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At night under the Galbanas, a Queen slept sound, and dreamed.

Of many Knights in armour gold, that shone and spun and gleamed,

But 'twas of two that day of dubbing, so well enclosed in sight,

A pair of grown twins, most strong, encased in plates of silver-white.

Noah and Basch, the guardians, their lives forsworn to others,

So grim and slightly circumspect, these proud and noble brothers.

Giving of themselves, and never asking hence,

For pay, recognition; or other recompense.

The Paragons of manhood, the apogees of honour,

For infantile princes, and a royal Primadonna.

But what she dreamed was tainted much, by the wine that night for sup,

"Hello there, sexy queen." They grinned, "We're gonna sex you up!"

In her head, she squealed loud, her fantasy's begun,

That they were twins did matter not, for they to her were one.

And as I'm telling ye thus, I hear many reviewer's rants.

But why review if you like it not? Take that, Smartypants!

In her slumber, she clenched the sheets, at the sight of the knights virile,

Her eyes rolled back, her face flushed red as she beamed a fangirl smile.

They kissed with lips so rugged, caressed with calloused hands,

A carried with them a mystic scent from strange and unknown lands.

And they whispered sweetest nothings into her youthful cultured ear,

So whilst she was distracted thus, they removed her Brassiere.

I could tell you what they did from there, but to the ratings hark,

The admins would kick my bum full well, which would leave a mark.

But lo! A thief enters the room, where the princess does toss and turn.

"Happy birthday!" The youth does cry, a squeal of shock is earned,

From the princess who woke annoyed, but rather more truly glum,

"Vaan you fool!" The princess cried, "I was just about to-…"

"… Get a midnight snack?" The rogue does smile, the censors have been dodged!

"No, you jerk. Take that and this!" Soon a sword in he is lodged.

And back to bed, the Princess went, to try and dream again.

Oblivious the pained agonies of an ill-fated Ratsbane.

So heed my words, oh reader fair, for my words are much, yet few.

You'll end up like ol' Ratsbane there, If'n you don't review!