Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Sakura was thinking again and again about what she was preparing to do. "He surely is tempted by Hinata Chan because she is different, a little shy, and also because several shinobis are interested in her. It's his competitive spirit which took over but I know that Sasuke Kun is not different from other men. If I offered myself to him, he will not refuse… "

She went on, decided yet as she approached the house where lived Sasuke, she slowed her pace. "Kami… How do I do that? Can it be just to say that I am ready and he will do the rest? It is annoying not knowing what to do… "


Sasuke was lying on its left side in his bed; he supported his head with his hand. Hinata was lengthened by side too, she was facing him. He was dragging the tip of his fingers along her skin, up and then back down on the side of her breast to her hips through the curve of her size. Hinata hid her chest with her left arm, her two hands together under her face. Sheets barely covered the bottom of their two bodies.

Sasuke asked. "Hinata? I would like to know… Have you known many men before me? "

The question burned his head for too long. Never had he dared to formulate it but now the temptation was too strong.

Hinata looked at him then with a slight smile replied. "Only one"

Sasuke smiled, satisfied. He knew that she had already shared the layer of his sensei, but that he was the only one truly was a relief. He now was burning to ask another question but Hinata interrupted his reflection. "No. It is not worth asking, I won't tell you. I don't want to compare you both…"

Sasuke frowned. "Damn, she can read my thoughts."
He said. "It's normal that I want to know. Don't you think? "

Hinata smiled. "Really! The men and their ego."
"Imagine that I ask you the same thing! What would you say then? "

Sasuke smiled. "Easy question… I will say you; no doubt. To tell the truth I do not even remember the names of others so… "
Hinata giggled a little. "It's because they were mere conquests… I do not even know why I brought myself to ask you this question, I should have known better. "

Sasuke tensed a little. "It's easy for you… Nobody else has been important to me. You have no reason to feel threatened. While I know very well that HE has been important to you and HE still is. He is there and he waits for me to make a mistake. Not to mention the others that turn around you. "

Hinata leaned toward him, putting her hand on his cheek and tenderly kissed him. She then leaned back into her initial position and said to him. "You have no reason to be worried. I have a past like you do but it is behind me. And then, do not forget that I must undergo with Ino or Sakura that thrown them selves on you all the time just as others from your fan club… "

Sasuke smiled again. "Past! Hn? "

Hinata again smiled shyly and taking her courage in both hands she looked straight in his eyes and added. "I have always preferred to look at my future…"

She bit her lower lip immediately after delivering her sentence. A little worried. Neither she nor Sasuke had ever discussed the future of their relationship. Everything was happening for the better between them since their reunion and after all, it was because of his behaviour that Shino and Kiba were now aware of their relationship. But Hinata had often seen her friends flee women who have considered too early some prospects for the future. Most ninjas worshipped their freedom and yet she had to dare. She did not want to hide what she really was, even if her confession made him go away from her.

Sasuke felt his heart beating in his chest. He set Hinata, his eyes wide open. He didn't say a word.

Not at ease Hinata got up slowly. "I should take a shower before returning home. It is late. "

She got up gracefully. And before heading to the bathroom she said. "Do not be worried… I know… I mean… I do not ask anything… I just wanted you to know that I …"

Hinata said no more She almost pronounced the words that surely would make him flee across the country.

Sasuke suddenly sat on his bed. The words of Hinata had plunged him into a great reflection he had not noticed her worry until she headed away from him to go to the bathroom. His voice sounded in the room as a scream.

"Do you want to be my wife?"

Hinata stopped. She turned immediately to him. Her breathing was heavy, her heart beating loudly. Sasuke stood up to join her in the middle of the room. Hinata looked at him and said.

"You don't have to… You know…Do not feel obliged to say that…".

She had wanted to jump with joy and kiss him again and again but she was too afraid he had said those words without really thinking it.

Sasuke felt her fear and approaching her he explained. "I really am serious Hinata… I want you to be with me forever… I took this decision even before you and me, we found each other again…"

A single tear slipped on her cheek. Sasuke said again. "I asked you very seriously Hinata… Will you be my wife? "

Hinata smiled. Obviously Sasuke was not the kind of man to make a romantic statement his knee grounded for such an event. In fact she had not imagined to accept a marriage proposal completely naked in a messy room facing a man as naked as she. But all that was completely equal now. She kissed him passionately, throwing her arms around his neck. After a few moments, Sasuke broke their embrace and asked.

"I guess that's a yes, but just to be sure I would like to hear you say it!"

She smiled even more generously, arms still around him. "I think I love you for so long Sasuke… perhaps even since the very first time…" A broad smile filled Sasuke's face.

Solemn she said. "Yes, Uchiha Sasuke … I want to be your wife…. ".

Sasuke brought Hinata possessively against him, embracing her again. His hand went in her hair, to better observe her face while kissing. He wanted to see her…his future wife… Uchiha Hinata.

He already felt his desire growing but Hinata fled his arms. " I really have to take a shower before returning home. It is really late you know… "

Sasuke frowned while Hinata giggled, amused by his frustration. Sasuke kissed her again and between their kisses, he said. "Well… a shower is an excellent idea…"

He then took her in the bathroom; his hands always on her, their mouths still sealed. Hinata was giggling in his arms.

The door of the bathroom closed after them.


Sakura was finally in front of his door. Breathing deeply she entered, looking at the big empty room in front of her. She looked in the living room and kitchen before hearing noise coming from the bedroom. She then borrowed the corridor leading to his room, tense but determined.


Sasuke and Hinata were drying their bodies in the bathroom. They had finally managed to finish washing and to go out of the shower.

While pulling her panty along her thighs, Hinata suddenly realized. "My shirt! Oh no… I had forgotten… What I'm going to wear? "

Sasuke took a canvas trouser placed on a counter in the corner and pulled it on. He then gave her one of his shirt. "Oh! You can wear this one. "He said.

Hinata covered her forms with his shirt while he looked at her carefully. He came dangerously close to her and kissed her while whispering. "I need to buy new shirts… I quickly will need new ones… I think…" Hinata realized what he had in mind when he added. "I was already difficult to retain myself when you were wearing yours …If you wear my clothes then I definitely won't be able to control myself…"

He was preparing once again to rip what she wore to better reach her skin but she pushed him out of the bathroom. "No Sasuke… I am considerably late… I must at all costs return home…Now…Leave…Let me at least brush my hairs… Go… "

She closed the door of the bathroom and Sasuke growled to express his disagreement. He was preparing to go lie on his bed to wait for her when the door of his room opened. Extremely surprised he saw Sakura on the threshold.

"Sakura Chan? What? What are you doing here? "

Sakura was blushing a little seeing Sasuke standing in the middle of the room wearing only a pair of trousers. Breathing deeply again she came forward.

"Sasuke Kun…" She began to open the top of her blouse.

Sasuke blinked several times. "What does she do? Kami! No! This is not real! "

With a sign of his hand he stopped her. "Sakura Chan. What are you doing? "

Sakura felt a little lost. She believed that her intensions would be obvious. "Sasuke Kun… I know you just are a bit interested in Hinata Chan…. But I want to tell you that she does not love you like I love you. I am ready to offer you everything. I will satisfy all your desires… " Her voice trembled a bit but she came again to him.

Sasuke stopped her immediately again. "Sakura Chan… I'm honoured but I've never had such feelings for you. "

Sakura froze. "I am ready to do anything for you. I am sure to make you forget Hinata Chan… "

Sasuke was shocked. "Sakura Chan stops it. "

Suddenly the door of the bathroom opened and Hinata entered the room. "Sasuke? Do you know where my pants are?" Hinata remained frozen when she saw Sakura face her.

Sakura detailed the person who left the bathroom of her Sasuke. She finally realized that it was Hinata, apparently only half-dressed, and more important only with Sasuke's shirt. Her gaze turned from Hinata to Sasuke several times and she realized that if both were only half dressed, it was probably for good reason.

Sasuke spoke. "Sakura Chan… I'm not only a bit interested in Hinata…"
Sakura interrupted, her voice full of anger. "That's why you like her… only because she shares your bed… You will be soon bored…just as bored as with your previous conquests! "

Turning to Hinata she added. "I did not know that Hyuuga girls could be so easily laid. "

Hinata felt hurt by the words of Sakura and Sasuke noticed it immediately.
More severe he turned to Sakura. "Hear me well Sakura Chan. I never thought of you other than as a team mate. In this sense I care for you but if you insult Hinata, then you jeopardize our friendship. "

"Our friendship… For one of your whims…" The voice of Sakura expressed more anger.

Hinata remained silent, shocked.

Sasuke finally lost patience and as he faced Sakura he said. "Hinata is not a whim, she is my future wife!"

Sakura incredulous repeated. "Wife?".

Sasuke backed, taking place alongside Hinata who placed her hand in his. Sakura watched, unable to utter a word. Including finally, she turned heels and fled in hurry.

Sasuke turned to Hinata and took her in his arms. "Are you alright? I'm so sorry; I did not think one second she would come to my house… "

Hinata is tucked against him. "I'm OK. Do not worry. One way or another we would have had to tell her… "

Sasuke shook her more in his arms. "I head you back home. I think it is better to talk to your father before he learns it otherwise… "

Hinata silently nodded her head.


Sasuke was sitting his back against a tree. The afternoon was beautiful; the sun bathed the clearing with its heat. The small group of ninjas had settled for an impromptu picnic. Lee, Tenten and Néji had just arrived and complemented the assistance already composed of Naruto, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji and Sakura.

Hinata was sitting opposite him; she watched from time to time and smiled generously. Sasuke felt his happiness almost complete.

They had announced Hinata's father their intentions, although it have been quite clear when they had appeared before him, Hinata wearing a shirt marked with the symbol of the Uchiha clan. Hiashi although surprised, had welcomed the idea of their marriage with great interest and gave his blessing without difficulty. Both had then decided to prevent their friends quickly.

Hinata had had a discussion with Sakura, once she calmed down. The young Kunoichi had apologised for her behaviour. Kind from nature Hinata had obviously forgiven Sakura's cruel words and had understood her distress. She herself was very depressed when she's done mourning her first love and the two women had extensively discussed. Ino had been aware Kami only knows how. She seemed happy for her two friends and having disclosed information to her team mates, seemed to defer her addiction on Sai.

Hinata had announced the good news to Shino and Kiba, who had been happy for them after having warned the Uchiha of the disastrous consequences that would be an unhappy Hinata on his physical health. They had both been very clear and the young Sasuke even if he wasn't afraid kept in head the graphic descriptions of tortures they had in mind.

One detail yet but not the least, Néji or how to avoid triggering a crisis of murderous folly from the genius of the Hyuuga clan.

Hinata wanted to tell him gently, but apparently did not know how to go about it and Sasuke had a slight apprehension of his future reaction but above all he wanted everyone to know once and for all that Hinata was his.

He wanted to end it all, and suddenly he could not help but wanting to tease his future cousin in law.

Once the meal finished, the temptation was too great to resist. He then asked innocently, with the same complacency and arrogance that characterized him.

"Néji San? "
"Uchiha?" Answered the person concerned.

"There is an issue that intrigue me!"

"When the head of the Hyuuga clan is a woman, who heads the clan when she decides to marry? "

Néji watched the last Uchiha disconcerted. "Why is it he asks me that. The clan stories doesn't concern him…that baka…"

The silence invaded the small group, none of the ninjas dared to intervene in the discussion that had started Sasuke.

Hinata suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable. She drank large sip of her tea when Ackamaru and Kiba came back to them after a short stroll. Kiba settled beside her and passing an arm on her shoulders he asked.

"Yo Hinata Chan. Is everything going well? "

Sasuke observed and threw silently but very quickly a kunai between Kiba's legs who yelled.

"Are you just sick! What are you thinking about you baka? "

Sasuke looked at Kiba with a cold air. "Mine Baka! So hands off! "

Hinata's eyes were wide opened and she immediately turned her attention to her cousin who had not lost a crumb. She began drinking tea quickly to avoid his gaze.

Néji add up one plus one and angry he asked Sasuke. "Why do you have this sudden interest in the Hyuuga clan? Uchiha Sama? "

Sasuke smiled widely and always with the same arrogance said. "Because Hinata Chan can not be at the same time the head of the Hyuuga clan and the one of the Uchiha clan! It's obvious! "

Sasuke backed even more comfortably against the tree trunk to observe the reaction of the Hyuuga prodigy. Hinata choked while drinking her tea, overstated by Sasuke's words and his lack of tact. Kiba taped her back gently to help her regain her breath.

Néji was red with anger, he rose suddenly. "How did you dare approach her Bastard?"
Sasuke had much fun. "I dared much more than that Teme!"

Hinata seeing the situation between the two most proud ninjas of Konoha deteriorate at high speed, got up in turn and interposed between Sasuke and Néji who was preparing to go on him. Slowly she approached her cousin and slipped her hands in his. She locked her eyes with Neji's one, so similar to hers.

"Niisan! Come with me. " She said peacefully.

Sasuke thought immediately while seeing the smooth return to the traits of Hyuuga. "One more. Phenomenal how she is successful at making everyone just so weak! "

The two cousins walked away from the group.

Naruto addressed Sasuke. "Teme, did you have to tell him like that?"
"It's him! He is so reactive. I could not stop myself. " Sasuke answered.


Néji was very nervous, his blood boiling in his veins. A small hand that shook his own calmed his ardour.

"Niisan! I am so sorry about Sasuke Kun's behaviour. I guess he was angry because I didn't say it to you earlier. " She apologized.
"It's true? You are going to marry this baka?"

Hinata smiled. "Niisan Hai! But please do not talk about him in those terms. "
"Of all the shinobis of Konoha, you had to choose the Uchiha?"
"I did not really choose Niisan."

"He is cold, arrogant, a burned head … the list goes on and I spare you the best. And he is that man you love? " Néji asked.

"I know that he gives this impression but he is different with me…" Hinata said to him smiling slightly, eyes bright.

Néji watched her and smiled in turn. He thought "Everyone is different with you."
"He does not deserve you…" He snapped, regaining his seriousness.

Hinata smiled. "Maybe but he makes me happy! And then you will always be there to protect me don't you? "

Néji smiled, visibly relieved by her last remark. He approached her to take her in his arms. "I am forever your protector Hinata Chan!"


One year later.

Hinata stretched out her arms and legs, awakening her muscles still asleep. She opened her eyes and eyelids just to close it back immediately, the light dazzling. She buries her face in a pillow. She then felt a hand pushing a lock of her hair and turned her head, opening a new caution eyes.

She felt a kiss on her lips and looked more carefully at the man lying on her side.

"Madam Uchiha! Good morning! " Sasuke said with a gentle voice.
Hinata smiled. "You're not tired of it yet?"

Sasuke smiled too. "No, I never will, ever."

Hinata was lying on her back. Sasuke approached her and kissed her shoulder and then removing the sheets, he ran his lips on her chest and then her belly.

Hinata had bowed her head to better observe him. Shyly she asked him.
"Don't you think I gained weight? I have a more rounded belly! "

Shaking his head vigorously from left to right, Sasuke replied. "This little belly of yours is perfect the way it is…" And he kissed again.

Hinata smiled inwardly. "Baka, you really don't understand…"
Taking an air pained she falsely told him then. "It might be a problem…"

Sasuke raised his head, looking at her with a questioning glare. "What are you talking about?"

Hinata smiled and added laying hands on his face. "My belly will be perfect as it is now for two or three more months at most Sasuke!"

She giggled seeing the expression on his face change as he realized the meaning of her sentence.

Looking more carefully he placed a hand on her belly. His heart beat stronger in his chest it had never beaten.

"You're pregnant!" He talked more to himself than Hinata, caressing her belly in small circles of his hand.
She nodded her head. "Hai, I am."

He smiled and bent down to kiss her belly again. "Exactly what I was saying… Perfect!"

Hinata giggled again. Sasuke was made straight to look at his wife in the eyes and bent down to put his lips on hers.



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