Well, my first Death Note fanfic, I suppose. This focuses on the idea that everything is not as it seems to us, the reader of the manga. What if Light and L were in love all along, and planning together? First of all it will tell the story of how they got together, and later on a bit of a twist will take it away from the original storyline. I guess this is what could happen in an alternate universe, or what would have happened if they had loved each other from early on. Enjoy :)

Oh, and sorry about the Anglicised names :O I couldn't bring myself to call him Yagami Light, you see...

CHAPTER ONE - Disaster Area

Light looked around the room, and sighed. For an official police investigation centre, it was a mess. The table was littered with dirty plates and cutlery, and the floor was covered with crumbs. It looked like some kind of cake bomb had hit - by the looks of it, strawberry cheesecake. A plain white shirt was draped over the arm of a chair, which presumably meant it needed washing, although you could never tell with L. He never bothered to clean up after himself, not when Light was there to do it for him. Light couldn't stand the mess. It was ridiculous. How could L even think in this kind of environment? He glanced across at the detective, sitting in his own unusual way on a chair in front of the computer, staring at the screen. Light wasn't even sure that he was thinking.

"Yes, Light-kun?" L said, without even looking round.

Light shook his head in amazement. "How did you do that? You couldn't even see me."

"This computer screen is reflective." L pointed out indolently, with a bored tone of voice. "I can see your every move."

"Oh." Light laughed sheepishly. It wasn't often that he was caught out like that. There weren't many people who could catch him out, save L. And L always would, because that was his nature, just as he would always catch L out. It was why they worked together. In more ways than one.

"Besides, Light-kun," L continued, "It's not as if you don't stare at me a lot. In fact, I would estimate the possibility that you are staring at me at any given moment to be around seventy-eight point three percent."

Light raised an eyebrow. "Why so low?" He asked.

"You sleep." L replied.

Light chuckled. At first, L's endless statistics and guesses had driven him up the wall. Especially the ones that were true, like "I think you're Kira." That hadn't been half as bad, though, as what came after.

Glancing over at L, Light smiled to see he was once again engrossed in the screen. He gave the chain between them a gentle tug.

"Forgotten me already, Ryuzaki?" He teased quietly, although at the back of his mind there was an uneasy wish that he was wrong, that L would never forget him. Sometimes he doubted. Sometimes it seemed like L didn't love him like he said he did.

That took him back. He remembered, clear as day, the first time those words had left L's mouth. So strange and foreign-sounding, from someone like L. It had taken him by surprise. But when considering things as a general overview, the most surprising thing had been that L could feel that way at all. It had started on a fine day, at Light's home, when he had received an unexpected visit from none other than the world's top three detectives, all in one neat and slightly odd package.

The door clicked open, and Light froze.


His eyes widened, and the hand holding the pen shook. At first he thought to try and hide the Note, but then he realised it would make things even more obvious. He could always say he was listing names, for the investigation. The door had been locked. How had this person got in? Why weren't they moving? What was going on? The questions overtook Light's panic momentarily and he looked round. L was stood in the doorway.

Immediately he knew: the game was over. L knew he was Kira. Everything was over, everything.


Light blinked, first of all at the use of his name, and second at the strange tone in L's voice.

"I hope you'll forgive me. I had to see you, Light-kun." L held up a credit card, and Light realised he had used it to unlock the door.

"Of course, Ryuzaki." Light replied, trying to sound normal. His mind was racing. What was happening?

"May I come in, Light-kun?"

"Yes… yes, please, sit down." Light answered, turning to neatly sweep the Death Note into a normal textbook and place it on his bookshelf, as if he had merely been studying. When L went to sit on the bed - in his usual way, of course - Light closed the door and sat back in his chair, turning it to face L. The detective was staring all around the room… uncannily, his eyes rested for a moment on Ryuk, even though there was no way he could see the shinigami. Light felt a little uneasy. Something about L was strange today. The atmosphere between them seemed to have subtly shifted, though Light couldn't put his finger on it at all.

"What is it you wanted?" He asked, to call L's attention back.

"You, Light-kun." L replied, meeting his eyes with his characteristic dead gaze. There was a pause of silence, in which Light waited for him to expand on this subject. No addition was forthcoming, however, and soon the silence sat between them like a living creature.

"… For what?" Light asked, hoping to engender some sort of response.

"No. I just want you." L answered. His matter-of-fact tone made Light shiver. Even now he sounded calm and clinical. "I've been thinking for some time, and I have realised that, while L needs to find Kira, Ryuzaki has other things on his mind. It is most troubling."

"I don't understand." Light said, although he was beginning to. He was beginning to understand all too well, because he had been thinking the same thing himself.

"Light Yagami. I am in love with you." L said, sounding almost bored.

Light blinked, and stared at him in shock. How could he just come out with something like that? Ryuk, too, stared at the two rivals, captivated by this new turn of events. There was careful silence again, the creature between them trying to grow and fill the room. Light broke it first.

"You love me?" He asked, as if he thought it had all been a joke.


Light stared at him again, longer this time, unable to look away.

"How can you be so sure?" He managed, at last.

"I know what love is. This is love." L replied. "I am not considered to be the best detective in the world for no reason at all, Light-kun. But this is indeed a problem."

"I… I…" Light swallowed, and decided to stick to what might be an easier question. "Why is this a problem?"

"Because you are Kira, Light-kun."

"W-what?" Light stammered. "You're still bringing that up? I've told you, I'm not-"

"You were writing in the Death Note just a moment ago, were you not, Light-kun?"

L's eyes bored into him. Light got the paranoid feeling that this was all just a test.

"No, I was studying. I must keep up with my grades, Ryuzaki. Please do not call me Kira."

"It makes no difference." L replied, putting his head onto one side, like some kind of curious bird. "I only tell you this because I have weighed things in my mind for some time. Since I love you, and you also love me, I have decided I no longer care that you are Kira."

"I love - what are you - Ryuzaki, I -" Light looked down at the floor, taken aback by his lack of an answer. He did not feel himself.

"It is true. Undeniably so. The possibility is ninety nine percent. I have no doubt that I am right. You must accept it, Light-kun."

After a few moments of deliberative silence, Light looked up at him. "Alright. Let's assume that I am in love with you, and that I am Kira. What would happen now?"

"We would embark upon a relationship. I believe that is the usual course of events with young couples."

"I see. But what about the Kira part? You can't tell me that L would let Kira go free. If I were Kira and I admitted it, you would imprison me."

"No. L would imprison Kira, but L would not imprison someone he loves, even if they are Kira. And since I do love you, you are safe."

"What if both of your assumptions are wrong, and I am neither Kira nor in love with you?"

"But you are, Light-kun." L said, in a tone that brooked no argument.

"I see." Light said. "And what if I do love you, but am not Kira? What then?"

"Then we will be happier yet. But… you are. The possibility has reached one hundred percent."

"Do you have evidence?"

"Yes, Light-kun."

"Are you going to tell me what?"


"I see." Light said. He was thinking desperately, trying to conjure up a way out of this. But something else was tugging at him, something no logical thinking could overcome. Desire. He cleared his throat nervously.

"I will let you continue your work, Light-kun." L said.

Light's eyes shot wide open, thinking he must have misheard. "You will…"

"I will let you be Kira."

"… Why?" Light demanded. "Why would L do a thing like this?"

"Because I am in love. I cannot win in this. If I stop you, I will lose you. But if I allow you to continue, I will lose my reputation. After consideration, I believe the loss of my reputation is not as bad as it seems."

"I don't believe you." Light said suddenly. "This is all a trap. This is all something you've set up to make me confess. But it won't work, Ryuzaki. For two reasons. First, I know you cannot possibly love me. And second, I am not Kira."

"I will prove it to you." L said, and handed Light a piece of paper.

For a long time Light sat in silence, staring at him, wondering and wondering how this situation could possibly end. Then he opened the paper, and read the five words written there.

My name is L Lawliet.

After that day things had never been the same. Light looked across at the man he was in love with, who had now turned to fix him with a vacant stare, and smiled again.

"I have not forgotten, Light-kun. You are chained to my wrist." L said. "It would be hard to forget."

"Good." Light said, leaning forward, his smile turning wolfish. "Otherwise I would have had to remind you."

"You know," L said reflectively, "My memory is deteriorating. I think tonight, when we go into our bedroom, I will forget completely."

"Don't worry." Light laughed quietly. "I have something planned to make sure your memory will come flooding back."

L nodded. "I thought you would, since you are always prepared."

Light crossed the short distance between them and touched a hand to L's hair. "Are you sure you don't feel a touch of amnesia coming on even now?"

"You may be right." L replied. "I think it best you remind now, to be sure."

"Gladly." Light smirked, and hauled L up out of the chair.

Things were going well, when he stopped to consider it. Much better than they could have been. And no one on the investigation team even suspected a thing.