TITLE: The Light In Your Eyes


PAIRING: Jack/Freya

TIMELINE: season 6

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc of the TV show Stargate: SG-1 are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author of this fic. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: everyone knows of Freya's attempted seduction of Jack in "Divide and Conquer" and her revealing clothes, but even with what she did and the way she did it, something didn't sit right about her with me. There was something about her that didn't fit in with her actions, something in her stiff posture as if she was unsure she was doing it the right way, that she didn't know the SOPs correctly, and it wasn't that she was a Tok'ra. Something that is familiar to every person. So, this came from it.

Btw., this is a sequel to my fics "Oh crap" and "There he goes again". You need to read them first (and review as well) to know what this is about.


It was dark in the crystal chamber.

Soft hands were currently occupied with removing his complicated Tok'ra suit, while he tried to relieve the fantastic body on top of him of the clothing which had changed a lot in the last few days.

Eyes flashed in the near darkness as Freya tore apart the particularly mutinous knot, which had stopped the proceedings a few minutes ago. Contrary to her old sense of style, which consisted of seat belts covering the most important parts and were masquerading for a dress, she was now wearing a brown figure-hugging tunic and a khaki skirt.

And it still made her look like a Victoria's Secret model modelling the most revealing and racy underwear. In a good way. Definitely in a good way. No matter what she wore she looked hot in it, even if she wore a potato sack, and no-one could deny she was one gorgous female.

Jack didn't know her previous attire had been worn for his benefit only, no matter how uncomfortable it'd made her feel to be so revealed around other people. Once she got to know him better and realized Anise's advice ('Wear as little as possible, he's a male, he won't be able to resist.' Anise had said, making Freya frown in apprehension) had been false as far as this man went, she'd reverted back to her normal style. Besides, even symbiotes can't do anything against the constant chilling temperatures of the Tok'ra underground tunnels.

The other reasons were that she, now that she was pregnant with his child, believed Jack was the only one with the right to see that much of her body and because she didn't want anyone else seeing just how exactly her body would be changing with her progressing pregnancy. Also only Jack's privilege.

As Jack managed to divest her of the tunic and close his lips around one of the two dusky rose, large hard nipples, mounted on delightfully large breasts (which were fully natural, no matter what envious Janet and Sam were spreading around the base), causing her to shudder with pleasure, Jack mused over how he'd come to this, making love to a Tok'ra.

To this particular Tok'ra.

And not being bothered by her hitch-hiker in the least.

A few weeks ago he'd blended with Kanaan in order to survive. Just before his full recuperation he'd been meandering about the Tok'ra base when he'd happened upon two persons he hadn't been so happy about meeting. Unfortunately it'd turned out Kanaan and Anise were mates, as in married, and had been for over a twelve hundred years and now Kanaan wanted to carry on where they'd left off. Which included whispering sweet nothings into Anise's ear and sharing the local version of a social drink. Fortunately the snake had enough respect for Jack not to take over completely and against Jack's protests make love to his wife and her host. However, kissing didn't fall into the forbidden territory.

The bad luck here was that Freya was enjoying her freedom of being able to be held by Jack O'Neill and exchange kisses with him and had pursued this most honorable goal further.

In the end, Jack's control over himself had betrayed him and he'd given himself fully to the passion consumming him, deepening the kisses, getting tongues involved, which they weren't before.

And this is where the other shoe had dropped.