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Chapter 12: Home

The next few days were spent busily restoring order on Alderaan. During this time, the Jedi had chance meetings but no time to stop and chat. On the fifth day, all were glad to be sitting in a small café drinking hot caff and chatting in a civil manner, instead of exchanging rushed pleasantries in the hall as they rushed off to fulfil varying errands.

During a lull in the conversation, Sobek glanced at his companions. He had noticed during the conversation, that Obi-Wan was very quiet, and that no one had made an effort to try and draw him out. Deciding that enough silence had passed, he started the conversation again, by saying, "So, Obi-Wan, what will you do, now that this threat has been eliminated?"

Obi-Wan looked at him for a few seconds, seeming to gauge his sincerity before answering, "I will go home."

Sobek had been hoping for something a little more descriptive then that short, closed answer, so he continued his questioning. "Where is home?"

Obi-Wan looked thoughtful for a few moments, as the others all focused there attention on him. Finally, he answered, "At the moment, home is on Coruscant."

Frowning, Sobek glanced at the other Jedi, sitting around the table. Of the three, it was obvious that only Cyprian comprehended this comment. Suddenly, Qui-Gon spoke up, "How do you mean, 'At the moment'?"

Without hesitating, Obi-Wan answered, a little smoothly for Sobek's liking, "I'll probably move away. Though I have no idea where we'd go."


"We had a friend living with us. He'll probably come with us."

Cyprian decided to stop his former-Master from hiding, and accused, "That's not what you meant."

Anakin entered the conversation after that comment, by saying, "How would you know what he meant or not?" This was not said accusingly, but curiously.

"I was his Padawan for how long? I think I would know how to read him," Cyprian supplied.

Obi-Wan, not really enjoying himself spoken about in third person, especially when present, broke in, "He is sitting right here!"

"Really?" all four of his companions asked, in unison.

Deciding to play along, he said, "Yeah, really!"

"That's nice," Cyprian assured him, before turning back to the friendly banter going on, and the two younger members of the group practically ignored the older three.

Three days later

Together; Qui-Gon, Sobek, Anakin, Cyprian and Obi-Wan; awaited their arrival on Coruscant. Another team had arrived to relieve them and, after Siri's funeral, they had departed. They had exited hyperspace twenty minutes prior, and after Obi-Wan had called his friend, and Sobek had informed the Council, they headed down to the Jedi Temple, where they would dock.

Waiting for them was a small crowd of about four people. Staring out the viewscreen, Obi-Wan smiled as he saw two figures on the edge of the group, one being held by the other. He quickly snatched a glance at Cyprian, who was also stealing glances out of the viewscreen, and smiled. In personality, both Cyprian and his namesake were very alike. In looks, however, they differed to an amazing degree.

Standing in the corridor, Qui-Gon called out to the pair as the ship landed, under Anakin's steady hand, and the doors opened. Walking out behind Anakin, the two of them sauntered through the ship and down the ramp.

Moving up behind the group that was now conversing, Obi-Wan kept snatching glances at his son. Until Mace addressed him and said, "Obi-Wan. Please allow me to offer my sincerest condolences on your loss." Yoda on the other hand, had been strangely silent throughout the entire conversation.

Obi-Wan looked at him and offered a brief smile. "Thank-you, Master. She is at peace now, at least. And she will wait for us."

Mace offered him one last smile before the toddler, who had been struggling to get out of his caretaker's arms, finally succeeded and raced over to Obi-Wan, with a joyful cry of, "Daddy!"

Obi-Wan quickly picked the child up off the ground and hugged him tight. The youngster hugged him back, before pulling away slightly and asking, "Who are they?" pointing to the others that had arrived with him.

Obi-Wan smiled and carried him over to where Qui-Gon was standing with Anakin, Cyprian and Sobek. He quickly introduced all three, and after the introductions were over, the toddler observed, pointing to Cyprian, "He has the same name as me!"

This brought another smile to Obi-Wan's features and he explained, "That's because Mum and I named you after him, Cyp."

Cyp seemed to contemplate this, as his caretaker walked over to them, after conversing with the two Council members. Finally, seemingly having thought it over enough, Cyp asked, "Where's Mummy?"

All eyes turned to Obi-Wan, all wanting to know how he'd explain it to this young child, who in Qui-Gon's eyes could not have been older than two.

Obi-Wan responded by first sighing, then saying, "She's gone home, Cyp, and she's going to wait for us."

Cyp seemed to comprehend this quite well, for he answered, "Home to the Force?" At Obi-Wan's nod, Cyp changed the subject rather abruptly and said, "I was really good for Master Bant! And you promised that if I was good, you would take me to see Dex!"

Obi-Wan chuckled and said, "You'll have to get your things, before we can go anywhere."

Bant stepped in at this point and said, "Hey, Obi. I'm really sorry about Siri. And he was a good little boy."

Obi-Wan smiled and replied, "Thanks so much for looking after him, Bant. I don't know what we would have done without you."

"No problem, Obi," she replied as she took Cyp's hand and lead him to retrieve his things.

Turning back to the others, he smiled tentatively. Qui-Gon stated frankly what was on all their minds, "So this is good-bye?"

Obi-Wan smiled again and said, "Not necessarily. Do you have time for lunch?"

Glancing back at the retreating Council members, Qui-Gon recalled what they had said about an urgent Council meeting. "I'm afraid not. Not today at least."

Obi-Wan shrugged and said, "Oh, well I guess it is good-bye then. But this time, could you please try to reply to my letters?"

Cyprian surprised them all by jumping forward and wrapping Obi-Wan in a hug. "I promise I'll write everyday, Master! Whether you write to me or not!"

Wrapping his arms around his former-Padawan, Obi-Wan replied, "Thank-you, Cyp!"

Qui-Gon was next and said, "I'll try to reply, but I'm bound to be busy."

"That's ok! Just a short note, would be nice!"

Sobek gave him a warm smile and a handshake, and Anakin just walked away, absorbed in his own thoughts.

He wondered how he would cope if Padmé were to die. Part of him knew that he wouldn't cope as well as Obi-Wan had.

Years later

The Galactic Republic fell, and gave way to a Galactic Empire. Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Padmé Amidala Skywalker died during childbirth.

Luke Skywalker lived with his aunt and uncle, watched over by Qui-Gon Jinn. Leia Organa lived with her adopted parents on Alderaan.

Yoda lived in a swamp on Dagobah. Bant Aerin fled back to her home planet and became a leader in the Rebel Alliance.

And Obi-Wan Kenobi lived with his son, Cyprian Ferus Kenobi, and his adopted son, Cyprian Farquhar, on a backwater planet in the mid. rim. They became leaders of the Rebel Alliance as well as Bant, and eventually, each of them played a vital role in the downfall of the Empire, before each of them returned home, to find loved ones waiting.

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