This is my first Sweeney Todd fan fic. I hope you enjoy it! Please review if you like it and want more!

Sweeney heard a loud screech come from the baking room down below his shop just when he was about to finish off his last customer of the day. He hurriedly ran down the stairs outside of his barber shop. When he opened he door, he seen what was left of the Judge grabbing onto Mrs. Lovetts dress. He gave the Judge a good kick and freed Mrs. Lovett from his grip.

As Todd looked around the room to the pile of his last victoms of the day, he noticed one half way between the oven and the pile. He wondered why it was in the middle of the room, so he walked up to get a better look. What he saw gave him chills. It was his wife, he had murdered his own wife! He automatically thought back to when Mrs. Lovett told him about Lucy taking arsenic and dieing. She must have lied to me. Suddenly a plot for revenge struck his mind. It sure wouldn't be too hard to convince her everything is all right, the woman would do anything for me. If I could just get her close enough to the oven...

Toby, Mrs. Lovett's adopted son, walked in just in time to see that Sweeney Todd, his worst enemy, was about to shove his beloved mum into the oven. He ran up behind Todd and kicked him good and hard in the back of his leg. Todd stumbled to keep his balance but sent Mrs. Lovett to the ground inches away from the oven. Mrs. Lovett got up shakily and ran to Toby by the door. With tears streaming down her eyes, she glanced at Todd. A single tear rolled down his cheek and onto the lump of a body on the floor that was his wife. Mrs. Lovett wanted so badly to explain why she didn't tell him that his wife was still alive, but decided that it was not the time unless she wanted to be lying on the floor next to the Judge.