The next morning Mrs. Lovett woke up excited, remembering what Mr. Todd had promised her. She would have been just as excited know that he was at least talking to her again, but he actually promised that he would do something for her. She got dressed in a hurry and ran down to the shop.

Mr. T was waiting at one of the tables. She found him with a blank expression staring out the window. She joined him at the table and sighed loudly enough to break his stare. He looked over at her and smiled a little smile.

Mrs. Lovett loved it when he gave her that little smile, she couldn't help but smile back.

Mr. Todd got up with a grin and walked towards the baking room. Mrs. Lovett followed.

Once down in the baking room, Mrs. Lovett spotted the fresh supply of meat and let out a chuckle. "At it again, Mr. Todd?"

"This was a special order, just in last night," Mr. Todd said, with his cold dark eyes reflecting the glow of fire from the oven.

Mrs. Lovett started making her pies, as her day would usually go. After she got done making the pies, she brought them upstairs and set them out and waited for customers.

At about noon, the customers started pouring in. Mrs. Lovett was so busy, she yelled for Toby but got no answer. Thats weird, I haven't seen Toby all day. I wonder wot he is up to.

Mrs. Lovett went and checked the room where he usually slept, but found nothing. She searched around the upstairs and other rooms, but there was no trace of him. Maybe he went out with one of his little friends or something.

Mrs. Lovett went up to Mr. Todd's shop. "Have you seen Toby at all today?"

"No, I haven't seen him since last night," he replied, no emotion or expression as usual.

Mrs. Lovett stared at him, she couldn't believe what she was thinking. He wouldn't, he couldn't... nah.. I'm just over reacting...

"Mr. T, you didn't... you wouldn't 'ave... ," she began, his eyes suddenly flared with anger.

"You wanted meat, I wanted revenge," Mr. Todd got up and started pacing.

A look of horror swept onto Mrs. Lovett's face. How could he!? NO! He knew how much I loved Toby!

"YOU BASTARD! YOU KNEW HOW MUCH I LOVED THAT BOY, LIKE MY OWN SON. AND YOU JUST GO AND TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!?" Mrs. Lovett broke down, sobbing. She turned to face the wall, she didn't want him to see her cry.

Mr. Todd felt a tinge of guild, he knew how much she loved him, but his anger got the best of him. He looked down at his feet. I didn't want to hurt her, to take away what she had of a family. Now how am I going to face her?

Mr. Todd looked up when he heard the ding of the bell above his door. She left.