder shove and she came off. She took a step closer to him in a highly seductive manner. Drew walked back cautiously; he just couldn't put a finger on what she was up to. He suddenly stopped, since there was a chair behind him. He, as a reflex reaction placed himself onto it.

Without warning, Kimberly sat down in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled at him. She looked even more gorgeous close up but she still wasn't the girl for Drew. She battered her eye lashes at him as she leaned in closer to him. Drew's blood froze immediately.

Don't t-tell me she's.... she's... going to.. k-kiss me !?? he thought, alarmed.

Many civilians had always had an image of Drew being a player. A master kisser, suave and charismatic, and able to sweep any girl off her feet. Sure, he could get any girl he wanted, but in truth, he'd never kissed someone before. He'd been hugged, he'd been forcefully glomped by others, and even in narrow situations been kissed on the cheek. But still, he'd never kissed. He had wanted his first kiss to be special, no matter how his play boy attitude seemed.

He had always had that façade – that wall that blocked everyone out.

Kimberly leaned near his ear and whispered; her voice seductive and velvet-like "You know you want me".

She removed her face from his ear, her face now once again close to his, as she smiled deviously. Drew shivered slightly, not wanting to know what would happen next. His body was frozen, unable to move.

She kissed his cheek and was about to kiss his lips but a voice rang out "Princess Turquoise your parents would now want you home immediately!" Kimberly groaned. She had lost her chance to kiss Drew once again.

Out came a short man in average, working clothes. He was her escort, also known as the guy that drives Kimberly's horse carriage. The short man had long brown messy locks and toothy grin. He wore shabby clothes. Just a simple white shirt, brown jacket, brown pants and a pair of shoes.

Kimberly after a long pause reluctantly got off Drew's lap. She smiled a smile that dripped with sweetness. "Bye my Drewy Kins!" called Kimberly, waving at him. She blew him a kiss and strutted off to her carriage.

Drew flicked his hair, as he wiped his forehead. The heavens had blessed him, and he was forever in debt. Drew sighed happily and walked back into the castle.

That night Drew tossed and turned, he having one thought on his mind. The prospect of an arranged marriage. He opened his window and looked at the stars, one of his favorite past times. He looked at all the constellations as he sighed.

The stars was scattered over the curtain of darkness, shimmering majestically with the crescent moon. The illustrious light gave a sense of comfort, knowing that darkness was not complete. A slight, chilly breeze came by, the trees rustling ever so slightly. Not a sound was heard, as the Pokémon slept soundly, immersed within their slumber.

Drew then saw one of the uncountable stars sparkle brighter than the rest. Suddenly, it began falling down, it was a shooting star. Drew closed his eyes, and clasped his hands together.

I wish to find that one special someone arrives soon.... may fate be on my hands... he thought.

He had barely enough time. Just one month.

Little did he know, that the heavens were being merciful and granted his wish. Not that far away, that one special someone slept calmly and happily, not knowing the twist of events that had just occurred. That her calm, unworrying life was going to go downhill.

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