Four Times Tony Met Teyla

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or Stargate: Atlantis. Very sad.

Note: This was influenced by two YouTube romance vids by stargatesga1, which involved Stargate and NCIS characters. I kinda took the idea and ran with it. I'm posting this under NCIS since it's mostly from Tony's point of view, but a working knowledge of Stargate: Atlantis would probably be useful. Enjoy!

Green Dragon Bar, D.C.

Tony noticed her the moment she entered the crowded bar, close to midnight. Her step was confident, but her eyes wary and taking in the sites as if she hadn't seen a place like this before. She didn't seem to be with anyone as she sat at the bar, so Tony put on his best smile and took the seat next to her, ordering the first drink that came to mind. Turning to the woman, Tony smiled and introduced himself: "Hi there. I'm Tony. Tony DiNozzo."

She smiled back at him, though her expression was guarded. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Tony DiNozzo. I am Teyla Emmagen."

"Just Tony, please." The bartender brought his drink, as well as Teyla's. While sipping his drink, he noticed how she kept herself on alert, as if expecting trouble at any moment. "You know, this is a pretty safe bar. Joe here keeps it orderly, and a lot of cops like to hang out here too."

Teyla's face flushed slightly. "My uneasiness was that obvious?"

His grin widened. Perfect opening. "Well, I'm a trained investigator. It's my job to read people. And by my guess, I'd say you're in the armed forces? Just got back from Iraq or something?"

She absent-mindedly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and Tony couldn't help but notice how it seemed to shine red in the dim light of the bar. "I…work with the Air Force, yes. A civilian consultant. And you? What do you investigate?"

Ignoring that she hadn't answered him about her posting, Tony launched into an explanation about NCIS. Teyla seemed to find it fascinating, so he felt free to brag a bit about his job. After a while he asked her what she was doing in D.C. "One of my teammates felt it was necessary for me and another…civilian consultant to experience to capital of his country."

Tony raised an eyebrow. "You didn't come in here with anyone, though."

Teyla sighed and gave him a wry smile. "My teammates really are good men, but they can be…tiresome. I left two of them arguing over whether Canada or America had a better democracy, while the third was attempting to eat three hot dogs at once."

"So you came in here for some more civilized company?" Tony leaned forward on the counter so that his face came close to hers.

Teyla mirrored his movement. "And I have found pleasant company indeed."

They continued to talk, and time flew by past. Tony found Teyla to be highly intelligent though sometimes confused about American culture. A bit like Ziva actually, but less scary. He was just about to ask her if she wanted to go to lunch sometime, when three loud men barreled into the Bar. The dark-haired man with military bearing saw them first. "Hey, Teyla!"

Tony soon found that himself surrounded by the dark-haired man, a rather snarky man who was complaining about how some people didn't know the meaning of vacation and that Teyla shouldn't be running off when they could be called in at any moment, and…a very tall, scary-looking behemoth who was presently glaring at Tony in a way that made him glad he kept his side-arm with him at all times. Tony turned to Teyla. "Your team?"

Teyla rolled her eyes. "Yes. This is Colonel John Sheppard," the dark-haired man "Dr. Rodney McKay," snarky "And Ronon Dex." Bigfoot. "This is Special Agent Tony DiNozzo of NCIS."

The snarky man waved his hand to stop her talking. "Nice to meet you, no time to chat. Apparently the SGC wants us back ASAP. Come on, chop chop. Fate of the world at hand."

With a quick good-bye, Teyla and her team vanished, leaving a rather confused and disappointed Tony behind them.