That One Special Someone

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Then, Daniel opened his mouth to speak.

Chapter 17: True Love

"Our answer is..... we simply.....cannot agree to this marriage!" bellowed Daniel, a vein throbbing dangerously at his temple.

Drew gaped, shocked. Sure, he was expecting this, but not in a rather violent manner. "Yes, we cannot accept this Drew! We were rather shocked with your... deep and passionate feelings... but we cannot look over that she is not of royal descent... but of only poor blood running in her veins" murmured Laura, looking rather regretful of her choice of words.

He immediately felt a surge of anger. They still can't look over the fact that she's a farmer's daughter... I knew that words of the heart weren't enough... I just knew it he thought, disappointed.

"If you cannot approve... then I have no choice but to leave" Drew said boldly, causing his parents to both gasp, their eyes widening.

"Please Drew, don't resort to this!" said his mother, her voice cracking as she gripped his arm, pulling him back.

The look of sadness in her sapphire orbs made Drew feel a surge of guilt. He had now become doubtful and unsure of his actions. This was his mother... pleading for him to stay... the one who had looked after him when he was young, the one who had showered him with affection...... should he ?

I don't know what to do... what path should I choose? he thought, stuck in between.

" must come back, you have a kingdom to rule, your life set.... who will inherit the position?" whispered Daniel, an undeniable pain within his emerald orbs.

Drew frowned, his face twisting and contorting into a look of sadness, with a tint of anger. Should he really stay? To marry the one he didn't love... to lead any unhappy life... to carry the burden of controlling an entire kingdom filled with thousands of civilians... he wasn't ready for such a responsibility....

He could feel his heart convulsing, choosing over two important people in his life. His role as the to-be king..... to satisfy his parent's happiness... to be with the one he loved.... each one with severe consequences if he chose.....

"Father....mother....please... I beg you... please... let me be happy, let me enjoy my life. Why marry if you do not love? I won't be able to perform my duties as king with a heavy heart! All my actions will be reckless, do you want to see people's lives at stake!?" he questioned, his voice continually growing louder.

His parent's expressions were thoughtful for a few, tense seconds before once again contorting into a more annoyed expression. "A NO is a NO, you shall not marry her and that is final!" they said simultaneously.

"Then, I shall run-away" retorted Drew, as he stormed out of the room.

Laura immediately began swaying slightly, as Daniel quickly caught her. "That boy has his father's blood alright..... that fierce attitude, that arrogance... "he murmured, before shaking his head.

Drew began bolting around the castle, his surroundings a blur, only anger surging through his body, no common sense remaining.

Where is my room!? he thought, irritated to a further extent.

Suddenly, someone had bumped into him. He was about to snarl when he saw who it was, the one he was least expecting to see in his moment of rage.


"S-s-sorry!" she stuttered, but when she looked up to see emerald orbs, she beamed.

"Hi Drew!"

Seeing her happy, unconsciously brought a smile to his face. However, he immediately wiped it off. "Leave me alone" he said simply.

Unbeknownst to him, it had come out far crueler than intended. As he walked away, May looked on, hurt evident in her sapphire orbs.

How can he change so quickly? I thought he really did change... it's like we're back to square one... as if all the memories we had together were all washed away... she thought sadly, heartache overcoming her.

She loved him. She felt rather embarrassed to admit it. He was her rival, her enemy, one she was not to love.. they were of opposite worlds, like black and white, like the sun and moon. And yet, she still fell for him. After only a short period of time, his little acts of showing he cared grew on her, as everyday it seemed he grew kinder, less arrogant and mature.

Was she wrong after all? She turned in the opposite direction, as she ambled away towards the kitchen. However, she stopped short when she heard soft whispering on the other side of the door.

"What should we do now? He seriously is going to run away with her" murmured a low, masculine voice.

"I just don't know anymore....he may be making the mistake of his life" whispered an angelic voice.

King Daniel and Queen Laura! thought May, deciphering the voices. He's going to marry? Why didn't he tell me? Oh yeah... we aren't friends.... then what is our relationship? Maybe that is why he seemed so distant today!

May could feel tears springing into her eyes. "Maybe it's a mistake? I have to hear it from Drew first-hand before I believe it!" she murmured as she took off for his room.

However, she had not listened to the rest of the conversation. "May.. what a strange choice though... I would've never expected it" replied Daniel.

"I know... but it's not that we refuse after Drew's passionate speech... we just don't want to see him heart-broken... we don't know what May feels about him... even with our approval, there's still her own choice" Laura whispered.

With only a feeling of confusion, like a lost sheep, May sprinted at her greatest speed, door after door passing, not really knowing which was his room. But, out of the blue it appeared, like magic, as she pulled to a stop.

Without bothering to knock, she pushed open the door with full force, as it banged loudly against the wall. Drew turned around, cringing slightly at the sound it made. "Oh.. it's you" he said, his voice robotic, lifeless.

"A-are.. you... really... m-m-marrying!?" questioned May, holding back the tears that threatened to escape, to fall slowly from her sapphire eyes.

"Y-yes... don't you know who exactly I'm marrying?" he retorted, raising an eyebrow.

Don't tell me... she doesn't know it's her? Is she jealous? he thought, a feeling of happiness overwhelming him. But, the matter at hand immediately extinguished any positive emotion.

"W-why didn't you tell me?" she whispered, her voice barely audible, but the hurt sounded as clear as day. The pain, the heartbreaking tone of her voice. Drew just couldn't stand idly there watching those tears fall.

He strode to her side, as he pulled her into a hug. May squeaked slightly, shocked at the sudden movement. I feel so safe... so warm.. so... comfortable.. within his arms..she thought, sighing contently.

He caressed her chocolate locks, inhaling the heavenly scent. I can't believe I'm doing this... this melts my cool exterior immediately! But.. I have to admit it is quite nice... and I've always wanted to do this....he thought.

"Yes... I'm marrying..... you" he whispered. He felt May stiffen immediately, as her eyes grew shocked. She pushed him away, as she slowly furthered their distance.

"You've got to be joking with me right!? We're just friends.... plus... we don't ... l-love each other" she murmured, unable to have eye contact with those emerald orbs.

Drew gritted his teeth. She was making it harder for him than it already was. He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, forcing her to look into his eyes. "No... that's a lie... I do... really and truly.... l.....l-love.... you.... ug- May"

Drew mentally scolded himself. At such an important moment he had almost called her ugly. He was just so accustomed to calling her nicknames, that he'd never truly called her her real name.

May was simply speechless, in awe. The Drew expressing himself? The Drew sacrificing his pride to admit he had "feelings" for the girl he had taunted and teased of being "ugly" for the past month?

It was like a twisted fantasy where she controlled the people. Has Drew finally cracked? He's definitely lost it she thought.

"Y-you're lying! This is some sick twisted joke!" she exclaimed, pointing. Drew groaned. Does she really have to make it this hard!? he thought.

"No...I am not lying to you. This is not some joke. It's called reality. Ok.. I admit it... this is embarrassing, it's not my persona. But... I truly do love you" said Drew, his face contorted into a look of concentration.

He raised his hand, offering it for her to hold. May gulped. It really was just too much to take in. Just a few days ago they were enemies constantly fighting, and now he was proclaiming his love for her. How much can a girl take?

"I....I" she murmured, looking away. Her heart hammered in her chest, as he took a step closer to her, his hand still beckoning for her to take it. Her blush deepened as he took another step closer.

"I... y-ou.... too......" she murmured, finally finding the words. She smiled, as she took his hand. He pulled her into a warm embrace, as a small smile appeared on his face.

Before she accepted, he was waiting anxiously for her answer. His heart continually pounding, racing, as she looked away. He had thought is it all over? But, it seemed the heavens had blessed him, as she too felt the same.

But, his happy and warm thoughts were suddenly cut short by a hard shove. "What about your parents?" she demanded, the comforting mood immediately shattering into one of discomfort.

"T-t…hey…. didn't… accept.. my… proposal…." he muttered, unable to watch her reaction.

He then grabbed both her hands in his, and looked her straight in the eye. "We'll run away…. I don't need the life of a prince….all I need is you and I'm happy….." he murmured softly.

May blushed, her heart thumping harder than it already was. No matter how much it made her feel … so special to hear those words… those words from such an arrogant person….the consequences struck her.. hard.

It seemed so perfect, but there were still so many barriers and obstacles.

Loving someone … is letting them be truly happy… at the sacrifice of one's own happiness…. She thought, tears prickling her eyes.

She slapped his hands away, and forced malicious laughter. She felt sick to her stomach at how… hurtful she sounded.

"You're an idiot aren't you? This was all a joke I played on you! I hated you ever since I first met you, with your arrogance, and with the way you flaunted your money and looks. It sickened me. So, I thought, why not bring you down? Change you, make you fall in love with me, take away all sense of your pride, and crush you. Oh, crushing you. It was simply a game of sweet revenge" she spat, her voice filled with venom.

I know you'll hate me… I know I'm hurting only myself and you in the process… don't forgive me… but this truly is for the best… she thought, forcing the tears back, replacing the look in her eyes with cruelty.

"L-lies… you're lying to me!" he shouted, placing his hands on his ears, blocking out everything.

"Oh it's so true! It's all part of my master plan. And it succeeded. I never loved you. Not once. I only wanted to use you for the money. And now I leave, since I no longer have any use for you" she said, finishing, as she walked away coolly.

Once she was hidden away from his sighting range, she ran. Ran to her destination, as she no longer could hold back the tears.

I guess this is goodbye… this is for the best…she thought, as she clutched her slowly breaking heart.

Drew sank to his knees, unable to believe it. He kept repeating 'lies' over and over in his mind, and yet that malicious look in her eyes, that laugh, the more it seemed real.

She never loved him. She used him like everyone else. He had promised not to cry, and yet, here he was, sitting there pathetically crying.

She had broken him beyond recognition. And now, he was slowly shattering, unable to be put together again. This horrific truth would scar him for life. Now, all he could think was "what truly was his purpose for being here?"

May had searched practically all the rooms in the palace, and yet couldn't find them. She then went to the one place she hadn't checked. The Kitchen.

How can I be so stupid? She thought, as she threw open the doors. There, stood Laura and Daniel, currently conversing seriously. They abruptly stopped, as they turned to face her.

Surprise etched deep within their features. "W-what brings you here May?" questioned Daniel.

She sank to her knees, earning a gasp from Laura. "W-what are you doing!? Get up!" she exclaimed, tugging her arm to no avail.

"I love Drew. So much. More than you can imagine. He being with me brings happiness, true happiness. And him returning my feelings… is just… too good to be true. But… loving someone is hoping for their happiness… him being with me will only lead him into a life of hardships, struggle, and maybe even fighting for food and shelter" she whispered.

Daniel and Laura hung on to her every word, unable to find words.

May grasped Laura's arm and pleaded "So please. Please. I'll move out as soon as possible, help Drew forget. Forget everything. Help him move on, he'll have a better life without me. He'll have a happy ever after; it was what was supposed to happen before I came. Erase all ideas of running away from him"

Laura's mouth twitched upward slightly, about to answer when Drew walked in, a tense silence ensuing.

"Just what is going on?"


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