And finally our hero gets to meet the girl on her own territory.


Only a few months later, Tony chased a suspect into a cave in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He managed to catch and cuff the suspect when the cave suddenly became illuminated. Unfortunately he the thought about how nice it would be to go home soon, because the cave began to shake and before he knew it, he was staring out a window, looking at the planet Earth. It wasn't until they went past Jupiter that the suspect began freaking and Tony had to knock him out for his hearing's sake, as well as his own sanity.

Then he thought that he wanted to go home as quickly as possible, and a green, electricity-like blob formed in front of the window and Tony got the feeling that he was going to regret not watching those Wormhole X-treme episodes that McGee had been waxing eloquent about.

Two weeks later, Tony was really glad that he had found the food and water replication device and the toilets on the spaceship he had affectionately dubbed The Magnum. The suspect, whose name was Bob, hadn't said much after Tony threatened to cut his tongue out if he made another Star Wars quote. Then something on the bridge pinged and Tony looked out the window to see a planet, covered in water, coming up to meet them. Luckily the ship was on auto-pilot and landed quite gently on a pier on a floating city about the size of Manhattan.

When the door opened, Tony walked out to find himself surrounded by…Marines? "Er, hi. I kinda got lost. There's a bad guy I have cuffed in there, if you want to get him." The Marines stared at him. "Take me to your leader?"

"That would be…you!" Colonel Sheppard stopped, his eyes wide in shock.

"Me?" Tony didn'tthink he was the leader of an expedition of Marines on another planet.

Sheppard shook his head. "Sorry. Um, I'm the military commander of this base. If you'll follow me, Doc will check you out in the infirmary and then we can talk about how the hell you got here."

The doctor, a Scottish man who reminded Tony a bit of Ducky, was very thorough and Tony was extremely glad to escape his clutches. He was even happier that Teyla was waiting for him when he finished his meeting with the commander of the base which was apparently the lost city of Atlantis. Since his head was spinning with information about space travel, Ancient genes, vampiric aliens (he knew it!), and an international conspiracy to hide the existence of other species and planets, a familiar face was welcome.

Tony smiled at Teyla. "So, you're from another planet."

Teyla smirked. "So are you."

"Touché." Smiles broke down into laughter and Tony held out his arm for Teyla to take. "I'm starving. Is there anyplace good to eat around here?"

Teyla leaned towards him as she hooked her arm around his elbow. "I believe the mess hall is serving purple meatloaf and fake coffee."

"Hmm, well at least the company is pleasant."


I am also of the opinion that Tony has the ATA gene, and rather a strong one as well. I wouldn't put it past him to be somehow related to Sheppard either. (funky hair, girls fall all over them, etc.)