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1rst Chapter

A mission, a simple mission, and yet… She was there, in that room, prisoner.
"I must find a way out of that place…"

"This is an unexpected chance to do some experiments with the Byakugan... Sasuke!… I forbid you to kill her. I know you have a bit of trouble to control yourself when it comes to Konoha ninja, but this time I forbid you to kill…. Understood? "

Oroshimaru watched at Sasuke with a satisfied look. At one of their little walk, they saw the camp of the young Kunoichi. She was alone, surely on a C rank mission. He would finally have a new toy, but he would have to keep an eye on Sasuke.
Since his arrival, the young Sasuke had fully satisfied him, so much talent, and skills, in cold blood. But unfortunately, he had a bad habit of killing all Konoha ANBU they had captured so far.

"Understood?" He said with more force.
He took his sweat voice to tell him "Don't be like that, I forbid you to kill but you can play if you want… But don't be too rude… "

Oroshimaru now left his devilish laughter echo in the room. The turn of events was truly in his favour…

Sasuke entered the room where Hinata was retained for several hours. Why? In an attempt to explain her perhaps? Why? He did not need to be justified.
Until then he had killed three ANBU who had had the misfortune to cross his path…

He had orders… He had no choice…

But not her…

She was there, standing beside a low table. Calm? No She seems to, but her trembling by crossing his eyes showed him clearly she was afraid.

"What do you want? … What does he wants? …. The Byakugan isn't it? "She said in a cold tone. Her voice did not seem to decline.

He knew none of ANBU but what with her…
He doesn't know her so well eventually, but he knew all too well that she was one of them.

After a moment, eyes plunged into one another, a smirk was shaped on his lips.
"You have changed, Hinata Chan… "
Instinctively Hinata put herself in her fighting stance.

In an instant she ran to him, activating her Byakugan, fists tight. She was quick and her movement fluid, almost unreal. Just as a dance, waving her body. Sasuke yet had no trouble guarding the shots. She was quick, she had improved for sure. But he became far too powerful for the gentle and shy Hyuga not to succeed in only touch his skin.
After observing a few moments, systematically avoiding her attacks, he finally put an end to the fight, with a hand circling her left wrist, the other maintaining her hip, he pined her against the wall in a crack deaf.

He stood there, a few inches from her. Feeling her perfume, listening to her breathing, gradually pressing his body against hers.
"You're not the gentle and shy Hyuga anymore…" he smirk, while he bend down his head, his lips dangerously close to her own. She kept her eyes on his lips approaching increasingly, astonished.
At the last minute she turned her head to the side. He stopped for a moment, and then began to lay his lips on her offered neck.

"Why didn't you kill me?" She begged before closing her eyes.
He left to run his lips on her neck when he whispered "I try…"

She suddenly opened her eyes, and tried to evade his embrace, her free hand pressing on his chest in a futile effort.
He catches her two wrists in one of his hands pulling her arms above her head. Pushing her against the wall again. With his other hand, he began to tear her dress, leaving only fragments of tissue on the floor, revealing, quivering, and yet her skin hot and humid from the fight, as his lips turned against her neck again, rolling on his shoulder. This would not be hard, he just had not to think about what he was doing. His desire for her was not faint. She had creamy skin, and the exquisite curves. Her long hair rolling on her shoulders…

"No… " she says.
Through the one moment, he whispered, but she failed to hear it.
"No", she thought, "You won't get me"

From a powerful gesture, he pulled her against him, and then turn, to bring her to the bed behind them. Blocking her body with his own, ensuring she could not escape, he began to open his own kimono. Showing his pale skin, then he did drag their both underwear along their legs. She tried in vain to struggle without any conviction. Their skins now naked against one another. The friction generated warm on their skins. He pierced her white eyes with his onyx one. Bending his head to steal a kiss, she turned once again sideways. She doesn't really want it, he knew. Each of his hands catching one of her wrists, pulling the arms of the girl on each side of her head.

Noting his head, he looked at her and then ordered her to close her eyes,
She didn't understand, "It looks like he doesn't want that entire thing either," she thought. "He doesn't want? He is … ashamed? "

The proximity of their body, his bare skin against hers, the desire climbed in each of them, and yet they both seemed to fight it. With a rapid movement of his hips, he thrust deep into her, and then stopped. Both of them releasing the breath they were holding.
"She is not a virgin!" He thought surprised.

He began to move, slowly at first...The beating of his heart accelerate. Hinata was biting her lower lip, choking the low moans that she couldn't contain. Then his hips started to move faster, gradually increasing sensations, which maximises the heat emanating from their bodies. Sasuke could not suppress a growl. Hinata felt the betrayal of her spirit. "No, I don't want to be his "… But her breath became heavier while she tried to stifle her moans.
Soon her hips met his, accompanying each of his movements, which amplifies the pleasure of their embrace.

He shook her wrists stronger… Each of the women he had known had thrown themselves at his feet, too happy to have an intimacy with him, they shouted his name, moaning loudly.
Now, he felt something different, and much more powerful. Strangely, the Hinata's withholding, the way she gave up while refusing to him. Her low groans, her interrupted breathing, and all evidence of the pleasure he gave her, but she refused. His excitement was far greater. His pride celebrated. And now she answered each of his movements, pressing him, even more, to give her pleasure. He felt reason evaporate.

Sasuke pushed harder, and felt Hinata's body arching, pressing her small rounded belly against his. She groaned and then bit her lip again. Her legs were tightening against his hips, giving additional pressure. They were both close to their orgasm.

Some more thrust, stronger, deeper. Sasuke freed her wrists while he slipped his hands in hers crossing her fingers with his own. He shook her hands in his, when Hinata reached her climax and groans as he reached his peak too.

They stayed together for several minutes, trying to resume their breaths. After what seemed an eternity, she opened her eyes to meet his. Both seemed shocked with what had previously happened between them. Yet still shuddering from the wave of pleasure that had dominated them earlier.

He bended his head down, uncertain… approaching his lips on hers, closing the space between them, in slow motion. She didn't try and escape… his lips pressed on hers. She replied weakly first … than kissing him back, while the kiss intensified, becoming deeper, as if to express the intensity of the moment they had shared… He still had her hands in his, fingers still crossed…

They shared the same thought: "What happened?"
They had lost the use of speech, they remained together, sharing kisses and glances full of questions.

Hidden behind a window, two black eyes had visibly lost none of the scene.
"I must kill her …."

The next day, Sasuke woke up in an empty bed. Hinata was no longer there.
The door of the room opened. Sasuke sat on the bed.
"You killed her?" he asks.
"…. "Karin didn't reply.

He had orders…. He had no choice…

"She fled" she says.
Sasuke raised his head, leaving for once his surprise appears in his usually inexpressive eyes.

One Year later:

"Welcome back home Sasuke", said Tsunade with a large smile on her face…